• Mia Sand, born in Denmark on 11 October 1987, gained fame as “Miss Mia Fit,” a fitness model and Instagram star.
  • Her early aspirations of modeling were overshadowed by her teenage years’ lifestyle, but motherhood refocused her towards fitness and well-being.
  • Transitioning to fitness modeling, she quickly attracted attention on Instagram, leading to collaborations with fitness magazines and brands.
  • Mia advocates a rigorous fitness regimen and balanced diet, emphasizing protein intake and healthy fats.
  • Married to Rune Jacobsen with two sons, Mia balances her passion for fitness with motherhood and outdoor hobbies.

Who is Mia Sand? Wiki Bio

Hailing from Denmark, Mia Sand was born on 11 October 1987, proudly holding Danish citizenship. Online, she’s recognized by her nickname, Miss Mia Fit, where her dual roles as a fitness model and Instagram sensation have propelled her to stardom.

Early life

Growing up in Denmark, Mia cherished her childhood alongside her parents. While she maintains a respectful silence about her family, keeping their privacy as sacred as her own, she has never alluded to having siblings, leading many to presume she’s an only child.

From her earliest years, Mia had ambitions of gracing the pages of prestigious magazines, drawn to the allure of the glamorous figures that adorned them.

However, the passage into adolescence ushered in a new era, where the pursuit of social engagements, delectable feasts, and lively nights out with friends momentarily eclipsed her childhood aspirations.

As she crossed the threshold of high school graduation, Mia found herself at a pivotal juncture. Opting to defer her collegiate pursuits, she embarked on a journey into the workforce, steadfast in her resolve to forge her path to financial autonomy.


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In the years following her high school graduation, Mia had many jobs, her mind far removed from the idea of a modeling career. However, life took an unexpected turn in her early twenties when she found herself expecting a child.

Single-handedly navigating the journey of motherhood, Mia poured her energy into raising her son, a commitment that consumed her days.

It wasn’t until her son reached the age of four that Mia found a newfound determination to prioritize her own well-being. With a resolute spirit, she embarked on a journey to the gym, channeling her efforts towards sculpting her body and nurturing her own physical health.

Full NameMia Sand
Known ForFitness modeling, Instagram influence
Profession/OccupationFitness Model, Social Media Personality
Net Worth$2 million (as of 2024)
SpouseRune Jacobsen
ChildrenSean, another son born in 2018
Date of BirthOctober 11, 1987
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthDenmark
EthnicityMixed (Danish, German, and Faroese)
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorGreen
Bra Size42E US, 95E EU
Height5ft 7ins (170 cms)
WeightApprox. 180lbs (82 kgs)
Measurements36-24-38 inches
Associated BrandsFashionNovaCurve, TwistShakeBaby
HobbiesFitness training, modeling, spending time outdoors, shopping
Social Profile Links Twitter, Instagram


In February 2015, Mia embarked on her Instagram journey, diligently sharing glimpses of her gym sessions through daily uploads of photos and videos.

It didn’t take long for her captivating content to catch the attention of modeling scouts, who swiftly invited her to her inaugural photoshoots.

Within mere months, Mia transitioned into a coveted fitness model, gracing the covers of esteemed fitness magazines and garnering attention from renowned clothing and lingerie brands.

Beyond Instagram, Mia’s presence extends into the realm of YouTube, where she’s been featured on prominent channels like “Fitness Superstar,” “Big Booty TV,” and “Its Booty Thing.”

Not content with being solely in front of the camera, Mia also launched her own YouTube channel back in November 2011. However, the channel is currently a ghost town with no videos and only about 9,000 followers.

Mia Sand

As a spokesperson, she passionately champions the cause of inspiring women everywhere to embrace exercise, urging them not to shy away from embracing their uniqueness.

Most popular fitness models in the world

In today’s health-conscious world, the quest for fitness guidance has found a vibrant hub on Instagram. As individuals seek inspiration for workout routines and nutritional insights, the platform has become a go-to destination.

