• Born 16 August 1974; David Nehdar is a 49-year-old entrepreneur.
  • An only child, he graduated high school in 1992, college-educated with a focus on business.
  • Successful in real estate and investments; details of business ventures are largely private.
  • Married to Lacey Chabert since 22 December 2013; has one daughter, Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar.
  • Estimated net worth of $9 million; maintains a low public profile with no significant social media presence

Who is David Nehdar?

Born on the 16th of August 1974, in an unspecified part of the USA, David Nehdar is a 49-year-old entrepreneur. He is known for his somewhat significant presence across social media networks and several media outlets, and for being the husband of Lacey Chabert from “Lost in Space”. Besides that, it is thought that he has had successes throughout his business career, since an unspecified date, though none of them are familiar to the public.

Early Life and Education: Growing up in USA

David was raised in his birthplace by parents of still unknown names and professions. He is believed to be an only child. When it comes to his personal interests, there aren’t many details from reliable sources that can clarify information about this part of his life, though he is believed to have harbored a passion for business. As for his education, he first attended an unknown high school, from where he matriculated in 1992. He then decided to further his studies by enrolling into an unspecified college, from where he graduated with a mysterious degree at some point. That said, there is no information regarding David’s career after college, though he is considered to be well-off financially.

Full NameDavid Nehdar
Known ForBeing the husband of actress Lacey Chabert
Profession/OccupationEntrepreneur in real estate and investments
Net WorthEstimated around $9 million as of mid-2019​​​​​​
SpouseLacey Chabert (married since December 22, 2013)
ChildrenOne daughter, Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar
Date of BirthAugust 16, 1974
Zodiac SignLeo
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight165 lbs

Who is his wife Lacey Chabert?

Lacey Nicole Chabert, born on September 30, 1982, in Purvis, Mississippi, USA, is a 36-year-old actress, voice actress, and singer. She hails from a diverse background, with Italian, Cajun, Scottish, and English heritage, and openly identifies as Christian. Widely known for her significant presence on television, she is particularly admired for her portrayal of Penny Robinson in the 1998 film “Lost in Space”. Throughout her career in the entertainment world, she has achieved numerous other successes and has been actively involved in the lucrative entertainment industry since 1990.

Her life as a girl

Raised in Purvis, Lacey was brought up in her hometown by her dad, Tony Chabert, who worked as an operations manager for an oil company and comes from English, Italian, and Cajun backgrounds, and her mother, Julie (formerly Johnson), who has Scottish, English, and Italian ancestry. She is the third youngest among four siblings, having a younger brother named ‘T.J.’ and two older sisters named Wendy and Chrissy. At the age of three, her parents enrolled her in a beauty pageant called the “World’s Our Little Miss Scholarship Competition,” where she won the “World’s Baby Petite” award. Details about her high school education are not available, but it is believed that she graduated around 2000. Lacey’s decision to pursue a college degree is unclear, as her acting career began at a young age, and she’s been dedicated to it since.

Her Career

Lacey’s debut role was as Princess in the 1991 comedy “A Little Piece of Heaven”. Following this, she spent the next two years playing the role of Cosette in the Broadway production of “Les Miserables”. However, during this time, she was also actively involved in screen acting. By 1994, she had already accumulated eight screen credits, the most notable being her portrayal of Bianca Montgomery in “All My Children”. She only had this role for two episodes. Additionally, in the same year, she made her debut on “Party of Five”, a family drama TV series, where she portrayed Claudia Salinger between 1994 and 2000. Once she had finished her time with the production company behind the show, she had accumulated 28 screen credits to her name, with the most notable being her role in “Lost in Space”. She portrayed Penny Robinson. Following this, she continued to appear in various films and television shows over the years, often in recurring roles. To date, she has been involved in 130+ projects.

Lacey on “Mean Girls”

In an interview with huffingtonpost.com, Lacey expressed her thoughts on why she believes “Mean Girls” remains relevant even after a decade. She stated that it’s a funny film and that she was happy to be part of its production. It has universal themes. She added that everyone should be able to relate to being bullied at one point or another. “Everyone can relate to wanting to fit in and being part of a clique.” In essence, she described it as a genuinely humorous film with comedy that transcends time.

Lacey and Hallmark

Lacey is recognized for her appreciation of Hallmark, attributing it to the exceptional treatment she received while collaborating with them. In a statement provided to mediavillage.com, when discussing Hallmark’s decisions regarding “All of My Heart: Inn Love,” she expressed gratitude that Hallmark gave fans what they wanted: the continuation of this story. She expressed joy that they did so because this project ranks among her favorites in her collaborations with Hallmark.

Love Life: Lacey Chabert’s husband

Regarding his past romantic relationships, there is scant information available from credible sources that could provide insight into this aspect of his life. David Nehdar has deliberately maintained a high level of privacy regarding his partners, choosing not to publicly address most inquiries about them. Currently, it is known that David Nehdar is married to Lacey Chabert. The couple is believed to have dated for approximately five years before tying the knot. Their wedding took place in an intimate ceremony away from media attention on December 22, 2013, in Los Angeles, with only close family and friends in attendance. They share a child, a girl named Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar, named after Lacey’s grandmother, and they have not disclosed any plans for expanding their family further. Their relationship has remained free from controversy thus far, and they are reported to reside happily in Southern California.

What is David Nehdar’s Net Worth?

Have you ever considered how affluent David Nehdar is, as of mid-2019? According to various reputable sources, it’s estimated that David’s wealth is close to $9 million, while his wife’s net worth is approximately $4 million, earning around $1 million annually depending on her work. He amassed his wealth by applying his business expertise to undisclosed companies over the course of his career, which is still evolving, indicating that his wealth is poised to grow in the coming years.


  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue

Social Media Presence

Due to the continuously growing influence of social media on global audiences, it is generally advantageous for celebrities to actively engage with their fans, as this can help sustain or even enhance their popularity and earnings. However, it seems that David is not concerned with participating in social media, as he currently lacks any presence on popular platforms. He has no known accounts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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