• Renee Michelle is a professional wrestler, actress and model
• She is of Native American, Indian, Cuban, African American, Italian, Spaniard, Irish, German and French descent
• She started her career in 2013, and has won multiple titles
• She is married to professional wrestler Drake Maverick, real name James Michael Curtin
• She has a net worth of over $500,000

Renee Michelle is a former martial artist, who is now a popular professional wrestler, as well as being the wife of another wrestling celebrity, Drake Maverick, who’s also known as Rockstar Spud and James Michael Curtin.

Early life, educational background and family

Renee Michelle was born under the zodiac sign of Virgo on 25 August 1987, in Washington DC USA, so holding American nationality. Renee’s family moved to South Beach, Miami soon after she was born, so she spent her childhood in Florida.

Renee is very proud of her multi-national heritage, as she was born into a family of Native American, Indian, Cuban, African-American, Italian, Spanish, Irish, German and French descent, and grew up hearing and speaking three languages, becoming trilingual from her childhood. Renee calls herself a ‘rare exotic hybrid’, and even used her Native American roots for her ring image, dressing up in special themed costumes and using feathers in her hairstyles; her fans appreciate her style, and comment that it isn’t stereotypical. She was interested in martial arts from her early childhood , and started taking Capoeira and Kung Fu classes when she was only four years old.

She also studied fighting with such weapons as sais, staff and spear. In 2005 Renee matriculated from her local high school in South Beach Miami, though she never shared which college she enrolled at after that.


Renee started her career as a model and actress – she considered herself to be an introvert, so she wanted to overcome the fear of performing in front of the audience. At the beginning of 2013 she quit modeling and acting, as she hadn’t had a lot of success in those spheres, then tried herself as a wrestler.

Renee Michelle

Even though she was discovered by WWE agents, she admitted that she had never watched wrestling shows before that, but a few of her friends were big fans, so they dragged her into it. At first Renee wasn’t sure she was making the right choice, but as soon as she got into the show, she felt it was absolutely what she wanted to do, and confirmed in one of her interviews with Pop Anime Comics Lounge in 2019 she had no regrets in joining WWE.

WWE career

Renee made her debut at Big Time Wrestling on 29 March 2013, fighting along with John Rambo and The Patriot, successfully defeating Pretty Ugly and Jessie Kaye.

On 22 June 2013 she appeared in the House of Pain Wrestling Federation event for the first time, having her first match in the National Wrestling League Championship, losing to Rebecca Payne. However, the first failures made Renee work even harder, and on 3 October 2014 she won  her first title – MCW Women Championship – defeating Amber Rodriguez. In June 2015 she won her WXW Diamond Division title, and later in December 2015, her title at MCW Seasons Beatings for the second time, after defeating Kimber Lee. In 2017 she joined the WWE Mae Young Classic, though lost her first fight to Candice LeRae, being eliminated at the first circle. In 2019 she mainly appeared in episodes with her husband Drake Maverick, who is also a popular wrestler.

Other endeavors

Renee joined the Marvelous USA team to be trained by Chigusa Nagayo, the legendary Japanese trainer of various martial arts. She went to Japan to accomplish her studying with Nagayo, becoming one of his US partners. She appeared in multiple shows and TV events in Japan, and also went on tour with The Great Khali, the famous Indian powerlifter and wrestler, and joined his promotion campaign of CWE (Continental Wrestling Entertainment), becoming the first female fighter in the series. Renee still thinks that she’s new to the sport of wrestling, and shares that one should always stay humble and not forget where s/he comes from.

She still works hard to develop her fighting skills and pursue her dream of becoming a mature professional wrestler and sports influencer.

Personal life, husband Drake Maverick (James Michael Curtin)

After dating for a couple of years with another wrestling star, Drake Maverick, whose real name is James Michael Curtin, Renee married him on 21 June 2019. The couple now benefits from their union to create comic videos on their married life, which Drake posts on his Instagram account. Renee acts as a disgruntled wife, who doesn’t share the high spirits of her husband. At the same time, Drake always holds his 24/7 Championship belt, hugging it even more often than his wife.

The fans were more than amused when Drake posted their mutual photo from their honeymoon trip, on which Renee’s face can’t be seen as Drake “accidentally” covered it with his belt. However, the couple seems happy together, constantly appearing side by side on WWE shows.

Who is Drake Maverick aka James Michael Curtin?

James Michael Curtin was born on 30 January 1983, Birmingham, West Midlands, England. He debuted in the SAS Wrestling Academy matches in 2001 under the stage name Spud, before in 2004 starting to work with Frontier Wrestling Alliance, later joining International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom shows.

He developed a successful career, winning the RBW British Welterweight Championship, Undisputed British Tag Team Championship, and Global Impact Tournament of 2015. His career shifted to a new level with his winning the WWE 24/7 Championship six times! In WWE matches, James performs under his stage name Drake Maverick.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Renee enjoys dancing very much, her favorite styles being Latin, hip-hop and swing; she also did some belly dancing and took waltz classes. Renee now takes her husband to dancing evenings, where they can dance tango, salsa and bachata.

During her school years she was a cheerleader, and shared that she enjoyed those times, the tricks and choreography. Renee also likes traveling, climbing and horse riding. Among her favorite sports are volleyball, archery, snowboarding and skydiving. She still takes lessons in Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do and Choy Li Fut (Kung Fu). As to her other hobbies, she likes cooking. One of her favorite movies is “Maleficent”.

Appearance, clothing style

Renee has very long dark brown hair with thick hair extensions braided in it; she has brown eyes, though she wears grey contact lenses.

She is 5ft 3ins (1.60 m) tall, weighs around 120lbs (54kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-26-40. As to her clothing style, she prefers casual looks, wearing tight jeans, tank-tops and short dresses, covered with sequins or rhinestones.

Net worth and salary

As of mid-2024, Renee’s net worth is estimated at close to $1 million and her husband’s wealth at over $500,000.

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