• Amie Nicole Harwick is a well known psychotherapist with expertise in sex and family therapy
• She previously had an engagement with TV host Drew Carey which ended in 2019
• Amie is a licensed and certified Doctor in Sex Therapy and Psychotherapy
• She is active on social media and has her own website where one can book a psychotherapy session with her
• Her current net worth is estimated to be around $1 million and her ex-fiancé's net worth is around $165 million

Amie Nicole Harwick was a well-known psychotherapist, whose specialty was sex and family therapy. She had  enjoyed the status of Drew Carey’s fiancé, but they eventually separated in 2019. Let’s find out more on their current relationship status, get to know Amie, her net worth, family, before Amie Nicole was murdered in 2020.

Early life and family

Amie Nicole Harwick was born on 20 May 1982, in the USA, so under the sign of Taurus and holding American nationality. Nothing in particular is known about her parents; she never mentioned any information about her siblings – if any – or other relatives, keeping her private life low-key.

Educational background

After her matriculation from her local high school in 2000, she enrolled at California Polytechnic University, located in Pomona, to study Psychology. After that she obtained an MA in Clinical Psychology, graduating from Pepperdine University, mainly being focused on Family and Marriage Therapy. Feeling that wasn’t enough, she stayed in her University as a scientific researcher to gain her PhD, and was subsequently a licensed and certificated Doctor in Sex Therapy and Psychotherapy.


Amie Nicole Harwick started her career working as a researcher in her Alma Mater, Pepperdine University. According to her profile, she had considerable experience of working with various physical and psychological issues, curing patients who suffered from domestic violence or abuse, sexual harassment, anxiety, eating disorder, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, etc.

She also focused on such traumas as sexual exploitation, along with issues involving bipolar disorder, sexual identity problems, and abuse. The results of her research were partly reflected in her book “The New Sex Bible for Women”, published by Quiver Books in 2014. The book is based on her thoughts about stereotypes in human sexuality, which make women face numerous troubles during their sexual relationship; she also tried to explain the ways one can use to escape from those stereotypes, and be happy in their sexual life. The extracts from her book were widely published all over the world in such magazines as “Viva Glam Magazine”, “Wild Spice”, “Elite Daily”, and many others, and her article even appeared on the pages of “Playboy” magazine, with Amie herself featured in the magazine with an explicit photo-shoot.

Amie Nicole Harwick

Along with her office practice, Amie was an active member of such associations as California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. She was often invited onto various TV shows, such as “Braxton Family Values” and many others as an expert For her successful practice in the field of psychological issues, Phillips Graduate Institute granted her a stipend. She resided in Los Angeles, California, where she owned her small medical office, located in West Hollywood.

Personal life, ex-fiancé Drew Carey

Amie Nicole met Drew Carey, the host of the game show “The Price Is Right”, in June 2017. They started dating soon after their first meeting, and didn’t hide their mutual attraction, posting their photos on various social media platforms.

They shared their photos from multiple holiday celebrations, such as Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, and many others, and eventually announced about their engagement in 2018. Drew proposed to Amie during their romantic trip to Paris, France, however, all the photos of the couple were removed from their Instagram accounts after their separation. The couple didn’t make any announcements about their break up, but both Amie and Drew made their Instagram profiles look like they hadn’t even met each other.

Amie shared a lot of photos with her lady friend, Whitney who, according to her own words, she was having romantic dinners with. Whitney has two kids, Roman and Leo Escapades, and she is also a photographer, was Amie.

As one could see on her separate Instagram account, she made 2D photos of her sons while they are playing or sleeping, arranging various sets and scenes around them. Even though Amie didn’t announce anything about her being a lesbian, a lot of her fans and subscribers suspected her of having affairs with other women.

Who is Drew Carey?

Amie’s ex-fiancé, Drew Allison Carey was born on 23 May 1958, in Old Brooklyn, Cleveland, Ohio USA. The youngest of three sons of Beulah and Lewis Carey, Drew lost his father when he was only eight years old, as Lewis Carey died from a brain tumor. Matriculating from James Ford Rhodes High School in 1975, Drew entered Kent State University; after his graduation he joined the US Marine Corps Reserve at the end of 1980.A

Some years later he decided to pursue his TV career, and appeared in Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show” as a stand-up comedian. After Bob Parker retired from his post as the host of the game show “The Price Is Right”, Drew got the position of the main host in October 2007, and is still working on CBS.

For more than five years Drew was in relationship with Nicole Jaracz, with whom he was engaged from September 2007. Before her engagement with Drew, Nicole had a relationship with another man, and gave birth to a son, Connor. Drew was grateful to her for bringing Connor to his life, as he enjoyed his role of Connor’s step-father. He even shared his photo with the boy on his Instagram account. In this photo he was holding peacefully sleeping Connor in his arms, and the caption said: ‘And lifelong thanks and love and gratitude to Nicole for bringing this guy into my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to you especially’. Eventually the couple broke up in 2012.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Amie was a passionate photographer, and took dozens of photo-shoots of various women, mostly in pin-up style, and also explicit self-portraits. Being focused on female sexuality, Amie tried to show all the facets of women’s beauty through her photos. She also liked cats, even adopted one from a shelter, and created an Instagram for her – Marquis De Chat – which had more than 1,200 subscribers.

Her favorite food was hamburger;. her favorite music band was Slipknot.

Whenever she had spare time, she liked reading books on human sexuality, and other psychological literature which could help in her daily working.

Social media presence

Amie was quite active on various social media platforms, having two Instagram accounts, one of them for her personal photos and her photography experience, and the other for her work. Amie was often featured on the YouTube channel entitled “The Sex Talk with Mou”, hosted by Moushumi Ghose, another expert in human sexuality, with whom Amie talked about various issues and questions people may have had in their personal life. Amie also had a Twitter account, and her Facebook page was ‘liked’ and followed by more than 2,300 users. She also had a personal site dramieharwick.com on which one could book a psychotherapy session with her.

Appearance, clothing style

Amie had long black hair and hazel eyes. Her height, weight and vital statistics weren’t available, but according to her photos, she had a very slender body. As to her clothing style, she adored pin-up looks, and wore a lot of ’60’s-styled dresses with floral patterns. She also liked wearing swimsuits. Amie didn’t have any tattoos.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Amie’s current net worth was estimated to be around $1 million at the time of her death. As per the information on her personal website, a 50-minute session with her cost up to $200. She also benefited from the sales of her book “The New Sex Bible for Women”. As to her ex-fiancé, his net worth is reported to be around $165 million, as of mid-2024, accumulated largely by working hard as a TV host on CBS.

Her Death

Tragically, Amie was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse, on 15 February 2020, strangled and thrown from her third floor apartment. Later that year, he was sentence to life without possibility of parole. Clearly, Amie Nicole’s reputation and work lives on.

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