• LA Thoma is a physical therapist and social media personality, best known for being the wife of actor Grant Gustin.
• She has earned a lot of her wealth through her work in physical therapy and social media platforms.
• She grew up in Ohio and completed her degree in Exercise Physiology in 2009, and then continued her studies to complete a PhD in Physical Therapy.
• She moved to California and started her practice in Sunnyvale with her husband, and her online fame skyrocketed.
• She manages both an Instagram account and YouTube channel to provide physical therapy advice.


Who is LA Thoma?

Andrea “LA” Thoma was born on 11 July 1988, in Malaysia, and is a physical therapist as well as a social media personality, best known for being the wife of actor Grant Gustin. Her husband is an actor and singer who rose to fame portraying the DC character The Flash in the CW television series of the same name.

The Riches of LA Thoma

Thoma has managed to earn a lot of her wealth thanks to her work in the field of physical therapy alongside the fact that she’s also gained income through her popular online accounts. The biggest source of her net worth however is Grant Gustin who has a net worth estimated to be over $5 million.

Early Life and Education

While LA was born in Malaysia, she did not stay there long as her family decided to move to the US in search of greener pastures. They settled in Ohio and though she was exposed to mostly American culture, her mother made it a point to teach her the ways of home, including Malaysian traditions, culture, as well as beliefs.

After matriculating from high school, he enrolled at Kent State University where she took up a degree in Exercise Physiology.

She completed her degree in 2009, and then continued her studies by enrolling at Old Dominion University to complete a PhD in Physical Therapy. She managed to complete her PhD and started practicing as a physical therapist in Virginia as well as in Connecticut. After a few months, she decided to move to California, settling with her practice in Sunnyvale. When her relationship with Gustin became public, her online fame skyrocketed, making her a social media star. She currently manages both an Instagram account and a YouTube one, both focusing on physical therapy.

LA Thoma

Thomas Grant Gustin grew up in Norfolk, Virginia and is the son of a pediatric nurse and a college professor. He attended the Governor’s School for the Arts where he developed a strong passion towards performing, focusing on musical theatre. He began doing productions with a local theatre group, and then attended Granby High School. After matriculating from high school, he then enrolled at Elon University in North Carolina, working as a part of the Music Theatre Program.

However, he did not complete his run with the university, as he left to start working on professional stage productions, beginning with the Broadway revival of “West Side Story” which ran from 2010 to 2011. Following his appearance there, he made his debut on the television series “Glee” playing an openly gay member of the Dalton Academy Warblers. The show aired on Fox and focuses on a fictitious glee club as they compete in a circuit while each member deals with their respective issues. These issues range from teamwork, relationships, race, and sexuality. The show proved successful, gaining generally favorable reviews for most of its run.

Grant Gustin in The Flash

Following his run with “Glee”, Gustin then did an original film for Lifetime before working on the independent feature entitled “Affluenza” in which he had a major role. In 2013, he was cast as the character Barry Allen for a three episode guest role for the second season of “Arrow” – the producers intended to make a spin-off show based on his character, which would become “The Flash”, which follows the story of a crime scene investigator who becomes a superhero, based on the DC character of the same name. After “The Vampire Diaries”, the show’s pilot was the second most watched premiere in the history of the CW.

The show has been well received by critics and audiences, with many of its characters from the show becoming a part of another spin-off entitled “Legends of Tomorrow”. The show has been running for at least six seasons with no sign of stopping any time soon. He also reprises his character in the Arrowverse franchise, appearing as a recurring character in “Arrow”. He’s also made appearances as the character in “Legends of Tomorrow”, “Vixen”, and “Supergirl”. One of his latest projects is the film “Krystal” which he was labelled as one of the stars.

Personal Life and Online Content

Thoma and Gustin dated each other for a short period of time before getting engaged. The two met at a party and hit it off there, leading to their relationship. He found it difficult to find the right time to propose so he did so at such a random moment that she was caught off guard, nearly mistaking her proposal for a joke. She eventually accepted the proposal and the two married in 2017. They did two marriage ceremonies, with one being a more traditional one held at Thoma’s home country.

Due to his association with a popular television star, she’s gained a lot of followers online, with her biggest accounts being on Instagram and YouTube. She is attractive which is why she gets a lot of followers and she also posts a lot of practical physical therapy advice. Her posts and videos often consist of proper posture, exercises, and stretching to help the body. Her YouTube channel started in 2019 and updated on a regular basis, is called Dare to Be Active with LA Thoma Gustin, and features most of her videos posted on Instagram. These tackle good posture and beginner exercises.


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