•  Born on 30 December 1990 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Zahra Elise grew up in a large family with five siblings in Temecula, California, showcasing a strong drive for independence from a young age​​.
  • She initially served in the US Navy as a jet mechanic, then transitioned into modeling, leveraging her fitness passion and unique style to gain popularity on Instagram and professional modeling gigs​​​​.
  • Zahra expanded her career to include acting, with appearances in “Prison Logic”, “Wild ‘n Out”, and reality TV show “Baddie House”, showcasing her versatility in entertainment​​.
  • She expressed interest in entrepreneurship, particularly in launching brands in the lingerie and cannabis industries, though specific ventures are yet to materialize​​.
  • She maintains a significant presence on social media with a strong following on Instagram and Twitter, while keeping her personal life relatively private​​.

Who is Zahra Elise?

Zahra Elise was born on 30 December 1993 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, under the enigmatic sign of Capricorn. At 30 years old, she is an American model, reality TV personality, influencer, and former soldier. Zahra gained recognition following her tenure in the US Navy, transitioning to share glimpses of her photoshoots on Instagram. Her unparalleled style, magnetic charisma, and fashion acumen have propelled her to prominence, cementing her status as one of the most coveted models in the field.


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Origin and Early Years: Transitioning from Virginia to California

Zahra’s journey began in the charming town of Virginia Beach, where she was born into an American family. Shortly after her birth, her family made the significant move to Temecula, California. Despite her public visibility, Zahra maintains a guarded stance regarding details about her parents or siblings, indicating a strong dedication to her career and a desire to separate her personal life from her public image. However, it has been uncovered that she grew up in a bustling household with as many as five siblings, positioning her as the youngest among them. Raised in this atypical family environment, Zahra reflects on her upbringing, acknowledging its impact on her determination and pursuit of independence. In a candid moment during her appearance on the popular YouTube show “Party and Bullshit,” she shared insights into her past, revealing, “I come from a complicated family, and this experience has undoubtedly influenced my drive and desire for self-reliance.”

Full NameZahra Elise
Known ForModeling, Reality TV Personality, Social Media Influence
Profession/OccupationModel, Actress, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Former Soldier
Net WorthEstimated around $400,000 as of 2024​​
SiblingsHas five siblings, Zahra is the youngest
Date of BirthDecember 30, 1990 (Age: 33 years)​​
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthVirginia Beach, Virginia, United States of America
EthnicityMixed (North African Arab, North American, Choctaw Native American, Japanese, and Middle Eastern descent)
Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)​​​​
WeightApprox. 143 lbs (65 kg)
Measurements35-28-42 inches
Notable Works/AwardsFeatured in “Prison Logic”, “Wild ‘n Out”, “Baddie House”
Associated BrandsInkJunkeyz, Skyn Magazine, Scrilla Guerillaz, Nike, Adidas (potential associations)
Social Profile LinksInstagram, Twitter

Heritage: Embracing a Multifaceted Racial Heritage

In a revealing interview, Zahra disclosed intricate details about her ethnic background. Following her decision to undergo a DNA test, the results unveiled a rich tapestry of ancestry. Zahra’s heritage encompasses a blend of North African Arab, and North American, lineage from the Choctaw Native American tribe in the Southeastern United States, as well as traces of Japanese and Middle Eastern descent. This diverse genetic makeup manifests in Zahra’s distinctive physique, characterized by voluptuous curves, including wide hips and robust thighs. Coupled with her innate charisma, this genetic mosaic has been instrumental in propelling her flourishing career as a model. However, Zahra’s journey to modeling wasn’t an immediate one.

Zahra Elise

Transforming from Tomboy to Sensational Beauty

One could easily assume, from a glimpse at Zahra’s recent photographs, that she’s been a model from a tender age. Surprisingly, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. In her youth, Zahra was a self-professed tomboy. She recalls a time when hoodies and sweatpants were her wardrobe staples, and she predominantly socialized with male peers. Such was her boyish demeanor that some mistook her for being transgender due to her short hair and masculine attire. However, as Zahra progressed beyond middle school, a shift occurred. She began embracing a more feminine style, delving into dresses and skirts. Despite this transition towards traditional femininity, Zahra’s career path diverged significantly from conventional expectations regarding women’s attire.

Professional Genesis: Transitioning from Aerospace Engineering to Naval Service

Before her modeling career, Zahra forged a proficient path in aerospace engineering and aircraft maintenance. While the specifics of her educational background remain undisclosed, Zahra honed her skills in these fields before embarking on a tenure in the US Navy spanning from 2011 to 2016. Throughout her service, she traversed the globe, though predominantly stationed within the United States. Despite earning an annual income of up to $41,000, Zahra found herself discontented with her occupational trajectory, sensing a compelling need for change in her life’s direction.

Transitioning into Modeling: Embracing a New Path

Zahra experienced an epiphany in 2016, recognizing the potential of her passion for fitness and distinctive style in the realm of modeling. Encouraged by the repeated affirmations from friends and family regarding her modeling potential, Zahra embarked on her journey by sharing fitness-oriented photos on her Instagram profile. These snapshots predominantly featured her striking poses on the beach, accentuating her alluring curves. Leveraging her adorned physique with tattoos, Zahra seamlessly merged two niche modeling realms – alternative and fitness modeling. The captivating allure of her posts garnered significant attention, paving the way for Zahra’s inaugural professional photoshoot in early 2017. Soon thereafter, her burgeoning presence caught the eye of magazines and websites, culminating in her appointment as the official ambassador for InkJunkeyz, a prominent tattoo brand.

