• Ali Spagnola is a YouTube star born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA.
• She has pursued a career in many fields, including animator, sound designer, singer, and songwriter.
• She is best known for her "One-Gal Band" videos, her "Power Hour Drinking Game", and her Free Paintings project.
• Her sexual orientation is unclear, but she is presumed to be single.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $400,000 and she is active on social media platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and her own website.

Ali Spagnola Wiki Biography

Alicia Dawn ‘Ali’ Spagnola was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, on 18 December 1984 under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius , so holding American nationality, and is mostly popular for her career on YouTube.

Education and childhood

Ali spent her entire childhood in a small town situated just outside Pittsburgh, with her mother and father who she often mentions, as they were the biggest support she’s ever had. Ali is a single child, which is possibly why she was allowed to do many things other children were denied. Ali steadily fell in love with dancing and singing, and seeing her passion for it, her mother paid for her private dancing and singing classes, including practicing ballet when she was only three years old.

Two years afterwards, she began learning how to play the piano and not long after that, Ali became a member of a school band and started learning how to play the guitar. She was very popular in high school thanks to her dancing and singing skills – she joined a dance group there, and was competing with other high schools from all around the states. After matriculation, Ali enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University, where she studied art and music theory.

Ali’s career in several fields

Ali is one of the most versatile people out there, and has launched her career in several fields so that she wouldn’t get bored with being stuck with a single job doing the same thing every day.

One of Ali’s first jobs was working as an animator and a lead artist for a not so popular video game company – one of her most notable achievements was creating the score board for the “Toy Story Midway Mania” game, which can be played in the Disney World. Simultaneously, Ali was working for Android mobile operating system as their sound designer – she might be the person who designed your annoying alarm tones. After this, Ali ventured into the world of social media, and it was her Snapchat account that helped launch her career on the internet.

Her YouTube channel followed, which she launched on 17 December 2006 and there are currently more than 260,000 people subscribed to it, while she’s gathered over 21 million views of all her videos combined – she uses her channel as a vlog on which she uploads all of her challenge and prank videos, as well as videos of her everyday life.

She is also popular thanks to her “One-Gal Band” videos, in which she sings the popular songs all on her own, while playing all the instruments – she’s also writing her own songs, which are focused on things that usually happen to you every day. “The Power Hour Drinking Game” is one of Ali’s greatest creations – in which one drinks 60 shots of beer each minute for up to an hour. The idea came to her while attending college, and she eventually wrote a song for every minute of the hour during which the people play her game and drink a shot for every song – she put the songs into an album entitled “The Power Hour Album”. It was 2008 when Ali first began working on her Free Paintings project, and she has been doing this for more than 10 years now.

The project consists of people sending her requests of what to paint, which Ali then paints on 12×12 paper and uploads the picture on her website, then sends the painting by mail to the person who asked for it, and doesn’t charge anything for it, not even for the shipping costs. So far, she’s painted more than 3,000 pictures, and there are currently over 2,200 people waiting for their pictures to be painted.

Always craving to do more and try new things, Ali decided to do something which she might actually be bad at – she started taking driving classes, which appeared to be a good choice as she was horrible at it. She once chose to work as a mannequin, meaning that she had to stand still in the window of a dress shop – it isn’t known how long she has managed to do this. Wanting to do more, she took on the saxophone, and learned to play it in only two months.

Ali Spagnola

Love life. Is Ali a lesbian?

Ali is very secretive when it comes to her personal matters, and although she’s shared multiple things regarding her everyday life, she hasn’t talked about any one she might have dated over the years.

Ali often jokes about having or not having a boyfriend, but this is as far as she goes when talking about her love life – on the National Boyfriend Day in October 2016, she tweeted on her Twitter account about being sad for having no boyfriend. Four months later, in February 2017, she stated how she was single for Valentine’s Day, and was taking herself out for a romantic dinner.

There is a rumor circulating the internet that Ali is lesbian – the fact that she doesn’t talk about men led some to spread the rumor, and there are now many people who believe this to be true. However, as Ali hasn’t commented on this, her sexual orientation remains a mystery. Judging by her social media accounts and her secrecy, Ali appears to be single, she hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Likes and other interests

There are numerous things Ali has been doing throughout the years, and it’s almost impossible to count them all – she’s the kind of person who is always looking for something new to do, as she hates being bored and doing nothing.

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While younger, Ali was a competitive figure skater – she hasn’t been skating for years now, but still believes she would beat anyone who dares to challenge her. She’s physically very active, and doesn’t needs to go a gym due to numerous things she does on a daily basis – she has a very fit and toned body. She’s also been training for kick boxing for several years now, and often uploads videos of her exercises onto her YouTube channel.

