• Tiffany Brissette is a nurse and former child actress, best known for her work in the sitcom “Small Wonder”
• She has a net worth estimated to be over $1 million
• Started acting at 2, breakthrough role in “Small Wonder” in 1985
• Since retiring from acting, she has been a counselor and a registered nurse
• Believed to be single, and wanted to live a normal and sane life after leaving acting

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FactHorseback riding is one of her favorite hobbies.

Who is Tiffany Brissette?

Tiffany Michelle Brissette was born on 26 December 1974, in Paradise, California, USA. She’s a nurse and former child actress, possibly best known for her work in the sitcom “Small Wonder” which ran during the mid- to late-1980s. She has also appeared in other projects such as “Beanpole”, “Equal Justice”, and “The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin”.

The Wealth of Tiffany Brissette

Tiffany Brissette has a net worth estimated to be over $1 million, earned through success in both acting and nursing. Since leaving the entertainment industry, she’s been doing a lot of counseling and charity work.

Early Life and Small Wonder

At the age of two, Tiffany’s mother started taking her to talent competitions and pageants, so she grew up exposed to the spotlight and an audience. Eventually she started to gain commercial work, making television appearances and providing voice-overs. She worked for Beatrice Foods which is known for previously holding assets such as Krispy Kreme, Avis, and Playtex. She also appeared in commercials promoting the Care Bears, a group of multi-colored bears who go on various adventures in their television series.

She made her acting breakthrough in 1985, when she was cast in the television series “Small Wonder”. The science fiction sitcom follows the story of a robotics engineer who creates a robot to look like a human girl. She then pretends that the girl is her adopted daughter named Vicki. Tiffany played the robot girl in the show for its entire run, and received a lot of praise for her proper portrayal of the character.

Tiffany Brissette

She possessed strength and speed, but being a robot she lacked emotion – she also couldn’t put emotion in her words.

Continued Acting Projects

Concurrently, Brissette also did voice work, lending her voice for the television show “The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin”, an animated Canadian show featuring an animatronic teddy bear as the lead character.

After the end of her role as Vicki, she took on other projects including “Heart Like a Wheel”, a film about the life of drag racer Shirley Muldowney, which proved successful, gaining several award nominations. She also worked on “Beanpole” and “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”, which is a Fox sitcom; the show follows the life of the titular character, a high school student who firmly believes that nothing is impossible.

Afterward, she was cast in “Love, American Style”, which is an anthology series aired on ABC. Each episode featured a romantic story mixed in with comedy and different characters. During the latter part of her career as an actress, she worked on the sitcom “Webster”, a series telling the story of the titular character who is adopted by a National Football League (NFL) player, leading to a change in dynamic with his family. She was also seen in “Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure”.

Retirement and Nursing

Tiffany had a role in “Marco Polo”, and her last television appearance was as a guest in the series entitled “Equal Justice”, starring George DiCenzo and Cotter Smith. The show received a lot of positive critical reception during its run, however, low ratings were its downfall, leading to cancellation after just two seasons. After retiring from acting, she enrolled at Westmont College, where she took up a degree in psychology. The school is an interdenominational Christian college located in California, and has numerous high profile personalities as alumni.

Since graduating, she’s been an active counselor, initially based in Boulder, Colorado and lately in San Diego, California, working on both young adults and children. She is a member of the Variety Club Telethon, which aims to help children suffering from serious illnesses. She also does other social work from time to time, and is currently a registered nurse. Since leaving the entertainment industry, she’s moved away from the spotlight, and shows no signs of returning. Many of her co-stars from “Small Wonder” didn’t continue their acting careers either, as is the case for many child actors.

Personal Life

Brissette is believed to be single though it has not been confirmed; there’s no public record of her relationships. In 2012, she had an interview with the publication Page Six regarding the status of her “Small Wonder” co-star Jerry Supiran whom she has not heard of since leaving the show. Supiran had become homeless, blaming a stripper ex-girlfriend and a money man for draining the money he had earned from acting.

She then gave details as to why she left acting, stating that she wanted to live a normal and sane life. A lot of child actors find it hard to transition back to normality as they still cling on to their times as a kid.

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Full NameTiffany Brissette
ProfessionActor, Nurse
EducationWestmont College


MoviesHeart Like a Wheel
TV ShowsSmall Wonder, Round the corner

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