• Dave Kindig is an American reality TV star, businessman and car designer.
• He has been passionate about cars since a young age and has a degree in an unspecified field of study.
• With his wife Charity, he owns and operates Kindig-IT Design, a custom automotive shop.
• He is married to Charity and they have two grown children, Baylee and Drew.
• He has a net worth of over $2.5 million and is active on multiple social media platforms.

Dave Kindig Wiki Biography

Dave Kindig was born on 6 February 1971, in Salt Lake City Utah, USA, therefore holding American nationality, and came under the spotlight after his appearance in the “Beyond Bitchin’ Ride” reality TV show in 2015.

Childhood and education

Being as secretive as he is, Dave hasn’t shared any details regarding his parents with the public, and it’s not known whether he was (and still is) in good relations with them – he hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, which is why most people believe Dave to be an only child.

Dave fell in love with cars at a very young age, as his parents were buying him hot wheels toys to play with – he already knew by the age of eight that he wanted to work with cars once he grew-up. He was somewhat popular in high school as he was helping his friends customize their cars – after matriculation, Dave apparently enrolled at university and graduated with a bachelor’s degree three years after, but hasn’t disclosed which one.

Career of a businessman and a TV personality

Dave began working for High Performance Coatings as soon as he graduated from college, and stayed there for the next eight years – the job made it possible for him to travel around the US, and gave him an opportunity to meet many popular car designers and builders. Dave believes this was the most important period of his life, as the people he met taught him a lot about cars.

Dave credits his wife Charity with the launch of his own company called “Kindig-IT Design”.

The two became parents for the second time and although Dave was a bit skeptical about the launch of their own business as they only had a small amount of money, his wife Charity encouraged him and eventually persuaded to launch their company. It was 1999 when they opened their shop in Salt Lake City, which offers a full custom makeover for your car. Today, Kindig-IT Designs is one of the most popular automotive shops in the US and it got Dave an opportunity to appear in the “Beyond Bitchin’ Rides” reality TV show in 2015, which made him popular and recognized on the internet.

Love life and wife

Dave is not keen on sharing his personal matters with the public, but some things regarding his wife and their children are still known.

Dave met Charity while the two were still very young, in the same dance clubs in the State Street. Charity was also into cars as she was influenced by her parents, and it was her passion for cars that attracted Dave to her among other things. They were dating for several years before exchanging their wedding vows on 11 July 1992, and are parents to two kids who are already grown up, named Baylee and Drew.

Dave Kindig

The entire family works together for their company – Charity serves as the vice president, Baylee works as the company’s executive assistant, while Drew is in charge of coming up with new and creative ideas for the company. The family of four is very religious, believes in God, and goes to church every week.

Dave hasn’t talked about any other woman he might have dated before Charity, and she appears to be his first and only love.

Likes and hobbies

Dave is a huge lover of cars, which are both his job and hobby, however, there are still a couple of other things Dave is fond of and enjoys doing.

Dave first started travelling when he was around 22 years old, as he got a job with High Performance Coatings which meant he had to go around the US for work. He continued travelling with his wife over the years, however, after the birth of their first child, the two had to focus on staying home and taking care of their family.

Dave loves watching sports, with baseball being his favorite, and while he mostly watches it on TV, he sometimes finds time to attend games. He also enjoys listening to music, and could have been seen attending a couple of jazz and blues concerts over the years.

Dave has won a couple of awards during his career – the GM Design Award in 2007, 2012 Master Builder Award, and the 2013 Ford Design Award.

Appearance and net worth

Dave has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 4ins (1.65m) tall, and weighs around 145lbs (65kgs).

According to authoritative sources, Dave’s net worth is estimated to be more than $2.5 million, and is steadily rising thanks to his automotive shop.

Social media presence

Dave is quite active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for his work and the advertisement of his company.

He launched his Twitter “Kindig-IT design” account in July 2013, and his Instagram account shortly afterwards. Dave is running a Facebook page as well, which counts more than 300,000 fans.

Dave also runs his own website on which you can check out his gallery and his store, read about his team, and contact him with any questions and/or suggestions.

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