• Rosemary Margaret Hobor (born 30 November 1948) is an artist and widow of actor John Candy.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned primarily through her work in the art industry.
• She met her late husband John Candy while attending Notre Dame High School in Toronto.
• She collaborated with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Make-a-Wish Foundation.
• She was married to John Candy for over 14 years until his passing in 1994.

Who is Rosemary Margaret Hobor?

Rosemary Margaret Hobor was born on 30 November 1948, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and is an artist, but probably best known for now being the widow of actor John Candy. Her late husband found fame working in Hollywood, appearing in numerous comedy films, including “Cool Runnings”, “Home Alone”, “Stripes”, and “Splash”.

The Net Worth of Rosemary Margaret Hobor

Rosemary Margaret Hobor has a net worth estimated to be over $1 million, earned primarily through her work in the art industry.

She also probably benefitted from the success of her late husband, as Candy had a net worth estimated to be over $15 million at the time of his death in 1994.

Life and Career

Rosemary Margaret grew up in Toronto, and attended the all-girls institution Notre Dame High School or NDHS in the locality, run as a Roman Catholic secondary school. It ran as a sister school parallel to the all-boys Neil McNeil Catholic High School. It was at this time that she met her future husband John Candy, and the two started a relationship shortly after meeting.

After completing her education, she mainly stayed in the background as her partner pursued success in Hollywood. She raised their two children and occasionally did artwork to sell. Her specialization in art was painting, and works that involved ceramics.

Aside from her art, she also used a lot of her free time to collaborate with charitable foundations. She worked with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation which aims to prevent HIV infection among children and youths.

John Candy with his daughter

She also collaborated frequently with the Make-a-Wish Foundation ,which aims to grant wishes to children who have a critical or life-threatening illness.

Late Husband – John Candy

John Candy is of Ukrainian and Polish descent, with his parents settling in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada where he was born. He developed an interest in acting while attending community college. Shortly after completing his education in the early1970s, he started looking for local television projects.

He made his debut in an episode of “Police Surgeon”, alongside John Hamelin and Sharon Farrell. This led to more projects, including television movies such as “Find the Lady” and “Tunnel Vision”. While he had continuous work, he didn’t gain great attention until he started working with the comedy group called Second City, which at the time, included names such as Rick Moranis, Harold Ramis, and Catherine O’Hara. His time with the group led to the creation of “SCTV” or Second City Television, which elevated him by showing his capability for humor.

He continued working on television while balancing his career in Second City. In 1981, he worked on the film “Stripes” which became a huge success at the box office. He then returned to Second City in the same year to create “SCTV Network”. A few years later he had one of his biggest hits, establishing him as a comedy star, in the film entitled “Splash” written by Ron Howard and alongside Tom Hanks.

John Candy’s Later Career and Death

Candy continued taking consistent film and television work during the rest of the 1980s.

Two of his projects during this time were “Brewster’s Millions” and “Spaceballs”, which was created by Mel Brooks. The film entitled “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” released in 1987 is considered one of his greatest works. Three years later, he was cast in the critical and commercial hit “Home Alone”, after which his projects started to lessen. One of his last projects during this time was entitled “Cool Runnings”, which told the story of the first Jamaican Olympic bobsled team.

In 1994, Candy was found dead while on vacation in Durango City, Mexico. The night prior, he had already made plans to take some time off from acting, and wanted to sell his Canadian Football League team. He had a heart attack during the night which was caused by a decreased blood flow leading to the stoppage of his heart. His family had a history of heart disease, but during his life, he struggled with a lot of health issues stemming from his wealth, indulging in vices including smoking, drink, and even using drugs such as cocaine.

Personal Life

Rosemary Margaret married John Candy in 1979, and they stayed together for over 14 years until his passing. They had two children, both of whom would pursue careers in the entertainment industry similar to that of their father.

Aware of Candy’s many struggles with his weight, she instilled a lot of healthy eating and lifestyle practices in their children. Her late husband received numerous posthumous accolades, including being inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame. Two of his films were released after his death, and in his honor.

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