• Zahra Elise is a 25 year old American model, reality TV star, influencer, and social media personality
• She is of mixed race, including North African Arab, North American, the Choctaw Native American tribe, Japanese, and Middle Eastern
• She started her career as an aerospace engineer and airplane mechanic in the US Navy and then became a model in 2017
• She has appeared in shoots for Skyn Magazine, Scrilla Guerillaz, and Nike and Adidas fitness clothes
• She has a net worth of approximately $230,000 and a million followers on Instagram


Who is Zahra Elise?

Born on 30 December 1993, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, under the tumultuous and mysterious sign of Capricorn, Zahra Elise is a 25-year-old American model, reality TV star, influencer, social media personality and former soldier. She rose to prominence after her service in the US Navy, opting to share highlights from her photoshoots on Instagram. Her uncanny style, unique charisma and fashion sense have led her to become one of the most sought-after models in the industry.


Early Life and Upbringing: From Virginia to California

Zahra was born into an American family in the picturesque town of Virginia Beach, but immediately they relocated to Temecula, California. Knowing that she is in the public eye all the time, Zahra is reluctant to share any information about her parents or siblings. This is a clear sign that this young lady is focused on her career and that she doesn’t want her personal life having any effect on the public perception of her. However, we were able to find out that she grew up with a as many as five siblings, of whom she is the youngest. A crowded home resulted in a very untypical family setting. ‘I come from a messed-up family and this has definitely left a mark on me, as far as being determined and wanting to be independent’, Zahra stated during her guest appearance on the popular YouTube show “Party and Bullshit”.

Ancestry: A Diverse Racial Background

Thanks to that interview, we also know a lot about Zahra’s ethnicity. She said that she decided undergo a DNA test to find out her true ancestry, with the test results revealing that she is of mixed race, including North African Arab, North American, the Choctaw Native American tribe in the Southeastern United States, and even Japanese and Middle Eastern. With such a diverse genetic background, it’s no wonder that Zahra has a voluptuous build, with wide hips and strong thighs. All of this, along with her charisma, has contributed to her current successful career as a model. However, she didn’t choose this path right away.

Zahra Elise

From a Tomboy to a Bombshell

By taking a glance at some of Zahra’s recent photos, one might think that has been a model ever since an early age. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case, in fact when she was a young girl, she was a tomboy. According to Zahra herself, she always wore hoodies and sweatpants and hung out with mostly guys – some people even thought that she was transgender because of her guy-like style and short hair. After middle school, Zahra started to develop a more “girly” style, and began buying dresses and skirts. Even though she became more feminine, her career choice was far from a typical girl’s wardrobe.

Career Beginnings: Aerospace Engineering and The Navy

Before becoming a model, Zahra became an adept aerospace engineer and airplane mechanic. It is unclear at which educational institution she learnt these skills, but she then decided to serve in the US Navy from 2011 to 2016 years, traveling all over the world, but mostly being stationed in the US. Even though she earned as much as $41,000 on a yearly basis, Zahra wasn’t happy with her job and felt that she needed a change in life.

A Change of Heart: Venture Into Modeling

In 2016, Zahra realized that her love for fitness and a unique style could be valuable assets if she became a model, her friends and family mentioned on several occasions that she would be a great mode,. She first started posting fitness photos on her Instagram account, mostly consisting of her appearing in provocative poses on the beach, showcasing her curvy physique. Given the fact that she also has tattoos, Zahra managed to fuse two very niche branches of modeling – alternative and fitness modeling. These photos gained a lot of traction, which resulted in Zahra’s first professional shoot in early 2017. Magazines and websites started noticing her, and not much later she became the official face of InkJunkeyz, a prominent tattoo brand.

