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FactHer mother named her Christmas Joye, because she was born five days before Christmas, and she wanted to celebrate Christmas joy all year long.
  • Christmas Abbott overcame a troubled childhood and substance use after a family tragedy.
  • She moved from a troubled youth to health and fitness after a life-changing stint in Iraq.
  • Christmas founded her own gym and launched a fitness modeling career via Instagram.
  • Christmas became the first woman in NASCAR pit crew, breaking gender barriers.
  • Despite personal and public challenges, she focuses on fitness, and motherhood, and maintains a strong social media presence.

Christmas Abbott Wiki Bio

Christmas Abbott was born in Lynchburg, Virginia USA, on 20 December 1981, so under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and holds American nationality – she is popular for her career as a fitness model, and for her Instagram account.

Childhood and education

Christmas spent her entire childhood in Lynchburg, together with her parents and her sister. It was not an easy childhood, as she was involved in a car accident at the age of 13 which put her sister in a coma. Christmas did not take this well and she became mentally unstable – she turned to cigarettes and alcohol which provided her comfort, and she continued with this lifestyle for nearly 10 years. It is not known what happened to her sister but it is speculated that she hasn’t awoken from the coma.


Christmas was one of the ‘bad girls’ during high school, as she was amongst the first to start drinking and smoking cigarettes. Although she had poor grades, she somehow managed to matriculate, but chose not to enroll at college, rather beginning to work so that she could have enough money to financially support herself.

Career of a fitness model

At 22, Christmas embarked on a transformative journey, accompanying her mother to Iraq as a civilian contractor. Amidst the challenges of this experience, she discovered the essence of holistic living and embraced the virtues of healthy habits. Motivated by newfound insights, Christmas resolved to bid farewell to alcohol and cigarettes.

Upon returning to the US at 26, she wasted no time immersing herself in a regimen of exercise. It was during this period that Christmas stumbled upon the transformative power of CrossFit, a discovery that ignited her path towards becoming a fitness model. Thus, her journey from the sands of Iraq to the realm of fitness exemplifies the remarkable resilience and determination that defines her pursuit of wellness.

Full NameChristmas Joye Abbott
Known ForFitness modeling, CrossFit athlete, first woman in NASCAR pit crew, contestant on “Big Brother” season 19
ProfessionTV Personality, Author, Fitness Guru
OccupationFitness Model, Author, TV Personality
EducationHigh School Graduate
Net Worth$1.5 million (2024)​​
Salary$50k or above​​
SpousePreviously married to Benjamin Bunn, currently dating Memphis Garrett​​
ChildrenLoyal Atticus (b. October 2018)​​​​
SiblingsSister, Kole Abbott​​​​
ParentsEd Abbott (Father), Barbara Abbott (Mother)​​​​
Date of Birth20 December 1981
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthLynchburg, Virginia, USA
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue​​
Bra Size34 inch​​
Height5 feet 3 inches (1.60m)​​​​
Weight60 kg​​​​
Measurements34-25-36 inches​​​​
Notable Works/Awards“The Badass Body Diet”, “The Badass Life” books, Second runner-up on “Big Brother” season 19
HobbiesSpending time with her son, nature walks, watching movies and TV series, working out
Social Profile Links Twitter, InstagramFacebook

Driven by a fervent desire to push boundaries, Christmas found her muse in CrossFit, a catalyst for setting and surpassing her fitness goals. The exhilaration she derived from exercise became a sanctuary from negativity, offering a respite from life’s challenges.

Embracing her prowess, she took a bold step in 2007, establishing her own gym. With a compassionate spirit borne from personal experiences, Christmas dedicated herself to aiding individuals grappling with issues akin to her own. Her generosity extended to offering free gym access to those facing significant obstacles, a testament to her commitment to empowering others through fitness.

Christmas’ journey into the modeling world was predominantly catalyzed by her Instagram presence, augmented by the support of her friends. Consistently sharing her images on the platform, Christmas caught the attention of her social circle, who, recognizing her potential, facilitated an introduction to a modeling scout.

Impressed by what he saw on her Instagram feed, the scout extended an invitation to Christmas for her inaugural photoshoot, an opportunity she embraced wholeheartedly. The success of this initial work paved the way for Christmas to grace the pages of esteemed fitness magazines across the United States, solidifying her status as a rising star in the industry.

Christmas Abbott

Venturing beyond the confines of fitness modeling, Christmas seized a unique opportunity to join a NASCAR pit crew, where her task was to swiftly change tires on Clint Bowyer‘s car. In a groundbreaking move, her involvement marked her as the first woman to join the Sprint Cup pit crew, shattering gender barriers in the high-octane world of racing.

In 2017, Christmas embarked on a different kind of adventure, gracing the screens of the popular reality TV show “Big Brother” during its 19th season. Her foray into the realm of reality television added yet another dimension to her eclectic career journey.

