• Amy Polinsky is an American Personal Trainer, Teacher, and Entrepreneur.
• She was born on 16 January 1980 in Grove City, Pennsylvania.
• She is the ex-wife of the famous ex-wrestler and commentator for WWE, Corey Graves, and is currently battling with Corey for the custody of their three children.
• She has a passion for fitness and fashion, and owns her own fitness training company and clothing boutique.
• She is also an active member of various charity foundations and organizations, supporting the victims of child abuse.

Amy Polinsky has now divorced Corey Graves, the famous ex-wrestler and then commentator for WWE matched. Amy was married to Corey for more than 11 years, but their marriage couldn’t stand after Corey’s affair with another wrestling star, Carmell. Amy is now battling with Corey for custody of their three children. They divorced in 2020.

Early life and family

Amy Danielle Schneider was born on 16 January 1980, in Grove City, Pennsylvania USA, so holds American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She was raised on the family farm, surrounded by fields of corn and wheat, and Amy spent her childhood helping her parents with their work. She has been interested in sports and other physical activities since her early years, and it helped her several years later, when she decided to connect her professional life with sports.

Educational background

Amy matriculated from Grove City Area High School in 1998, enrolling at Nova Southeastern University to get her BS in elementary education. Even though she was keen on sports, she has also always felt true love for kids, and wanted to work with them, so she became a teacher. After graduating in 2002, she continued her education at Waynesburg University, getting her ME in Special Education, specializing in working with kids with autism spectrum disorder, and other neurological diseases.


Amy started her career as an Elementary school teacher, really enjoying her work but admitting that it was quite hard. After working several years in the sphere of education, Amy married Corey Graves in 2009, and left her teaching career. She decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fitness trainer, and to get back to sports she loved so much.

Stay Down Inc.

On 11 June 2015 Amy along with her husband and their business partner, Steven Alvarez, founded the company they named Stay Down Inc. ‘Stay Down’ is the phrase Corey used in his matches after a win, and he even made a tattoo of those eight letters on his fingers, so he can show his motto after another win. Stay Down Inc. (registered in Ruskin, Florida), provides fitness training courses and fitness diet programs. Amy is still holding the position of the Vice-President, while Corey is the President of the company. Their partner, Steven Alvares, is also a member of the board of directors for such companies as Apollo Beach Waterway Improvement Group, Inc., Rental Properties of South Tampa LLC and Success Life Planning.

Amy once mentioned on her Facebook page she was very close to leaving the company, but then removed the post, and decided to fight for every dollar she could get from Corey.

Basil Rose Boutique

Amy once shared that as a typical girl who liked fashion and clothing, she always dreamt of opening a boutique, and in 2013, opened the door of her Basil Rose Boutique, which was, according to her own words, meant to be the place for women of all ages, all sizes, backgrounds and shapes, where they could find not only new clothes and accessories that suited them, but also new friends, and even become a member of the shoppers’ family. However, the shop lasted for only two years, my deciding to move back to Pennsylvania to be closer to her own family and to the parents of Corey during her divorce proceedings, so they could see their grandchildren more often.

She sold out everything from her boutique in a couple of weeks in July 2019 and closed the shop on 25 August. The community she gathered around her international-shipping business took the news about Amy’s moving with kind words, and wished her nothing but the best in her future. Amy has promised to open another clothing boutique as soon as she is settled in her new home.

Tattoo modelling

Amy has a lot of tattoos all over her body, and keeps fit, so she couldn’t be left unnoticed by tattoo magazines and photographers. In 2018 she even participated in the competition among tattoo models to be featured on the cover of Inked Magazine, one of the most popular magazines in the tattoo world. Even though she didn’t win the competition, Amy enjoyed posing with her tattoos for such photographers as Mike Allebach, Dayz, and many others.

Amy Polinsky

Fitness training and getting back to teaching

On 2 November 2019 in the podcast of Chef Brian Duffy, Amy confirmed that she was returning to her fitness coaching, though she didn’t mention if she was going to work as a member of Stay Down Inc. or as a freelance coach – Amy is a certified trainer with ACE, NETA and AFAA personal trainer certificates. However, Amy was sure she was quite ready to get back to work, even though there were plenty of things to deal with in the divorce. She also mentioned she was getting back to her teaching career, at first in a part-time job to remember the processes and procedures, and then probably as a full-time job.

