• Erin McGathy is a 33-year-old American artist, comedian, podcast host, and actress.
• She is best known for being a co-host of “Harmontown” and creating “This Feels Terrible”.
• She currently co-hosts “Human Conversation” alongside actor and comedian Wayne Federman.
• She has a net worth of approximately $3 million.
• She is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Who is Erin McGathy?

Born under the archer’s sign of Sagittarius on 5 December 1985, at an unspecified location in Japan,  Erin McGathy is a 33-year-old American artist, comedian, podcast host and actress. One of the legends of modern-day improvisational comedy, she is best known for being a co-host of “Harmontown”, a live comedy podcast with ex-husband and creator of the show “Rick and Morty”, Dan Harmon. The couple toured the country and attracted a lot of prominent guest speakers. In addition, Erin created “This Feels Terrible”, and currently co-hosts “Human Conversation” alongside actor and comedian Wayne Federman. Erin is also known as an avid fan of the board game Dungeons & Dragons.

Early Life and Education: From Japan to San Diego and Beyond

Erin was born in Japan because her father worked as a preacher and missionary all over East Asia. She learned Japanese as a child, and possibly holds Japanese citizenship. Eventually the McGathy family settled in San Diego, California, where Erin spent most of her life. She was always an extrovert, and loved making her peers laugh, even in kindergarten and middle school, and by the time she was 16, Erin had determined that she wanted to have a career in comedy and acting. She was already practicing improvisational and stand-up comedy, with an emphasis on sketches and impersonations.

After matriculating from high school, Erin practiced her craft before eventually joining the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre in 2007, a renowned improvisational comedy group based in Chicago, Illinois. Her time with this organization helped her hone her skills, and prepare for a career in making people laugh.

Erin McGathy

Career Beginnings: This Feels Terrible

While practicing her acting at the UCB Theater, Erin became fascinated with roles that were characterized by strong emotions and impulsive reactions. This affinity inspired her to create her own solo show – “This Feels Terrible”. She debuted the project at the UCB Theatre in 2010, and it was met with positive and encouraging comments from various critics and acting legends, and was so successful that Erin decided to turn into a weekly podcast, which made the podcast even bigger than it initially was. Erin invited close friends and celebrities to make guest appearances, and talk about their failed relationships and views on love. Even though the show is centered around a ‘serious’ topic, every episode is filled with laughter, as people such as Rob Schrab, Marc Maron and others, recall their high school crushes and other funny instances.

Continued Success: Harmontown

Upon meeting future husband Dan Harmon, Erin was invited to appear in an episode of his “Harmontown” podcast, centered around comedy and the flaws of modern day society. Dan regularly invites celebrity guests to discuss their views on the world’s problems, and describe what an ideal society would look like, according to them, and how would it function. The podcast’s listeners loved Erin’s tongue-in-cheek humor, and as a result she appeared in more episodes as time went on. After a few weeks, she was given the position of game master on the Dungeons & Dragons segment of each episode, in which Dan and the guest would play the famous board game. Her appearances on the show were praised by critics, and she was eventually cast as herself in “Harmonquest”, an animated series based on the podcast. While married to Harmon, Erin appeared in the Harmontown documentary too, which depicts the show’s beginnings and how she and Dan live while touring.

Human Conversation

In March 2015, Erin decided to start yet another project, this time with good friend and comedian, Wayne Federman. The two sit down on a weekly basis, and discuss everything from going to rave parties in their youth, all the way to philosophical conundrums and mental health. Apparently, the crux of the show is improvisation – neither Erin nor Wayne ever prepare for an episode, nor do they use sources or any form of technology to verify their claims. What was first seen as an experimental podcast turned into one of the best shows, with an emphasis on candid conversation, both between the hosts and with the many guests they’ve welcomed.

Acting Career

In 2014 Erin decided to try something different – instead of focusing on stand-up comedy and podcasting, she wanted to try her hand at acting. Her first role was in “Drunk History”, a hit comedy series by Derek Waters. The show functions like this – Derek has each guest narrator read a story about an historical event in a state of sobriety. Afterwards, the narrator gets drunks and tries to recollect as much as possible. Erin appeared in Episode Eight of Season Two, “Philadelphia”. That same year, she played the lead role in the “Harmontown” documentary. Then came the part of Stacy in “Community”. While she didn’t assume any roles in bigger movies and series, fans loved Erin’s talent and passion for acting.

Personal Life: Is Erin McGathy Married Now?

Erin McGathy is currently unmarried. She and Dan Harmon married in 2014, but quickly understood that their work obligations and constant travels put a strain on their relationship. After a lot of rumors and allegations, they divorced in November 2015, a little more than a year later. As of now, there is no conclusive information about Erin’s relationship status, but she is most likely single and focused on her career. In January 2016, she relocated to Dublin, Ireland, with the intention of focusing on theatre acting.

What is Erin McGathy’s Net Worth?

According to several credible sources, Erin McGathy has a net worth of approximately $3 million, as of mid-2019, accumulate amount by touring the entire North American continent as a part of her many podcasts and stage productions. Given the fact that she is still relatively young, we can expect her to earn even more money in the near future.

Social Media Presence

Erin, just like every actor and comedian, understands the importance of communicating with her fans and updating them on her work. Therefore, she has accounts on a number of different social networks. She is active on Instagram, with 17,000 followers interacting with her on a daily basis. On Twitter, she is followed by 27,000 people.

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