Most popular fitness models in the world

The global emphasis on fitness has never been stronger, with individuals flocking to Instagram for inspiration from fitness icons, eager to glean insights into their workout routines and dietary habits. Despite this fervor, Alyssa’s absence from the “Influence Marketing Hub” website’s compilation of the top 10 fitness models on Instagram might come as a surprise to some. Nonetheless, let’s delve into the profiles of four of the most prominent fitness models:

  • Claiming fourth place is Ana Cheri, boasting an impressive following of nearly 12.5 million on her Instagram account. At 31 years old, Ana emerged onto the platform seemingly out of thin air, already boasting a well-sculpted physique that captivated her audience.
  • In third place reigns Jen Selter, captivating over 14 million followers on Instagram. Beginning her fitness journey at the tender age of 15 while employed at a fitness gym, Jen’s inaugural bikini snapshot catapulted her to overnight stardom.
  • Securing the second spot is Michelle Lewin, transitioning from catwalk modeling to the realm of bikini modeling. Initially weighing in at 95 lbs, Michelle’s dedication to gym workouts propelled her weight to a solid 120 lbs of pure muscle.
  • At the pinnacle sits Sommer Ray, commanding the attention of more than 24 million Instagram users. Although a relative newcomer to the platform, having joined in September 2016, Sommer’s ascent to the summit of fitness modeling has been nothing short of meteoric.

Even though these are the current most popular four fitness models, the industry is moving very quickly and their positions could soon be overthrown by some new names, including Christmas.

Training and dieting

Christmas has shared only a few details regarding her workouts, as she is a popular personal trainer and wouldn’t like to share her secrets free of charge.

Christmas believes that compound exercises are very important – some of these are squats, deadlifts, bench presses and pull-ups. Her compound lifts are very important to her, as she believes them to be a crucial part for CrossFit – she also never forgets her cardio exercises, for which she mostly uses outdoor running and sometimes her treadmill.

When it comes to her dietary regimen, Christmas adheres to a unique routine, punctuating her day with approximately eight meals, each comprising the same foods in identical proportions. Her culinary preferences predominantly gravitate towards staples such as peanut butter, eggs, and apples, embellished by occasional indulgences like bacon, chicken, assorted vegetables and fruits, alongside protein shakes, coconut water, and almond milk for sustenance and hydration.

Personal life and relationships

Christmas hasn’t shared much regarding her love life with the public, however, she has had some problems in the past, most of which were covered in the media.

Christmas is a married woman – she exchanged her wedding vows with her other half Benjamin Bunn in 2018. Benjamin is a personal trainer and has appeared in the “Big Brother” show as well – he and Christmas are parents to their son Loyal, who was born in October 2018.

It appears that things are not that great in paradise as Benjamin asked for a DNA test at the end of 2018 as he believed that Christmas was cheating on him – Benjamin’s background story isn’t that great, as he was once accused of stalking by a woman he used to date. Christmas doesn’t seem to be doing any better than Benjamin, as she crashed her Mercedes SUV into another woman’s car who she believed was sleeping with her husband – at the time of the incident, Christmas was in her eighth month of pregnancy.

The woman whose car she hit is Samantha Morse – Samantha is allegedly dating Benjamin who stated that he and Christmas are no longer romantically involved, meaning that whatever he has with Samantha is not really cheating.

Judging by her social media accounts, Christmas is married but isn’t romantically involved with her husband Benjamin, who is currently trying to get custody over their son Loyal.

Hobbies and other interests

Christmas might be very passionate about modelling and about CrossFit but she has numerous other interests as well.

Christmas is currently spending most of her free time with her little boy Loyal – as she does not want to give up on her CrossFit exercises, she usually takes her son to the gym. She has fallen in love with nature since her son’s birth, and the two of them spend most of their time together in a park close to their house.

They will often watch movies and TV series late at night until Loyal goes to sleep… and will continue to do that again after he wakes up and the process starts from the beginning – Christmas’ favorite movies are “Edward Scissorhands” and “Fight Club”, while she is very fond of the “Breaking Bad” TV series.

She is also a big lover of animals and has a pet bulldog named Fran.

Christmas doesn’t seem to be interested in love anymore but is rather focused on herself and her son Loyal.

Christmas Abbott

Appearance and net worth

At 42 years young, Christmas radiates an aura of timeless beauty, characterized by her cascading blond locks, piercing blue eyes, and a petite stature standing at 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, with a weight of approximately 120lbs (55kgs). Adorned with a love for body art, she proudly showcases a collection of tattoos that embellish her vibrant persona.

Renowned for her multifaceted talents, Christmas has carved out a successful career as a fitness model, serving as her primary source of income. With her entrepreneurial spirit driving her work, she continues to expand her horizons, fueling a steady rise in her net worth, currently estimated to exceed $1.5 million according to reliable sources.

Social media presence

Christmas is very active on all the popular social media platforms as this is very important for her career as a fitness model.

In October 2011, Christmas embarked on her Twitter journey, establishing her digital footprint with a growing following of over 61,000 enthusiasts and a stream of over 7,000 tweets. Her Instagram presence mirrors her magnetic appeal, captivating a thriving community of over 365,000 followers, with her gallery showcasing over 4,000 captivating snapshots.

Complementing her social media empire is her Facebook page, boasting an impressive legion of nearly 883,000 devoted fans, affirming her status as a digital influencer across multiple platforms.

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Full NameChristmas Abbott


ParentsEd Abbott

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