• Lisa Appleton is a British reality star born in 1968 who is best known for appearing in 'Big Brother' in 2008.
• She worked as a sales representative for tanning products before appearing on TV in 2006.
• She has been involved in several controversies regarding both her personal and professional life.
• She is a spiritual person who believes in ghosts, reincarnation, and life after death.
• She was married to Mario Marconi who also appeared on 'Big Brother' in 2008.

Lisa Appleton Short Wiki

Best known as a contestant on “Big Brother”, Lisa Appleton was born on 23 May 1968 in England – she is 51 years old and was born under the sign of Gemini. The British reality star has also appeared in “CelebAir” and “Ultimate Big Brother”. She’s stayed rather quiet about her net worth, although it’s estimated at over $100,000 in 2019, but she did reveal that she’s been having financial troubles, and at one point had to live in her car, as well as in a tree house.

Background and Rise to Fame

Prior to attracting the attention of the media, she worked as a sales representative for tanning products.

She began appearing on TV in 2006, and became more widely known in the media in 2008, having participated in “Big Brother”. After that, she went on to have several TV projects, but she hasn’t been as active since then, and has been only intermittently under the spotlight.


In 2006, Appleton could be seen in “Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway”, and in 2007, she joined the cast of “Big Brother’s Little Brother”. However, her most prominent project remains “Big Brother” in 2008, appearing in 89 episodes before being voted out.

After that engagement, she also appeared in an episode of “Big Brother’s Big Mouth”, and “Celeb Air”. As of 2010, the audience was able to see Appleton in an episode of “Snog Marry Avoid?”. and in “Big Brother’s Big Awards Show”, and “Ultimate Big Brother”. In the following year, she worked on “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side” – she subsequently appeared in two more episodes. Most recently, she was featured in “When Celebrity Goes Horribly Wrong”, and “When Reality TV Goes Horribly Wrong”, with both programs criticizing her lifestyle.

Lisa Appleton


Over the past few years, Appleton has been involved in several controversies regarding both her personal and professional life. After an argument in 2018, Lisa’s landlord kicked her out of her temporary house, and she spent some time living in her car, which was recorded by the paparazzi. She was in the limelight when she had a series of plastic surgeries in Turkey in 2018. Unfortunately, the reality star had health issues as a result, including being unable to close her eyes for a while. The Sun reported that she spent over £22,000 on these procedures.

Family and Daughter

Her boyfriend Mario Marconi proposed to her while they were in “Big Brother” in 2008, and they married two years later. However, their marriage ended in 2013, although they claimed that they hadn’t been happy for a while, the reality star adding that in the last months of their marriage, she and Mario hated each other. She even went on to reveal the reason why they didn’t get along – apparently, they had been tricked by a producer who claimed that he would film their everyday lives, and that affected their relationship negatively.

Nevertheless, both Lisa and her ex-husband found new partners quickly – Appleton went on to date Rob Ellis, an erotic theatre producer, whereas Mario dated a 25-years younger woman. “Mario’s got quite a few girls after him”, Lisa jokingly said. Some rumors regarding her love life surfaced in 2019, after she admitted being in a relationship with a well-known celebrity. She hasn’t disclosed the identity of her new boyfriend, but added that he’s supportive of her and “doesn’t judge her despite her being outrageous”. She has one child, a daughter named Sophie.

Lisa is a spiritual person and believes in ghosts, reincarnation and life after death, and relates to Xena the Princess Warrior.

Lisa Appleton Latter Career

Although she has had a fair share of fame and high life in the late 2000s, Lisa has been facing some career-related difficulties. Having finished with “Big Bother” she arranged some photoshoots, and was one of the subjects of “On Benefits: Living the High Life”, made by Channel 5. The documentary followed the story of her meteoric rise to fame – she stated that her life changed dramatically, adding that she lost her sanity, home and job.

However, she did spark some controversy when she stated that she can’t “just get a job”, and the media witnessed her barely making the ends meet, and living in a tree house. In October 2018, she lost a call center job she had, and numerous media outlets wrote about her in the aftermath of that event. Reportedly, the reason behind her being fired was the attitude she had towards the rest of the staff.

Ex-Husband Mario Marconi

Born as Shaun Astbury in the UK, Mario Marconi is recognized for appearing in the ninth season of “Big Brother” alongside his girlfriend, and later on in the show, fiancée.

Marconi was voted out during the sixth week of the show. He was born on 9 June 1965, meaning that he is 54 years old and his zodiac sign is Gemini. In addition to “Big Brother”, Mario has been featured on projects such as “TV Burp”, “Big Brother’s Big Awards Show”, “8 Out of 10 Cats” and “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side”. He has briefly acted – in 2006, he had a support role in “Goldplated”.

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