Rachel Bush

Despite being known as the exuberant brunette wife of the National Football League (NFL) player Jordan Poyer, Rachel Bush is also an entrepreneur and social media influencer with millions of followers. Rachel was born on 1st November 1997 and has embarked on many professional ventures, from her modelling aspirations to her skincare line, and a now-defunct YouTube channel, on which she allowed fans sneak peeks into her life with Jordan.

Personal Life

Rachel was raised by her parents, Mary and Tony Bush, in Newcombe, New York State, USA. There’s little to be revealed about Rachel’s childhood, as she doesn’t discuss many details of her life before fame, but we do know that she has two siblings named Jordan and Dillon. During her college days, the beautiful brunette reportedly played on local basketball and football teams, however, she never seriously considered a sports career, preferring instead to focus on modelling.

After reaching the final stages of the Miss Teen New York Pageant, Rachel appeared to have a promising future in the modelling industry. Shortly afterwards, she graduated from Florida Atlantic University and began working with small brands. Somewhere along the line, she put her career on the backburner after meeting her future husband. What began as a casual relationship in 2015 blossomed into something more; after becoming engaged on Christmas Day 2016, Rachel and Jordan married in a beautiful ceremony in Jamaica in 2018.

However, in October 2018 Rachel was caught up in the first of many online scandals that would plague her career. Jordan unexpectedly found himself in the middle of an embarrassing Instagram feud between his wife and his ex-fling, a model named Summer Rae who claimed to have been continuously harassed by Rachel.

Summer, who at the time was a university student, uploaded screenshots of threatening messages sent by Rachel which soon began circulating online and being reported on by dozens of news outlets. “Your life is over b*tch,” Rachel said in one message. “I have people everywhere I find out everything… I will literally have everyone and their brother beat your *ss.”

“I was told you guys were divorcing,” Summer replied. “I was not with Jordan when you called me so no, I didn’t lie.” According to Summer, she ended her fling with Jordan when she discovered that he had patched things up with his wife; what ensued was four months of alleged online harassment from Rachel with dozens of messages and threats to go to court if Summer and Jordan were to communicate again.

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In the aftermath of the harassment scandal, netizens were unsympathetic towards Rachel, especially because in April 2016 she uploaded a private message allegedly sent to her by NBA legend LeBron James – who was also a married man at the time. Although the authenticity of the message was never verified, many people thought that was what happening to Rachel was her karma for trying to insinuate that LeBron had been interested in pursuing something with her, despite having a wife and children.

More recently, Rachel blasted “the arrogance of others” for her husband being forced to cancel his annual charity golf tournament, which was set to take place at the Trump National Golf Course in Florida. The tournament was cancelled in late June 2023 due to sponsors backing out, and media backlash in the wake of the former President’s legal scandals and the current political unrest in Florida; of the incident, Rachel defiantly said: “We will always stand proudly with our beliefs and hold true to them. Publicly. … Tournament will be at same spot next year. Trump’s course.”

On a more positive note, Rachel has been keeping herself busy with her vegan, cruelty-free make-up line Leala Skincare, and being the best mother possible to her daughter – Aliyah was born in late December 2016, days after the couple became engaged. As mentioned, Rachel previously tried her hand at becoming a YouTuber, and created a channel named The Poyer Family, which she used to upload cute family vlogs and highlight videos of her husband; however, the channel has been inactive for at least five years.

Jordan Poyer

Jordan Poyer was born on 25th April 1991 and currently plays for the Buffalo Bills. His career began playing college football at Oregon State; he was later drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2013 NFL Draft; he also played for the Cleveland Browns.

The skilled athlete played football, baseball and basketball at Astoria High School, helping the school’s baseball team win the state championship in his freshman year. In his senior year, he led the school football team to victory at the state championship and was named Oregon’s player of the year, which led to him being drafted by the Florida Marlins in the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft.

Jordan’s professional sports career began in May 2013 when he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in a four-year, $2.22 million contract. In March 2017, he was signed by the Buffalo Bills to a four-year, $13 million contract with a signing bonus of $3.5 million and $7.4 million guaranteed. Six years later, he signed a year-long contract extension with the Bills.

However, there is a tragic backstory behind Jordan’s successful career. The strong safety player was raised by his mother, Julie, and stepfather Fa’alaeo in Astoria, Oregon. Despite his biological father, Louis Dunbar, being alive and well, Jordan has never met him due to Louis’s multiple prison stints over the years.

Jordan comes from an athletically gifted family, as his mother played volleyball at Eastern New Mexico University, whereas his stepfather also played tight end during his college days. Jordan’s grandfather, Lynn Baxter also played basketball for Oregon State. These days, Jordan is determined to help underprivileged youth display their sports talents, and hosts an annual Jordan Poyer Football Camp in his hometown.

In March 2021, the celebrity took to Instagram to tell the truth about his past alcohol addiction. After being criticized for a poor performance in the 2019-20 NFL playoffs, he realized the effect that drinking would have on his family, career, and health, and has been sober since March 2020. Since then, Jordan has also devoted his time off-field to help those who are struggling with alcoholism.

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