-Kate Lambert, also known as 'Kato', is a British model, fashion designer, entrepreneur and singer.
-She founded her own business “Moshka”, which sold dread hair falls she made all by herself.
-She launched her own steampunk clothing business “Steampunk Couture” in 2007.
-Kate is married to Doctor Steel, and they have no children.
-Kate has a net worth of over $2 million.

Who is Kate Lambert, supermodel of Steampunk? Wiki Bio

Kate Lambert, better known by her professional name ‘Kato’, was born in Wales, United Kingdom on 16 September 1983, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding British nationality – Kate is popular for her modelling career, while she’s an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and a singer as well.

Early life and education

Kate spent her entire childhood in Wales together with her family, and one can say that she has art in her blood as her father Terence Lambert is a popular wildlife painter, while her mother is a school principal. Kate has two older and one younger sister.

Kate grew up living in a house provided to her family by the church – the house was built and decorated in Victorian style and is situated right behind a cemetery, which Kate links to her passion towards the Victorian era, which lasted from 1837 to 1901 during the reign of Queen Victoria. Disappointed by the high school she enrolled at, Kate quit at the age of 16 but later enrolled at a college where she was able to finish her final two years of schooling, while specializing in art. As she was in love with fashion, Kate took classes related to it at the South West Wales School of Art, and began her career as soon as she obtained her degree.

Career of a model, a fashion designer, and other works

Kate then immediately founded her own business – “Moshka”, put online as she sold the dread hair falls she made all by herself on the internet.

Kate was steadily making her way up, and was soon noticed by modelling agencies who praised her for her unique looks and interests – her modelling career was officially launched once she began posing for the Toxico brand, alongside popular models Ulorin Vex and Chad Michael Ward. It took only around a year of modelling for her to feel ready to work on designing her own clothes, and in 2004 she started making her own Victoria-oriented outfits.

Kate used herself as her main model, and uploaded the pictures onto her MySpace account – it took some time for her to become recognized – her style was later labelled by the ex-vocalist of the popular “Abney Park” band, Magdalene Veen as ‘steampunk style’.

Satisfied with the sound of ‘steampunk’ and after realizing her style was indeed that, Kate launched her own steampunk clothes company called “Steampunk Couture” in 2007, which was then the first and only steampunk clothing business in the world. Around this time, Kate also launched the website entitled “Toy Soldiers Unite!”, which was a fan club of the popular singer Doctor Steel – she was then asked by Doctor Steel to create uniforms for the entire club, while she also created outfits with him for the people dancing on stage. After Steel retired, Kate quit running the website.

Kate was hired in 2010 to create the outfit for “The Danger Element” TV series’ character Enki, while she also lent her voice to the “Jitnimobile” car in the series – Kate was praised for her skills, and she even acquired a collectible action figure of herself wearing one of her outfits in 2013.

While her main focus is on modelling and designing clothes, Kate is also an entrepreneur, as she has launched an erotica website revolving around steampunk style called “Steamgirl LLC” – Kate creates all the outfits worn by the models, while she’s also their make-up artist. Other than that, Kate is currently writing for the “Ladies of Steampunk” magazine, as well as for the “LoSP Bronze Age”, and was additionally planning on releasing her first graphic novel, but nothing so far .

Kate Lambert

Kate was chosen to be one of the judges in the “Steampunk’d” reality TV game show in August 2015, and is currently part of a punk band called “DK-Zero”, formed in July 2017 by Kate and other band members.

Love life and boyfriends

Kate is trying to keep all her personal matters to herself, even her marriage, but hasn’t been very successful at it. After collaborating together, Kate and Doctor Steel (Rion Vernon) fell in love, and after years of dating exchange their wedding vows. Only the two’s most loyal fans knew about their marriage and the matter was then taken to the Reddit.com website on which everything was made public – some girls have claimed to have dated Kate in the past, making her bisexual, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Kate.

She and Doctor Steel have no kids – there is no information about the life since, except that they appear to be in an ‘open’ marriage, and are allowed to date whoever they want.

Kate hasn’t talked about her marriage, and hasn’t mentioned any other men she might have dated before him – judging by her social media accounts and the posts on the internet, Kate is currently married to Doctor Steel who is her first husband, and the two don’t seem to be planning on starting a family together.

Hobbies and interests

Kate is mostly focused on her career of a model and a designer, but there are several other things she is interested in and enjoys doing in her free time.

Kate cares a lot about how she looks, and therefore pays extra attention to her body – she has five training sessions at the gym each week to stay fit, and is on a strict diet. She loves to travel and has spent a lot of time around Europe, promoting her website and her clothing, while she’s also had two tours around the US. She is a party person and has attended numerous parties including in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany. Being a steampunk girl who enjoys dressing up as game characters, Kate is a huge fan of cosplay, and has attended numerous cosplay events throughout the years.

Kate is a huge lover of animals, and because she doesn’t have time to take care of a pet, she has a pet cockatoo bird – she occasionally uploads pictures of them together onto her Instagram account.

Appearance and net worth

Kate has long blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 110lbs (50kgs), with vital statistics of 34-23-34 – she has enhanced her breasts.

According to authoritative sources, Kate’s current net worth is estimated to be more than $2 million and is steadily rising thanks to several things she is currently working on.

Social media presence

Kate is quite active on several popular social media networks as this is very important for the advertisement of her work. She launched her Twitter account in August 2008, but is a lot more popular on Instagram – Kate is also running a Facebook page, but it currently counts only around 200 people following her.

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