•Tamara Day is a reality television personality, restoration expert, interior designer, and businesswoman
•Her net worth is estimated at well over $1 million, with ongoing income from her business and reality television work
•Became interested in design at a young age due to her father’s work on home renovation projects and her own home
•Created her own business, Growing Days, to sell restored furniture and offer design services
•Hosts the reality television show “Bargain Mansions” and launched an online design business, both of which have increased her reach

Who is Tamara Day?

Tamara Day was born on 19 May apparently in the mid-1970s, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She is a reality television personality, restoration expert, interior designer, and businesswoman, best known for being the host of the reality television show “Bargain Mansions”, which airs on HGTV. She owns a restoration and renovation business that mainly serves the Kansas City area, though has recently expanded to service other states.

The Riches of Tamara Day

Tamara Day’s net worth is estimated at well over $1 million, with ongoing income from her business as well as her reality television work, the latter reputedly $10,000 per episode. She works with a lot of clients to do design work, and recently launched an online design business as well. She lives in a 5,000 square foot home with her family.

Early Life and Design Beginnings

At a young age Tamara became interested in design thanks to her father.

He did a lot of home renovation projects, and when she missed curfew, she had to help him out with work. This helped her gain a few skills, and built her love for renovation and restoration. She didn’t think of it as a career at first, but after she married, she found a common love for flipping homes with her husband Bill. In 2008, the couple bought a 5,000 square foot home at a bargain price., as the home needed a lot of work done; this would later become a precursor to her future television show. While raising the children, she did most of the work at home.

Tamara Day

She tore down the walls, sanded the floor, and working with the construction built her confidence, style, as well as her skills. Her home was starting to look better by the day.

Businesses and Consulting

One of the things Day did to help maintain her budget was to go on a weekly routine through garage and estate sales, interested in both old pieces and newer items. She then did most of the work to restore the pieces, sanding and painting them.

She became focused on furniture restoration, and started to sell pieces at a local market.

This later led to the creation of her first business, called Growing Days. All of her restored furniture would be put on the first floor of her home, and potential buyers could then visit during an open house weekend, and purchase any of the furniture they were interested in.

Her business was growing but she experienced fatigue, especially after the birth of her fourth child. She took time off and decided to focus more on her children. After a few months, some of her previous clients began calling her once more, asking for help with home renovation and interior design. She transitioned to this type of work, as it was one which she could go about at her own pace. Eventually, small consulting work became a home renovation business.

Bargain Mansions and Online Design Business

As Tamara’s business grew as more people became interested. She was eventually approached by television producers for the DIY Network, who wanted to do a show based on her business. This show would later be pitched to HGTV. To make her home renovation show unique, she used the premise of how she built her own home. The show “Bargain Mansions” showcases how she and her team buys mansion-size places at a bargain to renovate them, then sell them to families interested in a new place to love. Her work with “Bargain Mansions” has led her to appear in other shows as a guest, including “Little Money Mansions” and “DIY Ultimate Retreat”.

Her reach grew even further thanks to her show, and people started contacting her to see if her business or her consultation would be available for people living in other states. She could not commit to these, however, due to taking care of the needs of her family. This led to the creation of a new online design business, which would help her stay in Kansas while doing design work for others outside her normal reach. Interested clients could avail themselves of one of four packages on her site, with renovation and design ranging from paint to more intricate work.

Personal Life

Tamara married Bill Day in 2000 – he works in financial services. It wasn’t until eight years after their marriage that the two became more involved in flipping houses. They have four children, all of whom are involved in some form in the business, learning from their parents.

Aside from her work, she maintains a website and blog named after her first business Growing Days. She uses the platform to sell merchandise, promote her business, and also post information  about some recent design trends she’s interested in.

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