• Norman Kali, born on 22 October 1978, in Hawaii, is notable for his relationship with Evangeline Lilly and his contributions as a production assistant and director in Hollywood.
  • His significant work includes roles in TV series like “Lost” and films such as “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” where he met Lilly.
  • Overcoming early challenges, Kali moved to Hollywood at 18, leading to a successful career highlighted by his work on “Tears of The Sun.”
  • Besides production, Kali has appeared on screen in “Off the Map” and “The Hobbit,” showcasing his range in the industry.
  • Kali and Lilly share two children and maintain a private life away from the public eye, despite media interest.

Who is Norman Kali?

Born on 22 October 1978 in Hawaii, USA, Norman Kali is a 45-year-old American actor, production assistant and director, but probably better known for his relationship with Canadian actress and singer Evangeline Lilly, whom he has been dating since 2010.

However, his portfolio as a production assistant is extensive, as he’s contributed to hit TV series such as “North Shore” and “Lost”, in addition to movies such as “Special Delivery” and “The Prince of Motor City”. His activity around the industry led him to meet his beau, as they shared the same set in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”. Although in a relationship with one of the most popular actresses of the last decade, Norman prefers to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye – whenever he and Evangeline appear in public together, mayhem ensues.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Hawaii

Norman Kali was born into an American family in the island state of Hawaii; there’s not much information about his parents or early life. Despite working on some of the biggest series and movies in Hollywood, Norman insists on keeping these details private. Throughout his relationship with Evangeline, he’s been faced with numerous inquiries about his childhood and background, but he politely refused to give answers to any and all questions involving such matters.

When delving into his early interests, details remain elusive across reliable sources regarding this phase of his life. However, there are indications that he held a fervent passion for acting and production. Struggling through high school, he made the decision to drop out at the age of 16. Navigating through various jobs without a diploma posed significant challenges to sustaining a livelihood. Nonetheless, at 18, he made the bold move to Hollywood, firmly believing that dedication and perseverance could pave the way to a career as a production assistant or manager. His unwavering convictions proved to be well-founded.

Full NameNorman Kali
Known ForRelationship with Evangeline Lilly; Work as a production assistant, actor, and director
ProfessionActor, Production Assistant, Director
OccupationProduction Assistant, Director
EducationDropped out of high school at age 16, moved to Hollywood at 18​​
Net WorthEstimated to be more than $2 million, another source mentions $1.5 million​​
SpouseNot married to Evangeline Lilly but in a long-term relationship
ChildrenTwo children: a son named Kahekili (born May 23, 2011) and a daughter (born November 2015)​​​​
ParentsAnthony Kali (father), Sue Kali (mother)​​
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1978
Zodiac SignLibra​​
Place of BirthHawaii, USA
Height5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)​​
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)​​
Notable Works/AwardsWorked on “Lost,” “North Shore,” “50 First Dates,” “Tears of the Sun,” “Tropic Thunder”​​
HobbiesRock climbing, surfing, gym, jogging on the beach

Career: A Notable Production Assistant

After moving to Hollywood as a teenager, Norman still found it hard to make ends meet. He had to juggle learning the ins and outs of the industry with working a full-time job to earn enough money. Eventually, the hard work paid off, when in 2003 he worked as a production assistant on the set of “Tears of The Sun”, a movie in which Bruce Willis travels to the Nigerian jungle to handle a tricky hostage situation involving a doctor and 70 refugees.

Working on such a high-profile title gave Norman the confidence to push onwards in his career, and he then worked as an office production assistant for “The Big Bounce” and “50 First Dates”, which further increased his reputation in Hollywood. However, his greatest professional accomplishments would come later on, as he was a production assistant for “North Shore” and “Lost”, both hit shows in the mid-2000s.

His work on “Lost” was so impeccable that he even served as second assistant director for the episode “He’s Our You”. He also assumed the same position in “Undercovers” for three episodes in 2010. Norman’s hard work and perseverance paid off, as he ended up working alongside Hollywood’s biggest names.

Norman Kali

Norman Kali – An Actor?

Unbeknownst to most, Norman has also acted twice – his debut was in “Off the Map”, where he was credited as Local Rescue Worker, and in 2013 he was a Laketown spy in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, alongside Evangeline Lilly, his girlfriend. There are no indications whether Kali wants to return to acting or not however, it’s mostly likely that he assumed his two cameo roles just for fun.

Personal Life: His Relationship with Evangeline Lilly

In 2010, it became known that Norman and Evangeline Lilly were in a relationship. As Lilly was already massively popular, the couple was incessantly followed by paparazzi wherever they went. Despite the pressure from the media, they refused to reveal any juicy details and remained secretive. They met on the set of “Lost” and quickly hit it off. On 23 May 2011, they announced that their family had just gotten bigger, as Evangeline gave birth to a son Kahekili. In November of 2015, they had their second child, this time – a girl.

Before meeting Evangeline, Norman was in a relationship with Lisa Edelstein, who is also an actress, but which only lasted for six months in 2009. In later interviews, Lisa had nothing but positive things to say about Norman. An avid sports junkie, he loves rock climbing and surfing, both popular activities in his home state. He also goes to the gym several times a week but prefers jogging on the beach. In 2011, Evangeline moved to Hawaii, both for filming purposes and to be close to her beau.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Norman Kali?

Norman Kali is 5ft 10in (178cm) tall, weighs approximately 165lbs (75kg), and has a muscular build although his other body measurements are currently unknown.

Social Media Presence

Norman’s disinterest in social media maintenance is undeniable, evident in his conspicuous absence across popular platforms. There’s no trace of him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, signaling a deliberate choice to opt out of the digital world.

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