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Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm was born on 27th August 1953, in Kumla, Sweden. The legendary actor, who has been part of the entertainment industry since the late 1970s, is probably best known for his roles in blockbusters such as “Fargo”, “22 Jump Street”, and “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, as well as for his ability to switch accents with ease.

Soon after Peter’s birth, the Storm family moved to Arbra. The future celebrity studied at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts between 1978 and 1981, and changed his surname after discovering that there were two other theatrical actors working under the name Peter Storm at the academy; however, he also contemplated changing his whole name to Retep Mrots, which is “Peter Storm” backwards.

Acting Career

Peter’s first credited role was playing a prisoner in the 1978 Swedish crime film “Lyftet”. We can surmise that he was working odd jobs between projects, as he took a four-year hiatus and returned in 1982 with a minor appearance in the period drama film “Fanny and Alexander”. In 1984, he took on the recurring role as Bokhallaren in the series “Trapatronerna”, appearing in five episodes over the course of four years.

Other projects of Peter’s in the 1980s include his role as Sarah’s father in the TV movie “Seppan”, his portrayal of Jerry in “Den frusna leoparden”, and a minor role as Justus in “Pirates of the Lake”. In the 1990s through 1996, he continued to have small roles in drama films and TV series; what marked a turning point in the actor’s career, which received a tremendous boost, was when cast as Gaear Grismund in the crime movie “Fargo” in 1996.

A year after playing Gaear Grismund, Peter portrayed Dieter Stark in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, another role that changed his life for the better. From then on, the actor was deluged with work and had supporting roles in five great movies of 1998: “Armageddon”, “Mercury Rising”, “Somewhere in the City”, “Commander Hamilton”, and “The Big Lebowski”. At the same time, he continued to appear in TV movies and drama series, while avoiding being typecast with guest starring roles in “Seinfield” and other light-hearted shows.

The 2000s were arguably Peter’s busiest decade workwise; from 2000 to 2005 alone, he had roles in 22 movies, a recurring role as Ingvar in “Watching Elle”, and was cast as John Abruzzi in “Prison Break”. Some of the actor’s most memorable projects during this time were his work on the Steven Spielberg action film “Minority Report” and his role as Alexei in “Bad Boys II”.

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Peter has also lent his talents to animated series and videogames, doing voiceover work for “Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction”, “Icewind Dale 2”, “Ben 10: Ultimate Alien”, and “Adventure Time”. In 2006, he starred in various television commercials for Volkswagen, shortly afterwards, turning down a role in the ABC series “Lost”, preferring to be the leading man of the Swedish-Norwegian movie “Svartvattnet” instead.

In 2007, Peter played Dr. Roth in the supernatural thriller “Premonition” and had roles in five other movies, mainly independent films and Norwegian productions; he also appeared in an episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. After ending the 2000s on a high note with roles in psychological thrillers such as “The Killing Room” and “Horsemen”, Peter worked alongside Daniel Wu and Kevin Spacey in the 2011 Chinese film “Inseparable”.

Now in the fourth decade of his career, Peter showed no signs of slowing down, appearing in ten movies in 2013 alone and landing recurring roles in “Manhattan”, “Longmire”, and other series. In 2016, he co-created and starred as Ingmar in the webseries “Swedish Dicks”. Meanwhile, Peter also continued to do voicework for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Castlevania”, amongst other animated shows.

As of 2023, Peter’s most recent projects have been a role as Lucca in an episode of the Western drama series “1923”, and his portrayal of Captain Marchand in “Muti”. Currently, he‘s filming for the upcoming thriller movie “Hard Matter”.

Music Career & Personal Life

Peter was encouraged to make an album by Bono of U2 when the musician heard some of the actor’s music. In 2002, he released his first album, “Dallerpolsa och smafaglar”, and his next two projects, “Swanska hwisor vol 1” and “Lebowski-Fest 2005”, were released in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The actor also runs his own record label, StormVox, and is part of the band Blonde from Fargo.

Although casual fans of the actor’s may be unaware of his links to the music industry, Peter has also appeared in music videos for power metal bands Sabaton and Lindemann.

Regarding the “Fargo” star’s personal life, Peter currently splits his time between Sweden and the USA. In 1989, he married the stage and film actress Karen Sillas; the couple divorced in 2006 after over a decade and a half of union, but agreed not to discuss the matter in interviews. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that both parties found love almost immediately after their split: in 2007, Karen married Ivan Menchell, with whom she shares two children, and the following year, Peter married a Japanese woman named Toshimi.

Peter, Toshimi, and their daughter Kaiya Bella Luna Stormare, who was born in May 2009, currently reside in Los Angeles. Peter is also the godfather of actor Gustaf Skarsgard, known for his roles in “Evil” and “The Way Back”.

The “22 Jump Street” star is a Christian who previously claimed to have had contact with God. During his childhood, Peter participated in Baptist meetings and remains in touch with his spiritual side to this day. The actor also once said that his mother was a medium who allegedly inherited her abilities from her father.

Accurate figures regarding Peter’s net worth are hard to find, with some sources claiming that the actor is worth a staggering $215 million. More reliable media outlets affirm that Peter is worth about $5 million, thanks to his musical and acting pursuits.

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