• Suzy Berhow was born on July 3 1989 in Orlando, Florida and holds American nationality
• She is a YouTuber, cartoonist, actress, and animator, best known for being the host of the KittyKatGaming subchannel of Game Grumps
• She began collaborating with other YouTubers and Game Grumps in 2011, launching her own channel Mortem3r in 2013
• She is married to fellow YouTuber Arin Hanson and they have three cats
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million

Who is Suzy Berhow (Game Grumps)? Wiki Bio

Suzanne ‘Suzy’ Berhow, better known online as Mortem3r, was born in Orlando, Florida USA on 3 July 1989, so her zodiac sign is Cancer and she holds American nationality. She is a YouTuber, cartoonist, actress, and an animator, probably best known for being the host on the KittyKatGaming subchannel of the Game Grumps YouTube channel.

Early life and education

Suzy was raised in Orlando the youngest of six children, including a 15-second older twin sister named Jean, three brothers named Joey, Charlie and Matt, and sister Ginger. Their father is a businessman, and their mother works as a teacher. At the age of six, Suzy and her parents noticed that she was very good at drawing, and at the age of nine paid for her drawing lessons.

She simultaneously attended high school, and was practicing drawing and design, and after she discovered YouTube, she became interested in becoming an animator or a host of one of the shows she watched on the site.

Career as an actress, YouTuber, and other ventures

After matriculation, Suzy didn’t enroll at college, having already started working as a model in 2006 at the age of 17. She appeared in several commercials and a couple of magazines before realizing after a year that it wasn’t actually what she wanted to do. She launched her YouTube channel on 11 May 2007 entitled “Meeperfish”, onto which she uploads her own cartoons and animations – the channel currently counts over 36,000 subscribers and more than 4.2 million views combined of her videos.

At the start of her career on YouTube, Suzy was mostly making cartoon figures and rarely lending her voice to these characters, as her then boyfriend Arin Hanson was in charge of providing the voices. Suzy’s videos attracted other YouTubers’ attention, and she began collaborating with people such as Ross, Oney and Danny among others.

In 2011, Suzy appeared in a series of short animation videos which were a parody of the gaming world, and then began collaborating with the “Game Grump” channel, and appearing in their spin-offs called “Table Flip” and “Steam Train”. She made her last appearance in “Steam Train” and uploaded her last video onto her “Meeperfish” channel in 2013, before focusing on something rather different.

Suzy Berhow

She created her new YouTube channel “Mortem3r” onto which she uploads videos featuring her talking about make-up and fashion, while one can often see her cats and her twin sister featured too. Her channel is currently subscribed by more than 300,000 people and counts over 24.5 million views combined of her videos.

Working together with “Game Grumps” with which she often collaborates, she launched the “KittyKatGaming” YouTube channel on 22 July 2014, and it now counts nearly 350,000 subscribers and almost 43 million views combined of her videos. She mostly uploads videos related to life of gamers, updates of games, cosplays, and many other items related to video games.

She also contributes to her husband’s channel “Let’s Play”.

Love life and boyfriend

Suzy met Arin Hanson in 2006 at an anime convention in Orlando. The two were introduced by a mutual friend and after talking for less than an hour, they decided to go on a date. Arin is a YouTuber, cartoonist, voice actor, songwriter, animator, and a comedian, better known online as Egoraptor. After five years of dating, Arin proposed to Suzy in 2011 while their wedding was held in 2012. They are currently living together in their home in Orlando, and while they don’t have children, they are parents to three cats called Mimi, Mochi, and Otto who is a recently adopted kitten.

In one of their videos, Suzy and Arin talked about their plans for the future, and stated how they are not planning on having children anytime soon, as they are both still focused on their careers on the internet.

Arin Joseph Hanson was born in Margate, Florida USA on 6 January 1987 – his zodiac sign is Capricorn and he holds American nationality. He launched his career at the age of 14 when he joined the Newgrounds website, releasing his first animation on 18 September 2004 entitled “Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof”. After his “Metal Gear Awesome” animation was released on 23 February 2006, MTV approached him and invited him to produce animated shorts for their video gaming show entitled “The G-Hole”.

He lent his voice for the first time to Bruce Banner in the “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” video game, and then to John Gore in the “Minigore” video game in 2009. Since then he’s lent his voice to numerous characters in games and web series, such as “Dragon Age: Inquisition”, “Red vs. Blue”, and “Cyanide & Happiness”. He is also a musician, and an actor has appeared in TV series such as “Rick and Morty” in 2015 and “Mighty Magiswords” in 2016.

Hobbies and other interests

Suzy is a shopaholic who goes shopping for clothes on a daily basis – she has changed her style several times over the years, while she is currently often dressing as a Goth. She is a fan of tattoos and has numerous inked onto her body – her left arm is almost entirely inked.


She has become interested in gaming after the launch of her KittyKatGaming channel, and some of her favorite games are the “Uncharted” and the “Final Fantasy” franchises. She is also a fan of the film industry, with her favorite actors and actresses being John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman, while her favorite movie of all times in “Pulp Fiction” and some of the others she enjoys watching are “Grease”, “The Fanatic”, and “Django Unchained”.

Suzy is a lover of animals and has had numerous pets throughout the years all of which have been featured in the videos she uploads onto her channels.

Appearance and net worth

Suzy is 30 years old. She has long black hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 139lbs (63kgs). Her net worth as of early 2020 is estimated at over $1 million.

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