“The Young and The Restless” is an American soap opera that has been the intrigue of American housewives, and many women from around the world since the early seventies, when the youth-based drama first made its debut. Over the years, “The Young and The Restless”, often abbreviated as “Y&R”, has achieved astounding success in the soap opera genre of television, earning numerous awards, and even becoming the most popular soap opera airing in the US.

With its popular reception, “Y&R” continues its drama even to this day. As can be expected of the genre, the show has played host to many entertaining and changing plots. In fact, it still holds the record for the longest ongoing feud between two characters, which lasted for more than four decades.

Of course, Jill Abbot and Catherine Chancellor’s rivalry was the focal point of the opera for many years, but as much as antagonistic drama provides entertainment, everyone knows that the most valuable plot arcs are of a romantic kind. Considering the classic “Bold and The Beautiful” romance between Brooke and Logan that lasted nearly three decades, it comes as no surprise that viewers always seem more invested in the romance.

“Y&R” is no exception to this common practice of soap operas, and over the many years it’s graced the small screen, has played host to some of the most memorable and adored couples in television history. One such couple, who recently became one of “Y&R”’s most beloved pairings, is that of Tessa Porter, portrayed by Cait Fairbanks, and Mariah Copeland, played by Camryn Grimes.

What was most celebrated about the couple was their choice to try same-sex relationships, and as a result of the show’s decision to become more inclusive, viewers have been treated to one of “Y&R”’s most iconic romances. Of course, the pair have their fair share of drama, at times even making it seem that one or the other might be leaving the show, but they’ve  endured, and now they’re preparing for their nuptials, at least on “Y&R”.

Considering how many people express an interest in Tessa and Meriah’s romance, called Teriah on social media gossip, it would only be expected of us to relive the romance as it blossomed between the two.

What To Expect

As we reflect on the adorable romance between Tessa and Mariah, we will discuss the general timeline of how their romantic plot played out on “The Young and The Restless”. The discussion will entail everything from how the couple first met, to the many ups and downs they experienced.

Finally, we close the discussion by looking at how things developed for the couple, and how they are doing now. Considering that both actresses signed a contract role with “The Young And The Restless”, viewers can rest assured that the couple will continue to grace our screens, for the foreseeable future at least.

A Fated Meeting

Suppose the romance in the making between Porter and Copeland began when Mariah made her appearance in 2014, as the actress, Camryn, returned to the set of “The Young and the Restless” as Casie Newman, her former role, long lost twin sister.

Of course, the plot thickened when Mariah arrived in the fictional setting of Genoa City, but for the time being, it seemed as if Mariah’s character didn’t express any prior interest in same-sex relationships. During her time on the show, Mariah’s romantic interest leaned towards several of the men, and her story continued for a while.

That was until the arrival of the wildcard character, Tessa Porter, who landed in Genoa in 2017, living out of her car, and surviving only on the strings of her guitar. Cait Fairbanks, the actress who portrayed the role of Porter, is also a musician and singer off the set, and naturally welcomed the opportunity to perform her music on “The Young and The Restless”.

However, it would be some time before the romance between Porter and Copeland began blossoming, as they both had to discover their interest in the same sex. At first, Porter dated among the men of Genoa, even becoming involved with Mariah’s brother, Noah.

Tessa and Mariah would initially meet at a local club where Tessa had taken a job, and also performed her music. It was Mariah who first discovered her feelings for Porter, and eventually made the first move, but was not successful, as Tessa was scared off.

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Over time, Tessa decided to consider a same-sex relationship, and as soap opera drama develops, the two would eventually reconcile and establish their initial friendship. Though, as is the norm with soap operas, plenty of misfortune events in between eventually drove the characters together, and they formed one of the first inclusive relationships featured in daytime soap operas.

As the events transpired, Tessa and Mariah started working together for Devon Hamilton, spending more and more time together, with Devon often playing mediator between the blossoming couple.

However, just as viewers believed the two would confess their love to each other, Mariah learned that Tessa was reading her diary, hoping to find inspiration for new music, but instead alienated Mariah. Furious about her privacy being violated, Mariah called things off between her and Tessa, only to reconcile again later.

Following these events, Mariah decided to partake in a surrogacy agreement with Abby Newman, only to be eventually kidnapped by an antagonist, later introduced as Stitch. During this time, rumours began circulating that suggested Camryn Grimes’ contract with “Y&R” had expired. Many people believed that her character might get written out, but to good fortune, Mariah returned safely, even giving birth to a healthy son, Dominic.

Then came the drama surrounding Mariah’s difficulty to separate from the baby, once again providing plot space to bring Tessa and Mariah closer together, but only briefly, as Mariah would later be unfaithful due to antagonistic meddling, as well as her mother’s struggle with breast cancer.

Also, it didn’t help the situation that Tessa left Genoa to tour with her ex-husband. Again, during the time Porter spent abroad, fans and viewers speculated that Cait Fairbanks might have decided to leave the show. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Tessa returned to catch Mariah in the act of cheating.

This was only a year ago, and the celebrated couple later reconciled, now sharing their hopes of adopting a baby, and with the two lovebirds so eager to confess their love, they proposed to each other. Viewers are now waiting in anticipation for the grandiose wedding Tessa and Mariah are planning in “The Young and The Restless”.


If you are curious to see what Mariah and Tessa’s wedding is going to be like, what drama awaits the ceremony, and what the future holds for Tessa Porter and Mariah Copeland, then feel free to catch the latest episodes of “The Young and The Restless”.

This, and more drama, is freely available for your viewing pleasure. Of course, other soap operas might also pique your interest, so be sure to never miss a moment of the action.

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