• Nicole Mejia is a 31 year old Hispanic fitness model, entrepreneur and Instagram celebrity
• She started her career as a revenge for people who bullied her in her teenage years
• She is the founder of the "Fit and Thick" movement and eponymous company
• She follows a plant-based diet and does light cardio and gluteus exercises
• Has over 1.2 million Instagram followers and her net worth is approaching $300,000

Who is Nicole Mejia?

Born under the sign of Scorpio on the 18th of November 1988, in Pembroke Pines, Florida USA, of Colombian and Italian descent, Nicole Mejia is an almost 31 year-old Hispanic fitness model, entrepreneur and Instagram celebrity. She is probably most familiar to the world for her significant presence across media outlets, fitness magazines and social media, due to her widely coveted body shape. She has had a number of successes over the course of her often lucrative modeling career since 2012.

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Early life and education: Growing up in Florida

Nicole was brought up in her birth state alongside three siblings, one of whom is named Noelle, by her Colombian father and Italian mother, both of still unspecified names and professions. Regardless of what she does today, Nicole apparently had little interest in physical activity as a child, and that’s pretty much everything that the sources offer about this part of her life. Her teenager years came with an hormonal imbalance, making the future star gain weight. While attending an unspecified high school in her birthplace, Nicole endured daily bullying due to her body shape, and upon matriculation in 2006, decided to solve that problem permanently.

No credible source suggests that Mejia attended college, and she’s for now thought to have been hitting the gym hard since high school.

Career: A well-paid revenge

In 2009 Nicole had the shape she long yearned for, though expecting this achievement to simply save her from bullying. Instead, she was asked by a friend to pose for her photographic portfolio, and thereby discovered the perks of modeling. Mejia got into the business more for the feeling of confidence and freedom that the job provided than monetary gain, initially lending her appearance for little to no money.

Nicole Mejia

Three years down the road she finally started modeling for big brands and famous magazines, generating an enviable income that allowed her dream of proceeding a step further. In 2013 she started the “Fit and Thick” movement on Instagram, soon after creating an eponymous company. Her target audience includes women who aren’t satisfied with their shape, whom Nicole helps achieve long-term goals by providing invaluable advice, such as which is the optimal high intensity workout, and which foods to intake to assist in achieving the dream figure.

The company has been going strong , and in 2024 it’s still Nicole’s highest source of income. She occasionally promotes other products on her Instagram profile, and co-operates with other companies at times, which also contributes to her wealth.

Her infrequent modeling stints

Even though Nicole mostly focuses on her company, she occasionally poses for a photo-shoot as well. The prints of her best new photographs are sold on her website, both with and without an autograph. There she also features her modeling resume, showcasing a number of photo albums, each created by a different professional photographer.

Love life: Who is she dating?

So, do you think Nicole has a relationship going on at the moment? When it comes to her romantic involvements, even though she’s personally never revealed information about any partners, there have been rumors that Mejia is dating a certain Ibrahim Sebai, but in mid-2019, one of her social media posts revealed that this allegation isn’t true. Nicole hasn’t posted anything else about her love life since, and it’s thus safe to conclude that she’s single – Mejia hasn’t been seen at a public event in the presence of a male escort. She resides alone at an undisclosed location in Miami.

What is her inspiration?

Though initially Nicole intended to simply lose weight, she later had to find a new target to continue achieving. In Mejia’s own words, her fans are,the greatest and most persistent inspiration she has, while her father will always be the one who started her down this road, persuading her to run along with him when she had just been discovering exercise.

What does she eat to maintain that shape?

Many of her fans often wonder what her nutritional secret is – how does she manage to continue looking like that? Exercise alone is not enough, and Nicole strictly follows a completely plant-based diet to make up for the other half of staying toned. She tends to share a recipe with her audience on social media now and then, though most of the ones she prepares frequently can be bought on her company’s website.

There is no information when exactly Nicole started eating this way, but she’s assumed to have been vegan for over five years now.

How hard are her workouts?

To look the way she does, Nicole actually keeps it quite simple when it comes to exercise. Besides an occasional weight workout, she mostly focuses on light cardio training, combined with a good dose of squats and other gluteus exercises. As is the case with her meals, Nicole sometimes posts workout videos on social media, all with precise explanations of what to do and how many times, though each of her workouts can be copied from the programs her company offers.

Nicole’s “JUMP”

As mentioned in one of her Twitter posts, Nicole likes to motivate her followers to keep up with her through long-term commitments focused on physical betterment. These often involve specific eating, and exercise programs, but also something Mejia likes to call ‘mindset training’ – teaching her audience how to remain motivated and stick to a progressive way of thinking. The challenges often last approximately one month, and “JUMP” is one of the newest ones.

What is Nicole Mejia’s net worth?

Have you taken a second to consider just how rich Nicole could be around the middle of 2024?

Verified sources suggest that her net worth is estimated at over $1 million, which she’s earned by lending her appearance to numerous brands and magazines throughout her career, and later due to entrepreneurialism. Seeing as she is nowhere near retired right now, the said amount will surely increase.

Body measurements

Well, what do you think are the physical specifications of the fitness model? Nicole is 5ft 4ins (1.62m) tall, weighs 135lbs (61kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-24-40 – her body shape is often described as athletic.

She has light blue eyes and bright blond hair, with a generally bright but tanned complexion.

Social media presence

Just like any other model, Nicole can vastly increase her profits by posting about her life on a daily basis. She seems to be well aware of this, as she enjoys interacting with her fan base as frequently as possible, sharing both personal and professional information with her dedicated audience on all three of the most popular social media networks. Her Facebook page has over 65,000 fans, while  her Twitter and Instagram accounts also have an impressive number of followers.

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