• Eduardo Tamayo was born in 1981 in Hawaii and is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million
• He married politician Tulsi Gabbard in 2002, though they divorced in 2006
• His ancestry traces back to the Philippines and his parents became US citizens
• Gabbard is the US Representative for the 2nd congressional district of Hawaii and has achieved the rank of major in the Hawaii Army National Guard
• She has introduced a number of bills and launched her 2020 presidential campaign

Who is Eduardo Tamayo?

Eduardo Tamayo was born in 1981, in Hawaii, USA, and is best known for his marriage to politician Tusli Gabbard. She is known for being the US Representative for the 2nd congressional district of Hawaii. She also serves as a major for the Hawaii Army National Guard.

The Riches of Eduardo Tamayo

Eduardo Tamayo’s net worth is estimated by sources to be close to $2 million. He may also have benefitted from the success of his wife especially early on during her military career. Gabbard has a net worth estimated to be over $500,000.

Life and Career

Eduardo’s ancestry traces back to the Philippines, where he has an uncle who is the owner of a yoga studio. His parents moved to Hawaii, becoming citizens of the US, and he was born in the country. He became close friends with Tulsi when they were young and best friends. Eventually, their relationship grew into a romance.

No details are known about his work except that he was listed in Hawaii as self-employed, indicating that he either has a business or worked freelance.

The couple married at a young age, in a simple ceremony attended by family and friends. At the time Tulsi was a practitioner of martial arts. Tulsi later enlisted in the Hawaiian Army National Guard. After a year, she was deployed for a year-long tour of Iraq as a specialist with the Medical Company, serving as a member of a support battalion, and completing her tour in 2005. However, this year-long tour would prove too strenuous for their relationship, as Eduardo did not do well in the year they were away.

Tulsi Gabbard

They grew apart, and the strain was enough for them to separate, divorcing in 2006.

Ex-Wife Tulsi Gabbard

Following her military service, Tulsi began working as a legislative aide for US Senator from Hawaii Daniel Akaka. She served in Washington DC, but also furthered her studies at Alabama Military Academy. She rose through the ranks to 2nd Lieutenant and was assigned to the Hawaii Army National Guard as an Army Military police officer.

Over the years, her rank rose even as she served in politics, reaching the rank of major. Her first political position was running for the Hawaiian House of Representatives, which she won with 65% of the vote in the general election, the youngest woman to be elected in state legislature of the US. She sought re-election for a second term, but was unsuccessful as her duties were divided due to her service with the military. In 2009, Tulsi ran for a seat on the Honolulu City Council during a run-off election.

As a part of her duties, she loosened parking restrictions to help food trucks, and also helped pass Bill 54 which allowed city workers to confiscate personal items stores on public property if not claimed by the owner within 24 hours. She resigned from the council in 2012 so that she could campaign for a congressional position.

Later Political Career

Tulsi announced that she was campaigning for a US House of Representatives position, and won a six-way primary leading to a win in the general election with 80.6% of the vote.

She’s now had four terms in Congress, being involved in the implementation of many new policies. She introduced the Helping Heroes Fly Act, which aims to help military veterans have a smoother time when they are traveling. She also introduced a bill to reward World War II Filipino and Filipino American veterans, and a law to prevent child abuse on military bases. In 2017, she helped create the Off Fossil Fuels (OFF) Act, which aims to transition the US to renewable energy within the next two decades.

A few of her recent introductions include the Securing America’s Federal Elections Bill, which aims to create an auditable paper trail during future elections, to lessen foreign interference. She also co-sponsored the No More Presidential Wars Act, which aims to give congress the power to declare war, moving it away from the President solely. She recently launched her presidential campaign for 2020, which has gained some opposition in the form of Hillary Clinton.

Personal Life

Tamayo married Gabbard in 2002, and they stayed together for four years. During their divorce, she commented that war was something that puts stress on a lot of military families, implying that her service in Iraq was the reason that the two divorced. Since then, he’s moved on from her though no public details have been revealed about this aspect of his current life. Gabbard, on the other hand, married cinematographer Abraham Williams, in a traditional Vedic ceremony.

Gabbard held religious Hinduism beliefs, though it is not known if Tamayo shared the same ideals. She continues to practice martial arts, though no longer as active as she used to be.

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