Becoming a Star: Even More Big Brands

Thanks to her shoot for InkJunkeyz, Zahra was noticed by a lot more big names in the tattoo industry. In 2018, she appeared in shoots for Skyn Magazine, Scrilla Guerillaz and many different Instagram profiles and tattoo enthusiast pages. As she has been dressed in both Nike and Adidas fitness clothes, she might have officially modeled for these two sportswear powerhouses as well. In 2019, Zahra is more popular than ever, and still one of the most attractive fitness models in the world.

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Appearing on Screens: Foray Into Acting

Due to her growing popularity in fashion, Zahra decided to user her influence and fame and try her hand at acting. In 2018, she made her big screen debut in the successful comedy “Prison Logic”, in which an ex-convict decided to beat the odds and reinvent himself as the world’s best motivational speaker. In 2019, we surprisingly saw her add the title of  “reality TV star” to her resume, as she became the centerpiece of “Baddie House”, an independent reality show. Taking place in a massive villa on Ibiza, Baddie House features a large number of Instagram models, and focuses on their interaction. Most recently, in Episode 11, Zahra got into a huge fight. Apparently, she is loved by fans of the show for her fiery temper, and an unwillingness to back down to anyone.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

On several occasions, Zahra has indicated that she is willing to start her own brand, both in the lingerie niche and in the cannabis industry. As of mid-2019, her entrepreneurial debut has yet to take place and there is no fan page, website or anything that can provide us with some reliable information about Zahra’s business ventures.

Relationship Status: Does Zahra Elise Have a Boyfriend?

Zahra is a private person despite her celebrity status, therefore, there is no conclusive information about her relationship status. On numerous occasions, there were rumors surrounding her and several male models and athletes. For instance, in 2018 she posted a video of herself grinding on perhaps the best track & field athlete of all time, Usain Bolt. Even though the video was quite sexual, both Usain and Zahra brushed any allegations off, reassuring the public that they’re just friends. Her inconclusive relationship status leaves many people wondering how such an attractive woman can remain single for so long. This resulted in an unpleasant situation, when she was sexually assaulted by a fan in a supermarket in 2018. Zahra retaliated and pushed him away, but didn’t say whether she pressed charges against the perpetrator or not.

Problems with The Law: Arrested for Indecent Exposure

The notorious British tabloid, “The Sun”, reported on Zahra being arrested for indecent exposure. She was having a photo shoot by the side of a road at night, resulting in the police arresting her for being indecently dressed. According to reports, she was released shortly afterwards and no charges were pressed after she proved she was a model doing a photo shoot.


Body Measurements: How Tall is Zahra Elise?

Zahra Elise is 5ft 6in (169cm) tall and weighs around 155 lbs (70kgs). Given the fact that she is a fitness model, she has curvy hips and strong thighs, so her vital statistics are an unusual 34-26-43. She has dark brown hair with a visible undercut and slightly longer bangs, along with seductive brown eyes to match. Her dress size is 6, while she wears shoes in a size 8.5 (W).


Did Zahra Elise Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Because of her wide hips and strong backside, a lot of people accused her of having implants just to increase the curviness of the lower half of her body. Zahra denied every accusation, repeating that her curves are the result of weight-training and the right diet to fuel her body. She had the following to say on the subject: ‘I think being comfortable in my own skin is a process. We as people and especially as women, are our worst critics. I actually hate even looking at my pictures as I’m shooting. As far as being comfortable in front of the camera, It depends on the nature of the shoot. And to be quite frank, it really doesn’t matter. I just have to s*ck it up and do my best.’

What is Zahra Elise’s Net Worth?

According to several reputable sources, Zahra Elise has a net worth of approximately $230,000, as of mid-2019, accumulated through aggressive marketing, product promotion and several high-profile photoshoots. If her business ideas turn out to be fruitful and she becomes even more renowned in the modeling industry, we will surely see Zahra reach the seven-figure mark in the foreseeable future.

Zahra Elise

Social Media Presence

Despite being one of the most popular models in recent years, Zahra doesn’t like using social media that much. Most of her attention is focused on Instagram, on which she has a million followers. She also has a Twitter account, with 16,000 people following her.


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