• Hollie Strano is a 47 year-old Caucasian meteorologist and weathercaster, born in Lyndhurst, Cleveland, Ohio USA on 3 December 1972
• She has a post-graduate degree in science with a meteorology major from Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Sciences in 1994, and is recognized by the National Weather Association (NWA)
• Her main jobs include the weathercaster for the Channel 3 News Today early morning show, and co-host for the 'Live on Lakeside' weekday show on WKYC-TV
• She is estimated to have a net worth of over $500,000, and is active on social media
• Hollie stands at 5ft 2ins (157cm) tall and weighs around 120lbs (55kgs), with dark brown hair and light brown eyes.

Who is Hollie Strano?

Born under the sign of Sagittarius on the 3rd of December 1972, in Lyndhurst, Cleveland, Ohio USA, Hollie Strano is a Caucasian meteorologist and weathercaster. She’s probably most familiar to the public for her frequent exposure on the TV screen and across other media outlets, in major part due to being the weather forecaster and co-host on WKYC-TV’s Channel 3. She has also had some other successes over the course of her weathercasting career since 1994.

Early life and education: Growing up in Lyndhurst

Hollie was raised in her place of birth by her mother, Joni Strano, and her father of an unknown name, both of unknown professions. She has two siblings – a brother named Mike and a sister named Stephanie; Hollie is a godmother to Stephanie’s daughter named Olive.

As for her education, Hollie finished elementary studies at Saint Clare Grade School in her birthplace, then went to Notre Dame Cathedral High School, matriculating in 1990. Afterwards, she pursued an under-graduate degree at John Carroll University, Ohio, later on obtaining a post-graduate degree in science with a meteorology major at Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Sciences in 1994. Strano’s educational achievements were bolstered by a seal of approval from the esteemed National Weather Association (NWA), owing to her expertise in meteorology, which helped her to immediately obtain employment on television.

Career: Straight into stardom

Thanks to being recognized by the NWA, Hollie was offered the position of weathercaster at TEGNA-owned and NBC-affiliated WKYC-TV in her birth state, where she began doing weather forecasts for the Channel 3 News Today early morning show, alongside hosts Maureen Kyle and Dave Chudowsky, from 4:30AM to 7:00AM. Some years down the road, having obtained significant on-air experience, also thanks to her enviable performance, Hollie was given the host position during Channel 3’s “Live on Lakeside” weekday show, and can be seen in it from 11AM to 12:30PM. Strano likely received various other job offers, but turned them all down.

Up to 2019, these are the only two positions she has had, and she still holds them, as they are of course her greatest source of income. On WKYC-TV, her appearance is mixed with that of many other celebrities on a daily basis, including Ellen, Dr. Phil, the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball and Cleveland Indians baseball teams.


Love life: Did she change name after divorce?

When it comes to her romantic involvements, though Hollie isn’t too keen on sharing information about this part of her life, a few things are well-known by the fans. Strano’s first boyfriend is thought to be her high school sweetheart Brian Toohig. They dated through her college years as well, and married in a private ceremony at some point following her graduation.

Hollie Strano

They have two children together – a daughter named Jessica in 2006, and a son named Grady in 2008. They subsequently divorced due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ in 2011.

Half a year later, Hollie started dating Alex Giangreco – a man of an unspecified profession hailing from Florida. They married privately in June 2014, at which point Hollie took the Giangreco surname, but three years later they split-up, and so the popular weathercaster announced on social media that she would be resuming her maiden name; at the moment, she is thought to be single, and resides supposedly alone at an undisclosed location in Cleveland, Ohio.

However, possibly everything isn’t quite right in Hollie’s life – in November 2023, she crashed her SUV while travelling at double the speed limit, and was subsequently charged with and convicted of DUI. She later admitted that she had been somewhat depressed, and this had brought her to her senses, especially as she was off work for several months.

An avid sports fan

Since coming to TV, Hollie has been fanatical when it comes to supporting Cleveland sports teams, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Indians and Browns. As can be seen in a few of her Twitter posts, the co-host is happy to cheer on the Cleveland Football team, as are her colleagues from the “Live on Lakeside” show. She can often be seen giving support and being involved in every sports event that a Cleveland team is involved in.

Hollie’s other passions

Strano has a few other pleasures besides sports, such as going to the beach, wearing flip-flops in her free time, having meals outside of her home, and being an amateur chef. On rare occasions, she can be seen aiding the preparation of food on TV, while co-hosting her show.

She enjoys cheeseburgers more than anything, but makes up for it by regularly breaking sweat at the gym to keep in shape. Some of her favorite places to eat include: Red the Steakhouse, the Local Tavern, Fahrenheit and Urban Farmer.

The most interesting weathercaster

In 2005 Hollie was named by Cleveland Magazine as one of ‘Cleveland’s most interesting people’, thanks to her evident on-air charisma and inspirational character. One of her most famous quotes is ‘I love what I do for a living, but my absolute favorite job of all time is being a mom! I think Dorothy says it best in the Wizard of Oz…’There is no place like home!’’

What is Hollie Strano’s net worth?

Have you ever considered how rich Hollie could be, around mid-2024? With a look at some of the most credible sources available, it can be concluded that her momentary wealth is estimated at well over $500,000, earned by lending her appearance and meteorology expertise to WKYC-TV throughout her career, most prominently for weathercasting for the Channel 3 News Today early morning show. Strano is far from leaving the business, and so the said amount will surely grow.

Body measurements

So, what do you think are the height and weight of the popular meteorologist? Hollie is 5ft 2ins (157cm) tall, and weighs around 120lbs (55kgs). Her vital statistics, as well as dress, shoe and bra size are not yet familiar to the public, though her body shape is often described as fit. She has dark brown hair and light brown eyes, and her complexion is generally bright with a tan.


Social media presence

How much do you think Hollie interacts with her audience on a daily basis? Being famous for her involvement with television, Strano is expected to steadily grow her fan base on social media, thus increasing her reach and earnings. It looks as though she is well aware of this obligation, and lives up to it more than one would expect. She shares news about Cleveland very frequently on Twitter, and is besides that is present on other networks as well, including Instagram. Her Facebook page has nearly 50,000 fans.

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