• Precious Cooper is a reality television star and street racer with an estimated net worth of $50,000.
• She grew up in Osceola, Florida and was raised by her parents in a family business focused on roofing.
• She found her passion for street racing in her teenage years and trained under the mentorship of JJ Da Boss.
• Precious is part of the featured cast of the reality show “Street Outlaws”, where she competes in the first race of each event.
• She is believed to be single and is usually shy, but is more intense and confident when she is behind the wheel.

Who is Precious Cooper?

Precious Cooper was born in 1989, in Osceola, Florida, USA, and is a reality television personality as well as a street racer, best known for being one of the featured cast members in the reality television show “Street Outlaws”. She joined the cast in 2017 during its ninth season.

The Riches of Precious Cooper

Precious Cooper has a net worth estimated to be over $50,000, a result of her work in reality television as well as a street racer.

She is relatively new to the sport and to television, which are the reasons why she hasn’t accumulated larger wealth compared to fellow cast members.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Precious grew up in Osceola and was raised by her parents alongside a younger sister. Her parents worked in a family business focused on roofing. At a young age, she became interested in cars and racing, not minding the fact that it was a predominantly male sport, especially in her area. Her family later moved, and she attended Rivercrest High School located in Wilson, Arkansas.

The school provides education to all nearby communities, and is one of six public high schools in Arkansas. After matriculating, it is not known if she pursued any college education though it is unlikely since her family struggled with finances for most of her life.

Growing up, she would become close friends with JJ Da Boss. He invited her to watch one of his , and this was when her interest was further developed. She wanted to become a racer and asked JJ if she could train under his mentorship. He agreed and the two started developing her skills as a racer.

Precious Cooper

Street Outlaws

Before joining the TV series, Cooper had earned a bit of a name for herself in street racing. She earned the moniker Queen of the Streets due to her ability and dominance as a female racer. She also loves to quote the phrase “off with their head”, a reference to the Queen of Hearts character in “Alice in Wonderland”. She established herself in the Memphis, Tennessee racing family and was soon invited to become a part of “Street Outlaws”.

“Street Outlaws” is a reality show which airs on the Discovery Channel.

It has been running for over 13 seasons since 2013, and provides a look into the world of street racing, following the lives of people who’ve dedicated themselves to the sport.

It shows their struggles – successes and failures – and work behind the scenes before each race. The show typically follows a specific crew and cast of characters within. Some of the cast members include Big Chief, Chuck, Flip, Farmtruck, Murder Nova, Shawn, and more, each of whom has made a name for themselves in the street racing circuit. Several cast members have rotated with others, pursuing various other interests.

Some cast members have also passed away. Since joining the show, Precious has been regarded as one of the crew’s heavy hitters – she usually competes in the first race of each event.

Even with all the issues, the show has not stopped expanding. In 2019, a video game was announced called “Street Outlaws: The List” based on the show, geared more towards children. Players are allowed to use fast street racing vehicles featured on the show, with multiple modes and customization options.

Dangers and Controversies of Street Outlaws

Since “Street Outlaws” began airing, numerous questions and criticisms have stemmed from some of the show’s critics as well as their viewers. Even several of the cast members questioned the creation of the show, as it is a generally known fact that street racing is illegal in most parts of the US.

Some thought that it was a police ploy to help arrest them, but this hasn’t proven to be the case, as the show has continued without much of a problem.

There is speculation that the producers of the show have made some sort of agreement with local law enforcement and government to have their filming take place. Street racing is still illegal, and the producers point out that there is a lot of risk involved, especially as it isn’t a regulated sport, can get dangerous, and lives have been lost in fatal accidents during races. Street racing is also generally frowned upon, as it can be intrusive for many locals as it often involves closing down roads for races to take place.

Personal Life

Precious is believed to be single, and no romances have ever gone public. Rumors are going around that she is married and that she has children, as there are several photos circulating online of her going to racing events with children.

She is typically a reserved and shy person. Her usual personality is very different compared to how she is when she races. Several of her competitors noticed how she gets a lot more intense, loud, and confident when she is behind the wheel.

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