Who is David Howard Thornton?

American actor David Howard Thornton was born in Huntsville, Alabama USA, on 30 November 1979, making Sagittarius his zodiac sign. He has 22 acting credits and is probably known best for starring as Art the Clown in the hit 2022 horror movie “Terrifier 2”, which also starred Lauren LaVera and Elliott Fullam, and was written and directed by Damien Leone. It follows Art the Clown who’s been resurrected, and is now targeting a young boy and his teenage sister on Halloween; the film won four of its eight award nominations.

David’s today highly active in the film industry, and is currently shooting for the upcoming movies “Rough Cut”, “The Dead Place” and “Terrifier 3”.

Education and early life

David was raised in Huntsville alongside his younger sister by their parents, about whom not many details have been disclosed, because David respects their privacy; he hasn’t revealed his sister’s name either, but most of his fans believe that she’s a registered nurse.

David studied at Grissom High School and was into several activities during his time there, as he enjoyed playing basketball with his peers, appearing in school plays and singing in a school band. He matriculated in 1998, and then enrolled at the University of Montevallo in Alabama, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2002.

David then honed his acting skills at The Simon Studio and Scott Powers Studio, and it remains unknown what he did for a living prior to launching his acting career in 2010; his debut was voicing various characters in the 2010 video game “Two Worlds ii Pirates of the Flying Fortress”, while he then voiced four characters in the 2013 video game “The Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom”.

Roles in movies

David’s debut film role was voicing a supporting character in the English version of the 2015 animated biographical drama “Miss Hokusai”, which starred Anne Watanabe and Yutaka Matsushige, and was directed by Keiichi Hara and Stephanie Sheh. It follows the life of Japanese ukiyo-e painter Katsushika Hokusai, and the film won six of its 13 award nominations.

David was then cast to star as Art the Clown in the 2016 horror thriller “Terrifier”, which was less popular than its above mentioned sequel. In 2019, he voiced Bumbo in the animated action adventure “The Exigency”, which starred Tom Haney and Alexis Danner, and was written and directed by Cody Vibbart. It follows a legendary war hero who is his planet Gallesha’s only hope now that it’s under attack by tyrant Diederick of the planet Anumbis.

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In 2021, David portrayed Tim Cobb in the horror “The Dark Offerings”, and his only other film role has been starring as The Mean One in the horror comedy “The Mean One”, which also starred Krystle Martin and Chase Mullins, and was written and directed by Steven LaMorte; it follows a green figure wearing a red Santa suit which has killed Cindy’s parents and is now after her.

Roles in TV series

David’s debut TV series role was playing The Joker in six episodes (2016) of the action “Nightwing: Escalation”, which starred Alex Valderana and Katalena Mermelstein; it aired from 2011 through 2016, and follows Nightwing as he’s defending Gotham City, now that Batman’s absent.

The year 2017 saw David play Sam Locker in the episode “Some Amount of Dignity” of the western “Powder Burns: An Original Western Audio Drama”, as well as Orderly in the episode “A Dark Knight: The Blade’s Path” of the critically acclaimed crime action “Gotham”. In 2019, David voiced Newt and Billy Goats in two episodes of the animated family drama “The Bravest Knight”, which starred Storm Reid and T. R. Knight, and follows a young pumpkin farmer who’s trying to become the bravest knight to have ever lived; the series won two of its three award nominations.

David’s three most recent TV series roles have been in the 2021 episode “No Go Mofongo” of the animated children’s show “Alma’s Way”, a 2022 episode of the comedy “Jhno Jatenjor’s Interviews”, and the 2023 episode “Show Me the Way” of the comedy “Bupkis”.

Other credits

Some of David’s talk-show appearances have been in “Make Your Own Fun with Eric + Jenn”, “Do You Like Scary Movies Podcast” and “#ShopVLog”.

Awards and nominations

David won a 2018 Fright Meter Award for Best Actor, for his performance in “Terrifier”.

He’s been nominated for three other awards: a 2017 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Storytelling, Best Performance for “Powder Burns: An Original Western Audio Drama”, a 2019 Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Supporting Actor, for “Terrifier”, and a 2022 Indiana Film Journalists Association Award for Best Supporting Performance, for “Terrifier 2”.

Love life and wife

David’s highly secretive when it comes to sharing the details of his love life with his fans, and hasn’t spoken about a single woman, or perhaps a man whom he’s been with.

There’s today a rumor circulating the internet claiming that David and American former film producer Alicia Mayfield exchanged vows in a private ceremony in 2002; she’s probably only known for having produced the 1998 movie “The Face in the Frame”. David’s yet to address the rumors.

There are also some of his fans who believe him to be gay, and that this is why he avoids speaking about his love life in public, but David hasn’t commented on this either.

He seems to be unattached as of June 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

David’s followed by close to 90,000 people on Instagram and has posted nearly 300 pictures and videos onto the network, with most of these being about the movies and TV series in which he’s appeared.

He loves to travel and has been to a number of US states; David mostly stays in nature when travelling, as he’s not a big fan of overcrowded cities.

He’s a philanthropist and a huge lover of animals; he’s donated money to animal shelters, and charity organizations which aim to help underprivileged children.

David loves all kinds of art, with painting being his favorite.

Anthony Hopkins is one of his favorite actors, and some of his favorite films include “Legends of the Fall”, “The Remains of the Day” and “Armageddon Time”.

Height, eyes and wealth

David’s age is 43. His eyes and hair are brown, he’s 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall and weighs around 180lbs (82kgs).

David’s net worth’s been estimated at over $1 million, as of June 2023.

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