Rising to Prominence: Securing Major Brand Collaborations

Following her collaboration with InkJunkeyz, Zahra’s visibility soared, catching the attention of numerous esteemed entities within the tattoo industry. In 2018, she graced the pages of Skyn Magazine, Scrilla Guerillaz, and various Instagram profiles and enthusiast pages dedicated to tattoos. Zahra’s versatility extended to sporting attire, as evidenced by her appearances in both Nike and Adidas fitness apparel, suggesting potential partnerships with these athletic giants. As 2019 unfolds, Zahra’s star continues to ascend, solidifying her position as one of the most captivating fitness models worldwide.

Venturing into the World of Entertainment: Embracing Acting

Capitalizing on her increasing fashion acclaim, Zahra ventured into the realm of acting, aiming to leverage her influence and recognition. In 2018, she marked her cinematic debut in the successful comedy “Prison Logic,” a film centered around an ex-convict’s journey to reinvent himself as the world’s premier motivational speaker. Surprisingly, in 2019, Zahra expanded her repertoire by assuming the role of a reality TV personality in “Baddie House,” an independent reality show. Set in a sprawling villa in Ibiza, “Baddie House” features an array of Instagram models, spotlighting their interactions. Zahra’s presence on the show has garnered attention, particularly for her fiery demeanor and refusal to yield in confrontations, earning her admiration from fans. At one point, Zahra found herself embroiled in a significant altercation, further solidifying her reputation on the show.

Pursuing Entrepreneurship

Zahra has expressed her interest in launching her own brand, contemplating ventures in both the lingerie sector and the cannabis industry. Despite these aspirations, Zahra’s entrepreneurial projects have yet to materialize. Currently, there is a lack of dedicated fan pages, websites, or any other reliable sources providing insight into Zahra’s potential business ventures.

Zahra Elise’s Relationship Status

Despite her elevated status in the public eye, Zahra maintains a private stance regarding her romantic life, leaving her relationship status largely undisclosed. Over time, various speculations have arisen, linking her to several male models and athletes. In 2018, she stirred controversy by posting a suggestive video featuring herself and renowned track and field athlete Usain Bolt. Despite the video’s provocative nature, both Zahra and Usain dismissed any romantic implications, asserting their platonic friendship. Zahra’s ambiguous relationship status often sparks curiosity, prompting questions about how such an alluring figure could remain unattached for extended periods. However, this curiosity took a distressing turn in 2018 when Zahra encountered a disturbing incident of sexual assault by a fan in a supermarket. Reacting swiftly, Zahra defended herself by pushing away the assailant, though she refrained from disclosing whether legal action was pursued against the perpetrator.


Brushes with the Law: Incident of Indecent Exposure

Reports surfaced from the notorious British tabloid, “The Sun,” detailing Zahra’s encounter with law enforcement over an incident of indecent exposure. Allegedly, she was apprehended by the police while conducting a nighttime photoshoot by the roadside, leading to her arrest on charges of indecent exposure. However, following her swift release, it was revealed that no formal charges were filed against Zahra after she provided evidence substantiating her status as a model engaged in a legitimate photo shoot.

Zahra Elise’s Height and Measurements

Zahra Elise stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters), maintaining a weight of around 143 pounds (65 kilograms). Renowned in the fitness modeling realm, she possesses distinctive features characterized by curvaceous hips and robust thighs, reflected in her unique vital statistics of 35-28-42. Zahra adorns herself with dark brown hair, featuring a noticeable undercut paired with slightly longer bangs, complementing her captivating brown eyes. Her wardrobe typically accommodates a dress size of 6, while she prefers footwear sized 8.5 (W).


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Speculations on Plastic Surgery: Zahra Elise’s Response

Amidst scrutiny regarding her pronounced hips and robust backside, Zahra has faced accusations of undergoing implants to enhance the curvature of her lower body. However, vehemently refuting these claims, Zahra maintains that her curves are a product of dedicated weight training and a meticulous diet regimen tailored to nourish her physique. Addressing the issue, Zahra shared her perspective. She believes that being comfortable in one’s own skin is a journey. She notes that individuals, especially women, often tend to be overly critical of themselves. Personally, Zahra finds it challenging to even look at her photos during shoots. As for comfort in front of the camera, it varies depending on the nature of the shoot. Ultimately, Zahra considers it inconsequential and focuses on pushing through and striving to give her best.

Zahra Elise’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Zahra’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000, sourced from various endeavors including aggressive marketing, product promotion, and numerous high-profile photoshoots. With promising business ventures and potential further acclaim in the modeling sphere, Zahra’s trajectory suggests she may well surpass the seven-figure milestone in the near future.

Zahra Elise

Online Presence

Despite her status as one of the most prominent models in recent times, Zahra maintains a relatively reserved approach to social media. Primarily active on Instagram, she boasts a following of 1.4 million users. Additionally, Zahra maintains a Twitter account, where she is followed by 46,000 individuals.

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