• Sunny Pawar was born in 2008 in Mumbai, India
• He rose to prominence after acting in the 2016 biographical drama movie “Lion”
• He is currently attending the last year of elementary school
• His current net worth is estimated to be more than $100,000
• He is active on Instagram and Facebook, and has nearly 2,000 followers on Instagram

Who is Sunny Pawar? Wiki Biography

Sunny was born on 27 June 2008, in Mumbai, India and is therefore holding Indian nationality. He rose to prominence after acting in the “Lion” biographical drama movie shot in 2016.

Childhood and education

Sunny spent his entire childhood in Mumbai alongside his parents Dilip and Vasu Pawar, however, he hasn’t shared much about them with the public – it’s known that his father Dilip worked as a sweeper in a government office in Maharashtra, while his mother is a housewife. Sunny also has a brother and a sister, but their names aren’t known.

Sunny is still very young as of 2024, and is said to be attending high school. He is focused on his career as an actor, but also wants to work on his education, and would like to attend college and obtain his bachelor’s degree.

Career of an actor

Sunny’s career as an actor was launched in 2016, after he won the role of Saroo Brierley in the “Lion” movie. It made him popular as soon as the movie aired, and the fact that Sunny beat more than 2,000 other kids in India for this role has stunned many of his fans.

Unlucky for Sunny, he wasn’t able to attend the US premiere of the movie as he was denied a visa, however, he eventually got it thanks to the help of a few popular Hollywood actors. The movie talks about a young boy named Saroo Brierley who was left alone in a train which eventually took him more than 100 miles from Kolkata, his hometown. He was living in the streets begging for food and money until he was eventually adopted by an Australian couple. The popular actor Dev Patel played the adult version of Saroo, and he thanked Sunny for his performance, stating that nobody could have found a better actor for his role.

Sunny Pawar

It appears that Sunny hasn’t had many other notable roles after appearing in the “Lion” movie – his other roles have been in “Sacred Games” and “AA BB KK” movies shot in 2018, “To Remember Me By”, “Chippa” and “Sacred Games” all in 2019, “The Tiger’s Nest” in 2022, and “Bambai Meri Jaan” in 2023. Sunny is still considered to be one of the most popular child actors in India, and he plans on continuing his career of an actor and has stated that if he doesn’t make it, he will become a police officer in Mumbai.

Love life and relationships

Sunny is still very young and there is nothing known about the girls he might have been with (probably just held hands with) or is currently dating.

Sunny is believed to be the kind of boy who would like to fall in love with one girl and be with her for the rest of his life. He wants to have a wife in the future who is from India, but he wouldn’t mind if she was from Australia or the US – he has been teased about girls by the cast of the “Lion” movie, but Sunny acts quite maturely, and has stated that he is currently single! As Sunny is still very young and judging by his social media accounts and his own statements, he is currently single and hasn’t been seeing anyone lately.

Hobbies and other interests

While Sunny is mostly focused on his education and his acting career, there are several other things he is fond of doing. Sunny is a gamer, and enjoys playing video games in his free time – while he first started playing games on his PC, he has since moved on to PlayStation 4. He enjoys acting, but likes watching movies even better – two of his favorites are “Life of Pi” and “Avatar”, while he also likes watching animated TV series such as “The Simpsons” and “South Park”. His favorite actor is Hrithik Roshan, while he doesn’t have a favorite actress.

Still being young, Sunny hasn’t tried alcohol or cigarettes, and has stated that he will try to keep it this way for the rest of his life. Sunny is a huge fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but unfortunately for him, he still hasn’t managed to attend any fights, and has rather only watched them on TV. Sunny also enjoys sleeping and eating!

Appearance and net worth

Sunny has short black hair and brown eyes, and is 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, while his weight isn’t known – both probably change everyday!

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be close to  $500,000, and will keep on rising as long as he remains part of the film industry.

Presence on the social media networks

Sunny is more or less active on the internet, as his presence on the popular social media networks is important for the progression of his acting career.

There is a Twitter account under his name on the internet, but it doesn’t seem to belong to Sunny as it was launched in 2009 when he was only a year old. Sunny is active on Instagram , which he only launched his account in mid-2019, and has a Facebook page as well, which currently counts more than 700 people following him.

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