• Doug Marcaida is a martial artist, weapon expert, and judge on the show "Forged in Fire."
• He was born in the Philippines and trained in martial art Kali from an early age.
• He has worked with many military forces and designed weapons for FOX Knives.
• Doug is a martial arts instructor, has three sons, and lives in Rochester, New York.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $500,000 as of late 2019.

Who is Doug Marcaida?

You can say that “Forged in Fire” is a one-of-a-kind show, and that its members are one-of-a-kind personalities. The judges include martial artists and weapon experts, and one of them is Doug Marcaida. He is one of the instrumental parts of the show, and thanks to the show’s popularity, Doug has reached stardom. He has been on the show since its inception in 2015, and has provided a one-of-a-kind experience, both for participants and viewers.

Doug Marcaida Wiki

Doug’s early life remains a big mystery to the media as he is rather silent about it. All we know is that he was born in the Philippines, and that from an early age he was interested in weapons and martial arts. While in school, Doug used to fight with other children, and on his father’s suggestion he entered formal martial art training, feeling that he would become more disciplined. This led him to a long-lasting love towards martial art Kali, and the use of knives as a weapon.


Doug moved to the USA from the Philippines, and joined the US Air Force. He has since trained such military forces as US Force Recon Marines, Spetsnaz Unit Alpha, and the Belgian Special Police, to name a few. As his skills improved, he eventually became an edged-impact weapons specialist, which he used in his later career. Doug joined the FOX knives, Italy-based knife making company, where with Lad Mandiola he co-designed the DART XT, a tiny curved knife.

His creations have been used as Hollywood props in such films as “Blade” and the “Bourne” franchise.

“Forged in Fire”

Produced by Outpost Entertainment, the show “Forged in Fire” made its debut on the 22nd June 2015 on the History Channel. Doug, alongside other weapon experts David Baker, Ben Abbott, J. Neilson and Jason Knight, serves as a judge on the show – his task is to test the weapons made by four bladesmiths.

Since the first episode, Doug has become the most recognizable character on the show, and fans have praised his skills and his personality as well. Thanks to the success of the show, Doug’s net worth has increased to a large degree.

Arm Injury and Other Projects

Doug was away for a few episodes back in 2017 due to an arm injury; he wasn’t able to test the weapons and had to pass on this task to one of his co-judges.

Doug Marcaida

Many fans dwelled on his injury and what had happened, as no one revealed details of how Doug got hurt. He was only seen with his arm immobilized in a protection casket, saying that he had to undergo surgery. Later, he stated that the injury he suffered happened during testing of one of the weapons, and called the whole incident a “boo boo”. Nevertheless, he has since fully recovered. In addition to his work on “Forged in Fire”, his military operations, and work for FOX Knives, Doug is also a martial arts instructor.

Fascinated with martial art Kali from an early age, Doug studied all his life and created his own Marcaida Kali version. He has started three martial arts schools, two of which are located in New York and one in Romania. He is looking to expand globally, and spread his Marcaida Kali throughout the world.

Doug Marcaida Net Worth and Body Stats

A military and weapons expert, Doug has found a use for his skills on television, which pays rather well. He earns around $80,000 a year, and according to sources, his wealth is estimated at over $500,000 as of late 2019.

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Doug stands at 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, and weighs approximately 132lbs ~ 60kgs. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Doug Marcaida Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children

Doug has kept his personal life as private as he can; however, as his popularity increased, details began surfacing. Doug is married, however, he hasn’t shared anything about his life partner, not even her name. Doug is a father of three sons, and often shares pictures of his children on his official Instagram page.

He has also used Instagram to display his most recent work, including exciting events from “Forged in Fire”. You can find more information about Doug’s work on his official website, dougmarcaida.com, from which you can also buy some of his creations.

Doug and his family reside in Rochester, New York State, USA.

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  1. I hate that people think they have a right to know about celebrities (other than politicians, whose background, history, morality, finances, et al., should be brought to the fore). But, in this case, when a series regular appears with an injury, when he could have just stayed home until it healed (and Doug has been injured more than once), it should have been explained, at least a little, perhaps while the contestant forging was going on (e.g., other judge asks him what happened).

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