Surprisingly, Mia’s absence from the top tier of popularity isn’t the headline here. Let’s dive into the profiles of four leading fitness models who are currently dominating the scene:

  • Securing the fourth position is Ana Cheri, boasting a staggering 12.5 million followers. At 31, she emerged onto the Instagram scene with a sculpted physique that seemed to materialize out of thin air.
  • Jen Selter commands the third spot with over 14 million followers. Kicking off her fitness journey at just 15 years old, she devoted herself to the gym, laying the groundwork for her remarkable career ahead. However, it was a single, bikini-clad snapshot shared online that catapulted her into the limelight, propelling her to overnight stardom.
  • In second place strides Michelle Lewin, a former catwalk model turned bikini sensation. Transitioning her focus to the gym, she underwent a remarkable transformation, bulking up from 95lb to a solid 120lb of lean muscle.
  • Claiming the top spot is Sommer Ray, captivating an audience of more than 24.7 million followers. Despite her relatively recent Instagram debut in September 2016, her ascent to the summit of fitness influence has been meteoric.

While these four reign supreme, the landscape of fitness influencers is ever-evolving. New contenders, such as Mia, may soon emerge to challenge their reign.

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Training and diet plans

Mia’s fitness regimen seamlessly blends powerlifting and bodybuilding, sculpting her physique into a harmonious balance of strength and aesthetics.

Her approach typically revolves around challenging exercises with low repetitions, occasionally interspersed with higher-rep routines to keep her body guessing.

Among her favorite workouts are dips, bench presses, and squats, each contributing to her formidable strength and toned physique.

In the realm of nutrition, Mia prioritizes protein-rich foods like chicken while conscientiously moderating her fat intake, opting for healthier alternatives.

Despite her focus on lean eating, she embraces the importance of incorporating healthy fats into her diet. Fueling her body with six meals a day, her plates often feature a medley of eggs, meats, vibrant vegetables, fruits, and fish, with a notable absence of supplements.

Personal life and relationships

Mia has always maintained a veil of privacy around her romantic life, preferring to keep the details of her past and present relationships under wraps.

In her early twenties, Mia welcomed her son, Sean, into the world, yet she has chosen not to disclose information about his father.

Speculation among her fans suggests that the pregnancy may have been unexpected, and the father may have opted to remain uninvolved, contrary to Mia’s decision to embrace motherhood.

Presently, Mia is married to Rune Jacobsen, a fellow bodybuilder who frequents the same gym.

Together, they welcomed a son in 2018. Their union appears devoid of any controversies, with glimpses into their contented life together offered through their harmonious presence on social media.


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Mia’s professional work revolves heavily around her rigorous gym sessions, a cornerstone of her career. Despite her demanding fitness regimen, she diligently carves out time for her varied interests.

Currently, her primary focus lies in her role as a mother, a responsibility that occupies the lion’s share of her days.

She wears multiple hats as a personal trainer and nutritionist, opting to conduct her classes predominantly in the open air of outdoor gyms, relishing the freedom of the outdoors over the confines of indoor spaces.

Additionally, her burgeoning love affair with modeling has captivated her, with Mia candidly admitting to relishing the attention she garners on the internet, particularly on her Instagram platform.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Mia has a deep passion for fashion, confessing to a penchant for shopping. Her Instagram feed serves as a canvas for her sartorial creativity, showcasing eclectic outfit combinations that reflect her distinctive style.

Once an avid traveler, Mia’s wanderlust now takes a back seat to her responsibilities as a caregiver for her children. Though the adventures of the past may be on hold, her heart remains filled with the memories of journeys past, sustaining her spirit amidst the joys and challenges of parenting at home.

Appearance and net worth

At 36 years young, Mia boasts cascading blond locks and blue eyes, standing at 5ft 7ins (170 cms) tall and tipping the scales at approximately 180lbs (82 kgs).

With an illustrious career as a fitness model propelling her forward, Mia’s financial trajectory reflects her professional success. According to reports, her current net worth is estimated to hover around $2 million, a testament to her dedication and prowess in the industry.

Real or fake?

The internet has been abuzz with speculation regarding Mia’s alleged breast enhancement surgery. In response to the swirling rumors, Mia took to her Instagram account and laid the matter to rest with a candid revelation.

She shared a photo accompanied by a caption disclosing her recent plastic surgery journey, expressing her satisfaction with the decision. Opening the floor for discussion, Mia invited her followers to share their perspectives on various aspects of plastic surgery, fostering an open dialogue within her community.


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Social media presence

Mia maintains a busy presence across various social media platforms, recognizing their pivotal role in bolstering her career as a fitness model.

In January 2017, she ventured into the world of Twitter, amassing over 4,000 followers. However, it’s her Instagram account that truly commands attention, boasting a staggering following of over 3 million fans. With nearly 1,400 captivating snapshots shared, Mia’s Instagram feed serves as a visual testament to her journey and resonates deeply with her vast online community.

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