• Melvin Noble, better known as rapper MO3, was born in Dallas, Texas in 199•
• He had a tough upbringing, often sleeping outside and struggling to afford basic needs.
• He released his first mixtape, Shottaz, in 2014 and his third mixtape, 4 Indictments, was a hit in 2016.
• He has collaborated with numerous popular rappers and released several mixtapes in recent years.
• He has a net worth of $1 million and is active on multiple social media networks.

Who is rapper MO3? Wiki Biography

Melvin Noble, better known for his rap name Mo3, was born in Dallas, Texas US on 31 May 1993 so under the zodiac sign of Gemini and holding American nationality – he was popular for his rap songs, all of which he wrote himself. He was murdered in 2020

Early life and education

Mo3 had a very tough background, which is often the case with rappers – he preferred not to talk about his early life, but shared the troubles he;d gone through. He lived with his mother after his father abandoned them, and they were often left with little or no money – they sometimes had nowhere to sleep, and were eating noodles or nothing at all. The two could have been seen sleeping outside on patios while they had to ask inside pubs and cafes if they would charge their phones – all of this struggle is what made Mo3 begin writing his lyrics.


He was attending high school, but often had no books as he couldn’t afford them, so his grades were quite poor – his peers mocked him for having old clothes, but Mo3 didn’t let this get to him. He found a job so that he could help his mother financially, and eventually matriculated from high school – after that, he completely focused on his career of a rapper, and didn’t even think about enrolling at college.

MO3’s rapping career

Mo3 was 21 when he released his first mixtape entitled “Shottaz” in 2014 – he became somewhat popular in his hometown, and started spending time with other notable rappers. It took him two years to release his second mixtape, which marked his rise to stardom – entitled “Shottaz Reloaded” with lead singles “Gagsta Love” and “Hold Ya Tongue”, it was an instant hit on the internet, while the lead singles were listened to more than 11 million times on YouTube.

Becoming popular changed everything for Mo3, who got an opportunity to work with his favorite artist, Boosie, and numerous others such as Lil Ronny and Dorrough. His third mixtape entitled “4 Indictments” came out in October 2016, and climbed to #23 on the Billboard 100 – the mixtape is of a motivational type, and was highly praised by Mo3’s fans.

Mo3  subsequently released three mixtapes, entitled “Gangsta love, Pt.1” in February 2017, “Shottaz 3.0” in 2018, and “911: Gagsta Grillz” in February 2019. His biggest single is “Errybody(Remix)”, as it’s been viewed more than 16 million times on YouTube.

Mo3 collaborated with numerous popular rappers, including Trap Boy Freddy, Young Og, Phat Boy Fresh, Co Gotti, and many others.

Relationships and personal life

Mo3 was very secretive when it came to his love life, but had apparently been with numerous women throughout the years, and had a son and a daughter, but was rumored to have more kids than that. He didn’t talk about the mother(s) of his children, but they are said to be from different women – Mo3 has a bad reputation when it comes to women, as he is alleged to spend every night with a new girl, which seems rather unlikely.

When asked about his relationships Mo3 stated that he is single and doesn’t like being in relationships – he also wasn’t planning on getting married nor starting a family, but taking good care of his children, financially speaking.

Judging by his accounts on social media networks, he was currently single, didn’t marry, but had at least two kids.

Hobbies and other interests

Mo3 might have appeared to be completely focused on his career of a rapper, but there were a couple of other things he was interested in.


Mo3 didn’t attend any auditions for roles in movies and TV series, but expressed his wish to appear in any movie, and stated that he would even be ready to pay for it, however, he wasn’t given any roles. He was very fond of fast cars, and drove a Bentley, seemingly happy with all the money he was making, often showing it off in pictures on his Instagram account.

Mo3 was a big lover of animals, and had a dog which he was planning to take on all his tours around the state – he loved to travel, but sometimes got lonely, and believed that the dog would keep him company.

Problems with the authorities

Mo3 was arrested numerous times over the years on various charges, including theft, possession of illegal drugs, driving under the influence, gun possession , and for being involved in a shooting at a nightclub.

Mo3 admitted to having spent more than $90,000 on court costs and lawyers – if convicted on his last charge, he could have spent serious time in prison.

Appearance and net worth

Mo3 had short black hair and brown eyes, and was 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, while his weight was unknown.

His net worth at the time he deceased was estimated at over $1 million.

Presence on the internet

It was very important for Mo3’s career of a rapper to maintain a good image of himself on the internet, which is why he had accounts on multiple social media networks.

He launched his Twitter account in May 2014, and his Instagram account in 2016  – Mo3 also ran a Facebook page as well, which counted more than 135,000 fans.

Mo3 had a YouTube channel too under the title “HSM”, launched on 30 July 2013, only to upload his music videos, and there were more than 375,000 people subscribed to it, while it counted over 183 million views of all of his videos combined.

His death

Noble was shot and killed on 11 November 2020, at the age of 28, in what appeared to be an incident of road rage, by Kewon Dontrell White, who stopped his car  and approached Noble while he was in his car. Noble ran down the highway, but was  chased him and shot  multiple times by White with a rifle  Noble was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead. White was sentenced on a separate, federal charge, and is awaiting sentencing on the murder charge, having pleaded guilty.

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