Who is Kevin Chamberlin?

American actor Kevin Chamberlin was born in Baltimore, Maryland USA, on 25 November 1963, making Sagittarius his zodiac sign. He has 79 acting credits (TV), but is perhaps known best for playing Uncle Fester in a production of the musical comedy “The Addams Family”, as well as for playing Horton in the play “Seussical”.

For his performance in theatre, Kevin’s been nominated for three Tony Awards and three Drama Desk Awards.

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Education and early life

Kevin was raised in Moorestown, New Jersey by his parents about whom he avoids speaking in public, because they prefer to be left out of media; he’s believed to be an only child, mostly because he hasn’t revealed whether or not he has siblings.

He fell in love with acting while attending a local elementary school, after having appeared in a school production of “Tom Sawyer”. Kevin studied at Moorestown High School and appeared in a number of school plays during his time there; he matriculated in 1981 and then continued his education at Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts, graduating four years later with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Roles in TV series

Kevin’s debut TV series role was playing Ted the Grateful Head in the 1991 episode “The Lady with the Ship on Her Head” of the family drama “Reading Rainbow”, and the following year saw him play Referee in the episode “Summer Stories: The Mall – Part 3” of the adventure comedy “ABC Afterschool Specials”.

In 1994, Kevin played Audubon Poulet in four episodes of the popular fantasy mystery “Ghostwriter”, which starred Blaze Berdahl and David Lopez, and was created by Pamela Douglas. It follows a group of children who’ve befriended a ghost, and the series won one of its two award nominations.  Kevin had only one other role in the remainder of the ‘90s, playing Victor in the 1995 episode “Fun City” of the drama “New York News”.

He played Roger Berry in the 2001 episode “Redemption” of the crime action “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, and the following year saw Kevin play Mr. Bronkowski in two episodes of the comedy “Ed”, which starred Julie Bowen and Tom Cavanagh, and was created by Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman. It follows a fired lawyer who’s moved from New York City to his hometown in Ohio, and has bought a bowling alley; the series aired from 2000 through 2004, and won eight of the 31 awards for which it was nominated. Kevin was then cast to appear in an episode of various series, including the crime mystery “Without a Trace”, the comedy “Frasier”, and the crime action mini-series “Kingpin”.

In 2007, he played Fred Smedresman in all eight episodes of the comedy “State of Mind”, which starred Derek Riddell and Lili Taylor, and was created by Amy Bloom. It follows the lives of several therapists, and the series won one of its two award nominations.

From 2011 through 2015, Kevin starred as Bertram Winkle in all the 98 episodes of the family comedy “Jessie”, which also starred Peyton List and Debby Ryan, and was created by Phil Baker and Pamela Eells. It follows a teenager who’s moved from Texas to New York City, and has begun working as a nanny for a wealthy couple; the series won two of its 14 award nominations.

Some of Kevin’s most recent TV series roles have been in two episodes of the mystery thriller “Outer Range” and two episodes of the family comedy “The Really Loud House” both in 2022, and the 2023 episode “Pilot” of the animated adventure comedy “Adventures in Wonder Park” (voice role); he’s currently shooting for the upcoming series “Duster”.

Roles in movies

Kevin’s debut film role was playing Charles Weiss in the 1995 action adventure thriller “Die Hard with Vengeance”, which starred Jeremy Irons and Bruce Willis, and was directed by John McTiernan. It follows John McClane as he’s defending a Harlem store owner from a terrorist, and the film won two of its five award nominations. The remainder of the ‘90s saw Kevin appear in the 1997 romantic comedy “In & Out”, the 1998 crime mystery “Letters from a Killer” and the 1999 romantic musical comedy “Trick”.

In 2002, he portrayed Frank the Bouncer in the critically acclaimed crime thriller “Road to Perdition”, which starred Tom Hanks and Tyler Hoechlin, and was directed by Sam Mendes. Set in 1930s Illinois, the film follows a mob enforcer’s son who’s witnessed a murder, and the movie won 23 of its 105 award nominations, including an Oscar win for Best Cinematography. Some of Kevin’s following roles were in the 2004 family comedy “Christmas with the Kranks”, the 2005 comedy “Loudmouth Soup”, and the 2006 romantic family drama “The Valley of Light”.

What also marked the 2000s for Kevin was portraying Jackson Spiers in the 2009 biographical comedy “Taking Woodstock”, which starred Henry Goodman and Demetri Martin, and was directed by Ang Lee. It tells the story of a man who started the generation-defining concert in 1969, and the film was nominated for eight awards.

Some of Kevin’s most notable performances in the 2010s were perhaps in the 2013 family fantasy comedy “Teen Beach Movie”, the 2014 musical comedy “Lucky Stiff”, and the 2019 horror thriller “The Nightmare Gallery”.

His most recent role has been playing Vinnie Mason in the 2023 horror thriller “Howdy, Neighbor!”, which starred Alyson Stoner and Debby Ryan, and was created by Allisyn Snyder; it follows a man who’s begun stalking his new neighbor Benjamin Caldwell, a former child actor.

Kevin’s currently shooting for four upcoming movies, including “The Rainbow Dung Beetle”, “Remember It’s Christmas” and “The Zombie Wedding”.

Other credits

Kevin wrote the 2005 comedy movie “Loudmouth Soup” and directed four episodes of the series “Jessie” from 2012 through 2015.

Some of his recent talk-show appearances have been in “Broadway.com #LiveatFive”, “Stars in the House” and “What Happened Was”.

Love life and relationships

Kevin’s a highly secretive actor who prefers not to speak about his love life in public, however, he’s revealed that he’s gay.

Kevin’s spoken openly about his sexual orientation on multiple occasions, and once stated that he dated a TV writer in 2010; his Wikipedia page states that he’s today married to a man, and this is widely believed to be true even though Kevin hasn’t addressed the matter (but has joked on Twitter about being married).

It’s widely believed that Kevin and his husband have been together for close to 10 years now, and that his other half is also a popular actor, but no evidence has been provided to support any of these claims.

Kevin seems to be married to a man as of July 2023; he doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Kevin’s revealed that he enjoys being active in both theatre and on TV, and that whenever he gets sick of one medium, he can switch to the other.

He’s an Instagram star, as close to 900,000 people are following him on the social media network, while he’s posted over 200 pictures and videos; most of these show Kevin spending time with his friends.

He gave the commencement speech at Rutgers University in 2023.

Kevin loves animals, and some of his favorites are kangaroos, raccoons and foxes.

He can play the guitar and the ukulele.

Jim Carrey’s one of Kevin’s favorite actors, and some of his favorite movies include “Man on the Moon”, “The Truman Show” and “Bruce Almighty”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Kevin’s age is 59. He’s bald and has blue eyes, is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall and weighs around 210lbs (95kgs).

Kevin’s net worth’s been estimated at over $500,000, as of July 2023.

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