• Ramtin Abdo has a net worth estimated to be over $20 million
• He is a successful businessman and investor and has experience in real estate and other business endeavors
• He is married to sports broadcaster Kate Abdo, who has a net worth estimated to be over $1.5 million
• He is a very private person and rarely appears in public, mostly at red carpet events featuring his wife
• He is very fit and spends a lot of time at the gym to maintain his physique

Who is Ramtin Abdo?

Ramtin Abdo was born in Germany and is a businessman as well as an investor, but probably best known for being the husband of sports broadcaster Kate Abdo. His wife has traveled around the world covering high profile sporting events, including the soccer Champions League and World Cup, and Premier Boxing Championship bouts.

The Net Worth of Ramtin Abdo

Ramtin Abdo has a net worth estimated to be over $20 million, earned through success in his numerous business ventures.

He owns or is a part of several German companies, and others with international reach. He also probably benefits somewhat from the wealth accrued by his wife, as Kate has a net worth estimated to be over $1.5 million.

Business Endeavors

Ramtin grew up in Germany, where he developed a strong interest business. He started in real estate, and had years of experience before venturing into other business endeavors, working for the Berlin, Germany-based company INA Ventures, which focuses on logistics and supply chains in the country.

He eventually gained promotion to become the company’s CEO. Aside from INA Ventures, he also co-founded the company SMAP, but continues to work in real estate to, including ‘flipping’ buying and selling properties for a profit. However, he has managed to keep the details of a lot of his business endeavors away from the public.

He began dating Kate sometime in the mid- to late- 2000s, and the two likely met thanks to her work, which allowed her to travel internationally.

The public only caught wind of him when it was reported that the two had married. There have been many efforts to seek more information about him, but mostly to no avail.

Wife – Kate Abdo

While was born in Manchester, England, on 8 September 1981, and grew-up there, she started her career in Germany, working for the news network Deutsche Welle as a sports reporter. She proved to be a vital asset for the company, providing both German and English reports.

Deutsche Welle is known for its international broadcasts, offering its services in 30 languages. The network handles international news coverage on differing platforms, including online, television and radio. After her run with that company, she moved to Cable News Network, or CNN, hosting the daily program “World Sports” which also required her to travel internationally. The network is the first television channel to provide round the clock news coverage, and also the first channel in the US to fully dedicate to news programming.

With CNN, she also hosted the feature show called “Inside Africa”. After her run with CNN, she joined Sky Sports News HD as the station’s lead anchor. The station was just starting at the time, and wanted her to be the face for the company’s launch in Germany. She had expanded duties, handling programming, coverage, and the formats of their programs.

International Recognition – Kate Abdo

After working for some time in Germany, she returned to the UK to become a part of Sky Sports network there.

She put her focus back to sports coverage and handled coverage of big pay per view boxing events as well as football in Europe. She also did news reports from time to time. With her popularity booming, she was loaned to Fox Sports to help with coverage of the 2015 Women’s World Cup. She then took this opportunity to move to the US to gain more opportunities. She’s since done more coverage, focusing on several football (soccer) leagues, including the Bundesliga, Europa League, Champions League, and FA Cup. She continues to work with Fox and also handles a lot of their boxing coverage.

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She is the host of the studio show called “Inside PBC Boxing”, primarily covering Premier Boxing Championship fights. She can also be seen reporting during the night of the fight. Fox eventually lost the rights to broadcast the Champions League, as Turner won the bid for programming on TNT. Turner quickly offered her a deal so that she could continue to work on her coverage of the league, but this time working with TNT in Atlanta.

Personal Life

Ramtin married Kate in 2010, which attracted a bit of attention mainly thanks to her popularity on television.

Despite her constant travel and international work, there has been no negative news about them. They have not yet expressed a desire to have children any time soon.

Ramtin remains very private, unlike his wife who is publicly active due to the nature of her work. She often promotes her programs and coverage through social sites, but he rarely appears with her in public, mostly at red carpet events that feature his wife. He is known to be very fit, spending a lot of time at the gym to maintain his stature.

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