• Separated from husband David Portnoy, famous businessman and content creator for Barstool Sports, in 2017
• Born in 1983 in Abington, Massachusetts and moved to Nantucket
• Experienced equine consultant and director of merchandising for company SmartPak
• Supports Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals and encourages pet adoption
• Net worth estimated to be around $2.5 million

Renee Portnoy separated from her husband, David Portnoy, the famous American businessman and the content creator for Barstool Sports site, in 2017, but still remains good friends with him. Though she is mostly famous for being the wife of David, she is an experienced equine consultant, and the director of merchandising for the company SmartPak.

Early life and family

Renee Satterthwaite was born on 5 May 1983, in Abington, Massachusetts USA. She holds American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Taurus. She spent her childhood in Abington, later moving to Nantucket, where she is currently living in the mansion her husband bought her.

Renee is the only child in the family. She started riding ponies and horses when she was eight years old, as she always loved all kinds of animals and enjoyed spending time with them. She remembers the day when her pony threw her off ,and even kicked her after that, but even that situation didn’t prevent Renee from loving the horses.

Educational background

Renee matriculated from her high school in Abington in 2001, enrolling at Boston University. She graduated from her college with a BS degree in international relations and business.


In 2010 Renee joined the company called SmartPak. Founded in 1999, the company provides equine supplements, riders’ apparel and gear, and other things needed by horse owners. She started her career as senior buyer, gradually being promoted to director of merchandising. Renee shared that her job was a dream come true for her, given her love of animals, and especially as SmartPak specializes in horses and dogs’ supplements. When she married David Portnoy, he also fell in love with these big pets, and learnt how to ride and even bought several horses. Together with Renee, David attended the Kentucky Derby, but hasn’t recently showed-up there, as the couple is now separated, so Renee visits such events on her own.

Being supported and encouraged by David, Renee started doing some competitive riding, and even performed at equestrian events. When Renee and David were in romantic relationship, Renee actively participated in all activities related to David’s blog, “Barstool Sports”. The fans of the blog still call her their First Lady, as David calls himself “The President”, or, to be precise, “El Presidente”, and it even became his official nickname. As of 2019, she stepped away from her activities on his blog.


Being in love with all kinds of pets, Renee is an advocate for pets’ adoption. She encourages everybody not to buy pets but to take dogs, cats and other animals from shelters.

In particular, she is a long-term supporter of the local animal foster home, the Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals. She not only raises money for the shelter, but also helps out with her own hands – cleans, feeds and plays with the animals.

Is she officially divorcing her husband David Portnoy?

Renee and David met around 2005, when she was graduating from her college, and David was settling down in Boston, as he worked for Yankee Group there. The couple started dating, and became engaged in 2008. They married in 2009, but didn’t welcome any kids – neither David nor Renee have any children.

David and Renee Portnoy

In 2016 David was seen with some other girl, while they were chilling in the local bar. The girl appeared to be Jordyn Hamilton, and the rumors about Renee and David’s separation became serious. In January 2017 David officially announced their separation, but they remained good friends also for the sake of their two dogs named Madison and Stella Bean.

However, soon after David and Renee separated, he accused Jordyn of cheating on him, suspecting her of having an affair with her SoulCycle instructor. David didn’t even want to cause any serious harm to his ex-girlfriend, but the fans of his blog started a cyberbully attack on her and her lover, which was very hard to stop.

The life after separation

David still supported Renee when she lost her darling dog, Stella Bean, a few months ago. She thanks David for being by her side when she had to face the hard times of saying goodbye to the pet she had for many years. David shared his thoughts on his Twitter: ‘The bond and friendship that @renee_portnoy and Stella had is impossible to put into words’. It is clear both Renee and David are still good friends – neither of them ever mention the official separation, even though they haven’t lived together for more than two years now.

Who is David “Dave” Portnoy?

David “Dave” Portnoy was born on 22 March 1977, in Swampscott, Massachusetts USA, into the family of Linda Kaufman and Michael Portnoy. He is of Jewish ancestry.

Matriculating from Swampscott High School in 1995, he enrolled at the University of Michigan the same year, and in 1999graduated with a BA degree in business communication. He moved to Boston, as he accepted the offer of Yankee Group, the local IT market research company. In 2003 he quit the company to start his own business, which later grew into Barstool Sports. At the beginning, Barstool Sports was a print publication, and only in 2007 came to the Internet, becoming one of the most popular and sarcastic blogs on pop culture, sports and other media. The site consists of several blogs, podcasts and a series of videos showing the discussions and arguments of the employees of Barstool Sports, looking more like a reality-show series.

In 2017 the company was purchased by The Chernin Group, as Peter Chernin, the head of the group, obtained a majority stake in Barstool Sports (51%). David is still responsible for the content generating process, while the deal brought him over $12.5 million.

Barstool Sports now has more than 130 employees and is supporting partnership programs with Snapchat and Facebook. David also owns an application for pizza review, and runs the stations called “Sirius XM”, and promotes and “Rough N’ Rowdy” which he owns too, showing the bouts of amateur boxing league, with via pay-per-view broadcasts. David also benefits considerably from the sales of his merchandise.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

When she is not spending her time with animals, Renee likes to eat out. Her favorite cuisine is Chinese. She likes reading books and swimming, and can now enjoy her favorite activity at home, as she has a swimming pool in her backyard.

Social media addiction

Renee once admitted she had troubles with time management, as social media platforms took too much of her time. She closed her Instagram account to random readers, making it available only for current subscribers. She wrote that she missed Instagram, but she cared much about her weekly screen-time reports which made her frustrated. However, she is still active on her Twitter account, as it is one of her tools for finding new homes for the dogs and cats from the shelter she works for.

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It’s #official. #elprezidente #daveportnoy @stoolpresidente ARRIVES yesterday in #NEPA to sample The #Pizza #Capital of the #World #oldforge Pennsylvania ? This was a monumental day for the region. Can’t believe I didn’t get to cruise the streets as he sampled and scored our various pizza #trays. His scores are as follows: Rivellos 7.4 Mary Lous 7.3 Arcaro & Genell’s 7.5 Salernos 7.1 Cusumano and Cafe Rinaldi 7.6 Wonder what @nepapizzareview thinks of #barstoolsports numbers. Or the rest of Old Forge for that matter. People say our pizza isn’t “real” pizza. Not when #theprez comes to town! Video of the review can be seen on #barstoolsports #facebook page. #dontknockthispozza #americancheesesquare #onionred #doublecrustwhite #wherethehelliselliog #traynotpie #nepa #570 ? Screenshot taken from #barstoolsports official video

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Appearance, clothing style

Renee has middle-length dark-brown hair and hazel eyes. She is 5ft 7ins (1.70m) tall and weighs around 140lbs (64kgs). As to her clothing style, she always prefers casual looks, wearing jeans, T-shirts, or special riding apparel.

Net worth and salary

As of 2019, Renee’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. As to her husband, David Portnoy has wealth of over $12 million, earning up to $900,000 per year. In 2016 he bought the mansion in Nantucket for $2 million; the house has four bedrooms, a swimming pool, a stone patio and a small deck, surrounded by bushes of blue hydrangeas.

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