• Ben Goldberg, known by his stage name Token, is a 22 year old rapper from Boston, MA.
• His net worth is over $300,000 and he makes money through his official YouTube channel.
• Token is of Caucasian ethnicity and has short dark brown hair and brown eyes.
• Token's relationship status is unknown and he is active on social media (Twitter, Instagram).
• His career began in 2016 with the release of his mixtape "Eraser Shavings" and his most popular music videos on YouTube are "Token • Youtube Rapper ft. Tech N9ne", "Token • Exception (Official Video)", and "Token • Doozy (Official Music Video)".

Who is rapper Token? Wiki and Age

Ben Goldberg was born under the zodiac sign of Libra on 24 September 1998, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA –  he’s American by nationality. Known by his stage name Token, he’s renowned for being a rapper, who has released songs such as “Code Red” and “Doozy”. Having popularity in the entertainment world, he’s often under the spotlight, which also poses some questions about his private life and associated information, as many people are intrigued by him, and we’ll answer your questions in this article.

Net Worth

Oken has an estimated net worth of over $300,000, as of mid-2024. He also makes money through his official YouTube channel, as he gets paid every time an ad is displayed with his videos. Token hasn’t spoken about his assets, such as houses and vehicles, but he’s seemingly well able to support himself and take care of himself financially.

Ethnicity and Background

As of his ethnicity, Token is Caucasian and has short dark brown hair and brown eyes, which suits his complexion. Judging by the photos available on the internet, he has a fit figure and he wears black almost all the time, but still looks well put together, indicating pride in his appearance. Reportedly, he was exposed to hip hop music from an early age, and so began his artistic endeavors with poetry. By the time he turned 10, he’d begun expressing his feelings through rap music.


Relationship Status

Despite being in the entertainment world, the rapper still prefers keeping some things behind closed doors, which includes his relationship status as well. The absence of any potential love interest on his social media has led many to believe he might be single, however, he hasn’t confirmed or denied any of the rumors. Reportedly, he hasn’t married and doesn’t have children, but who knows what the future holds for him. The rapper is still very young and has a whole life ahead of him.

Social Media

Being in the entertainment world, Token is active on social media, and uses it to interact with his followers, as well as to promote his songs. On Twitter, some of his latest posts include a tweet in which he posted a photo of NBA player Nikola Jokic, who resembles him physically, and jokingly added “More Thank you to everyone who is supporting my choice to leave music and go to the NBA. Was a hard decision but I’m happier than ever!”.

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Token is on Instagram too, an d recently posted a photo of himself in a studio, adding that he’s finally making the music he can listen to. His fans seem to have loved it, as they went on to leave numerous positive comments, telling him that they can’t wait for him to realize his future projects. Token enjoys travelling and often shares photos from his trips on his Instagram page; in April 2019, he visited Cologne, Germany.


Token made his debut in 2016, when he released the mixtape entitled “Eraser Shavings”, consisting of 17 songs, such as “Self Taught”, “Happiness”, “Just a Couple More Words” and “Perfect”. Getting more attention among the media, he continued making music, and in 2017 had a couple more projects, releasing the singles “New Problems”, “Dirty Flesh” and “Patty Cake”. In 2018, the rapper released his debut album, “Between Somewhere”, which featured tracks “Somewhere In Between”, “Household Name”, “Mom Would Agree” and “Suitcase and a Passport”.


Token has his YouTube channel, on which he posts his music videos. In early 2018, he uploaded “Token – One Like Equals (Official Music Video)”, with over two million views, and then videos “Token – Flamingo (Official Music Video)”, “Token – Mom Would Agree (Official Music Video)” and “Token – Treehouse (Official Music Video)” , with millions of views as well.

However, his most viewed music videos are “Token – YouTube Rapper ft. Tech N9ne”, with 13 million, “Token – Exception (Official Video)”, which has been watched 11 million times, and “Token – Doozy (Official Music Video)”. All of the mentioned videos received a generally positive response from the audience – “Watching A Rap Battle Between Token and Eminem May just caused the World to End”, one person jokingly wrote. More recently, he released “Pink is Better” in 2022.

Overall, being a hardworking and dedicated young man, Token has been able to make a name for himself and rise to fame, and we believe there is a lot more to come for him career-wise.

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