Personal life, husband Corey Graves

Amy married Corey Graves in 2009, having been in a relationship since 2006. The couple gave birth to three children: Cash Polinsky, their son, and Lennyn Page and Lola Polinsky, two daughters. Corey’s followers on his Instagram account often saw him posting various videos of himself playing with Lennyn near his bar, which had ‘too much bottles’ according to his fans’ comments; many of his fans were worried about his alcohol addiction, which he was rumored to have. However, the family seemed to live a happy life, often enjoying family trips to the Grand Canyon and other sightseeing attractions of the US, but everything changed when Amy suspected Corey was cheating on her. Unfortunately, she was right.

Corey Graves

Who is Corey Graves aka Matthew Polinsky?

Matthew S. Polinsky, now better known under his wrestling stage name as Corey Graves, was born on 24 February 1984, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. As of 2019, he’s a retired professional wrestler who is busy with commentating the matches for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) not only as a color commentator, but as a columnist for such leagues and programs as “Raw” and “SmackDown Live”. As to his former wrestling career, he held the title of NXT Tag Team Champion. His dedicated fans remember him fighting under the stage name Sterling James Keenan, which he later dropped for Corey Graves. Corey participated in NAW (National Wrestling Alliance) Upstate, Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling and the Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South.

Controversy with Carmella

As soon as Amy was more than sure Corey was cheating on her with his colleague, WWE superstar female wrestler Carmella and also known as Leah Van Dale, she wrote an angry post on her Instagram account, in which she accused her husband of the affair he had with Carmella, also wishing them good luck in their relationship. Amy later remover the post as soon as Corey got a call from WWE authorities, asking him to solve their family problems without publicly shedding light on the details  – the worldwide organization had to take care of its image and reputation. However, the fans took a lot of screenshots of Amy’s post and spread it around the Internet, as the post said she was hurt and sad: ‘I’ve put 11 years into supporting a man to accomplish his dream only for him to punch me in the gut! I’ve been through suicide attempts, alcoholism, among so much more with him and stuck by his side’, Amy wrote in her accusing post.

She also mentioned that their elder daughter, Lennyn, considered Carmella her role model, as she was a fan of her dad’s work and followed the situation at the WWE matches. Amy was smashed by the fact Carmella was not only Lennyn’s favorite, but her husband’s too. Corey responded to his wife on his Instagram account, writing that he was all alone in his room and wanted to die or disappear forever: ‘I just wanna fade away <…> I’m going to sleep. Maybe I’ll wake up. Maybe I won’t. I don’t wanna wake up anymore’, Corey wrote in his depressed message. Amy closed her Instagram account after the controversy.

Current relationship of Corey Graves and Carmella

Corey recovered quite soon, as he and Carmella started posting  mutual photos on their Instagram account. They even bought a Pomeranian Spitz puppy named Pancake Graves which they take care of together now, and Carmella created a separate Instagram account for the dog; the description of the account says Carmella is the mother of the puppy, and Corey is his father. Corey is now facing some troubles with seeing his kids, as Amy moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to her parents, so nowadays he doesn’t spend much time with his son and daughters.


Amy is an active member of various charity foundations and organizations which deal with the victims of child abuse. She’s supporting The Avielle Foundation, helping the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School – the shooting in 2012 took the lives of 28 elementary school pupils, two more kids were taken to the hospital and then recovered.

She raises money at multiple foundation events, and meets with the families of the victims, consistently supporting them .


Amy has long black hair and hazel eyes; she’s 5ft 6 ins (1.68m) tall, weighs around 120lbs (55kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-23-32. She has a lot of tattoos all over her body, including the image of a woman in boxing gloves on her left shoulder.

Net worth and salary

Amy’s net worth is estimated at close to $1 million, as of mid-2024 – she also wanted to sell her 1968 Mercury Cougar via her Facebook page for $13,000 in April 2019, since it was a part of the divorce. As to her husband, Corey Graves has a reputed net worth of around $5 million.

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