One of the things she enjoys the most is being naked – she was cast to appear in the “Naked and Afraid” TV show airing on the Discovery Channel, however, due to a problem with her kidneys, she hasn’t so far appeared.

Appearance and net worth

Ali has long blonde hair and blue eyes, while her height and weight are unknown. According to authoritative sources, her current net worth has been estimated to be $1.2 million, and is steadily rising thanks to the numerous things she is always working on.

Presence on the internet

Many people are wondering how she manages to find time for everything – Ali even finds time to post on multiple accounts she’s opened on various popular social media platforms.

Ali’s first venture into the internet world was when she launched her Snapchat account – she is still very active on it, and posts stories every day. She launched her Twitter account in November 2009; she isn’t so popular on Instagram, but is running a Facebook page as well, which counts almost 70,000 ‘likes’.

It appears as this is not enough for her, as she’s also launched her website alispagnola.com on which you can read a bit about her, check her music and her “Power Hour” album, find her on social media networks, check her free paintings, purchase her merchandise, and contact her with any questions and/or suggestions.

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Full NameAli Spagnola

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  1. John Satchmo Reply

    Shes a lesbian & shes 35 years old as of 12-18-19 and she was born in Beaver,PA not Pittsburgh,get your facts straight dude lol

  2. Billy Barty Reply

    Hi there,well to shed some light on the subject of is Ali a lesbian,the answer is YES she is a lesbian.In 2014 while still living in Pittsburgh she had a girlfriend by the name of Michelle Riches but it was short lived as by January 2015 she was already living in West Hollywood and was on Tinder looking up various women in the area…I know as my ex neighbor…who is a woman.. went on a date with her & did some salsa dancing class together.Once the rumors persisted about her sexual orientation,she & her influencer management..whom she connected with in 2014 via her numerous trips out here in Southern California..concocted the idea she was dating or made it look like she was on Snapchat & social media Steven Max Weisz aka @MaxNoSleeves but in reality Ali was more of a Bro instead of a Hoe to Max as she played matchmaker to him & girlfriend Brittany Marsicek aka @bmarsz.By 2016 she began doing crossfit & met bartender Lauren Bulger who appeared on Alis Youtube videos,Snapchat and even her shortlived Twitch livestreams…it got so serious that Ali created an Instagram for Ms.Bulgers dog Mimi called @fatchihuahua and included it in her public social media life.As of the past few months Ali has moved on from Lauren Bulger to an unknown blonde girlfriend who has family ties in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego and spent this Thanksgiving weekend with her & her parents & going to the boardwalk amusement park on saturday night…all captured on Snapchat. Ali will never go public with her gay lifestyle eventhough she goes to The Dinah every April in Palm Springs & Lezathon in September up at Lake Hughes in Angeles National Forest…not to mention living in West Hollywood and going to the Pride Parade every June in the city.Lastly her date of birth is December 18th 1984 which makes her 35 in a couple of weeks.I hope I was a a little informative & solved a mystery

  3. Ali`s new girlfriend is Christine Imperato aka @c.imperat0 on Instagram and she was at a Christmas party with Ali at Loyrn Powells home last night as shown on Snapchat but she wasnt eager to be on camera since the rumors came out lol

  4. Grand Moff Fran Tarkinton Reply

    Ali`s new girlfriend is Christine Impurato & her Instagram handle is @c.impurato

  5. 60 shots of beer a minute for an hour? Jesus that’s not how that works. Lol. A shot is one ounce. A beer is typically 12. You think you can down 5 beers in a minute? 300 in an hour. Hilarious. And she did not invent power hour. She created a fun album of one minute songs to play the existing game, where you take one shot of beer a minute for an hour, to.

    And this article is just creepy.

    • Darrell Forester Reply

      And G.W…*wink wink:) you are either a former or current frat boy in denial of her being a tuna taco munching lesbian or just an idiot or both.Shes gay dude its a fact..buy it…youll sleep better.Good luck..G.W…wink wink

  6. LuxembourgRosa Reply

    Some Incels gonna be Incels

    Who honestly cares about her sexuality. She’s funny, she’s talented, and she’s doing something other than posting sem-literate, ungrammatical, unpunctuated drivel on messageboards from their trailer park.


    • Johnny Sokko Reply

      And dykes will be dyke huh ya freak of nature LuxembourgRosa? Just another deranged Eurotrash piece of canine feces spouting off like the leftwing commie lesbian you are lol

    • Kim Sounders Reply

      Piss off Tuna Catcher,why do you care if several people point out the truth? Are you one of her former girlfriends? You are not normal & neither is Ms.Spagnola so go die in a hole somewhere.

  7. Ali is extremely talented and cool. Sexuality doesn’t matter, but what I want to know is she type 1 diabetic? Thought I saw a dexcom on her arm. Being a type 1, would like to see her talk more about it if she is.

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