• Eric was born in New York City, USA in 1984 and moved to Alaska shortly afterwards
• He holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks
• He is the owner of two lodges which provide people with accommodation and food
• He left the “Life Below Zero” TV series to focus on raising his son and running his companies
• He has a net worth estimated at $500,000 as of late-2019

Who is Erik Salitan? Wiki Bio

Eric was born in New York City, USA on 9 February 1984 – his zodiac sign is Aquarius and he holds American nationality. He is a trapper, hunter, and a fisher, mostly popular for living in the wilderness in Alaska and which is depicted in the “Life Below Zero” reality TV series.

Early life and education

Eric was raised in New York by his parents, and matriculated from the Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua. A after matriculation at the age of 18, he moved to Alaska where he began living on his own, and enrolled at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, graduating in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in applied science.

While there, he became interested in living in the wilderness, relying only on himself (and his now wife Martha), and he moved away from the urban part of Fairbanks to a cabin far from any other inhabitants.

Career as a TV personality

After moving to live in a cabin together with his girlfriend Martha, Erik began learning about the proper ways to hunt animals and prepare their meat – he became skilled in tracking and hunting as well as setting traps in the Alaskan wilderness. He also started his own outfitting business called Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting, and working as a local guide – he is now the owner of two lodges which provide people with accommodation and food.

Erik belongs to several hunting groups of Alaska, such as the Northwest Sportsman Club and Alaska Professional Hunters Association.

Erik’s career as a TV personality was launched in May 2013, when he was cast to appear in the “Life Below Zero” reality TV series, which follows the lives of several families living in the Alaskan wilderness. Erik and Martha were amongst the first people chosen for the show, while some of the other cast members are Sue Aikens, Chip Hailstone, and Andy Bassich.

Erik and Martha were part of the main cast for seven seasons which aired from 2013 to 2016 before they quit the show – the National Geography Channel on which the show was aired gave no explanation as to why the two left.

Why did Erik Salitan leave “Life Below Zero”? What happened?

After Erik failed to appear in several episodes of the “Life Below Zero” TV series, many people began wondering if he was going to return, or if he was gone for good from the show – Sue Aikens, another cast member of the show, answered a fan’s question on Facebook, explaining that Erik was about to return in episodes set to air in the second half of 2016.

Rick and Martha came back for the show’s seventh season, and appeared in three episodes entitled “Under the Gun”, “Lost in the Wild”, and “Renegades of the Arctic”, and then disappeared again – “Renegades of the Arctic” turned out to be their last episode, aired on 27 December 2016. It is rumored that Erik and Martha left to focus on raising their son Lucas, as well as on running their companies.

Love life and relationships

Erik met Martha while the two were attending the same university, and they began dating when Erik was in his sophomore year.

Erik Salitan

Several years passed before Erik bought the ring to propose to Martha, while it took him weeks to find the perfect moment and gather courage to do it. He eventually tied the ring to the end of a tip-up which he usually uses for ice-fishing, and waited for his wife, who is a big fan of ice fishing, to check on the tip-up, but she didn’t notice the ring at first leading to Erik having to tell her to take a better look at it. They married in 2010 and the two are seemingly leading a happy life together, living near Wiseman, 67 miles north of the Arctic Circle. They have a son named Lucas Salitan who was born in 2010, and is currently attending Wood River Elementary School.

Martha was born and raised in Iliamna, Alaska, and she learned how to fish and hunt at a very early age. When Erik came up with the idea of living in the wilderness, Martha supported it. She co-owns the Blanchard Family Funeral Home and Birch Hill Cemetery, and is currently operating the Talarik Creek Lodge, which offers its residents a great view of Lake Iliamna – Martha has a net worth of over $400,000.

Hobbies and other interests

Erik spent a lot of time during his teenage years watching movies and TV series, and his favorite films are “Bruce Almighty” and “Liar Liar” both starring Jim Carrey – his favorite TV series is “Breaking Bad”. He enjoys listening to music throughout the day, and is a fan of old school rock bands such as The Scorpions and Aerosmith – he also likes of reading in his spare time. Erik is a big lover of pet animals, and claims to love all animals in general, although he often kills those in the wilderness, but for their fur and meat.

He prefers to live in nature rather than in big cities surrounded by pollution and noise – one of the reasons why he chose to move and live in a cabin is because he likes his freedom, and not being bound to the limits which cities usually have.

Appearance and net worth

Erik is 35 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 136lbs (62kgs). His net worth is over estimated at $500,000, as of late-2019.

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