• LD Shadow Lady is an English YouTube personality with over 4.8 million subscribers and two billion views
• She was born Elizabeth Dwyer on October 7th, 1992 and studied Computer Animation and Visualization at Liverpool John Moores University
• Her career began in 2010 when she created her YouTube channel and began uploading gameplays and funny comments
• She is now one of the most popular Minecraft gamers and is worth an estimated $6.5 million
• She is engaged to Joel Smallishbeans, another English YouTuber worth an estimated $1 million

Who is LD Shadow Lady?

LD Shadow Lady is an English YouTube personality, who has gained stardom by playing various video games, such as Minecraft, Crazy Craft, and other Minecraft mods, and uploading gameplays with funny and interesting comments. She now has more than 4.8 million subscribers on her official channel, and has attracted more than two billion views.

LD Shadow Lady Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Elizabeth Dwyer on the 7th October 1992, in England, she is a daughter of parents involved in medicine, as her father is a doctor and her mother a nurse.

LD shared her childhood with her sister Maddie, who is now also a popular YouTube personality with her own channel Microglitching. From an early age she was interested in video games, and would play Call of Duty among others – this was her escape from reality, as the family was having problems. Her mother started showing alcohol addiction, which deteriorated the relations within the family. Nevertheless, LD continued on with her life, and after high school enrolled at Liverpool’s John Moores University, where she studied computer animation and visualization.

Her studies helped her considerably in her career; she graduated in 2015.

Career Beginnings

LD’s career actually started in 2010, when she created her YouTube channel, LD Shadow Lady – her first video “Rofl :]”, was released the same year, about the Call of Duty video game. She then paused for a year but returned to upload videos about video games, and slowly became focused, mostly on Minecraft. With the help of Joel Smallishbeans, who became her boyfriend, LD continued with Minecraft and the two launched a team and the series of plays named “Shadowcraft”.

LD steadily became more popular, and soon reached a million subscribers.

Rise to Stardom

LD continued to create new content which brought more subscribers to her channel; she created her own Minecraft mode Crazy Craft 3.0, which boosted further her popularity. In addition to gaming videos, LD would also upload videos in which she spoke about herself, from her beginnings to recent professional and personal events. She is now one of the most popular Minecraft gamers, and her videos have millions of views.

Some of the most popular videos on her channel include “More Weird Camera Apps”, which has 17 million views, then “Magical Cave Secrets! | Ep. 20 | Minecraft One Life” and “Kawaii Castle | Minecraft Base Invaders Challenge”, both with 10 million views, among numerous other videos related to Minecraft and other popular video games, all of which have added to her popularity and wealth.

LD Shadow Lady Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

LD is now a YouTube star with a great fan following behind her, increasing her wealth – according to sources LD Shadow Lady’s net worth is estimated at $6.5 million as of early 2020.

LD Shadow Lady

LD is known for his great looks, which also helped her career; she stands at 5ft 3ins (1.6m), while she weighs around 106lbs or 48kg. She has naturally dark brown hair, but she often dyes it in colors from red to pink, blue, and purple; she has blue eyes.

LD Shadow Lady Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, is She Married?

LD met Joel Smallishbeans at a Gamefest Expo back in 2011 and the two apparently grew closer every day. This friendship turned into a romance in 2012, and since then the couple has taken their romance to the next level, as Joel proposed to LD in November 2017.

In addition to YouTube, she is also very popular on Instagram, on which she has uploaded pictures both from her life and from her career events, such as BAFTA among others. Before she enrolled at Liverpool John Moores University, she worked for six months at a Toys R Us retail store.

LD Shadow Lady fiancé Joel Smallishbeans

Joel Smalishbeans – he hasn’t revealed his true last name – is an English YouTuber, best known for his Minecraft gameplay videos.

He has uploaded numerous Minecraft let’s play videos which have contributed to his wealth and popularity. Joel was born on the 29th June 1993 in England, the son of Steve and Jill; he has a sister Thea. Joel started his career in 2009, since when he has acquired a fan base of more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have attracted more than 475 million views.

Some of his most popular videos include “Try Not To Laugh Challenge with LDShadowlady”, (five million), then “I Built Our Real House in Crazy Detail!!! (with LDShadowlady)” with three million, and numerous others, both from his personal life, and from Minecraft gameplay, all of which have contributed to his wealth and popularity.
Joel’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million, as of early 2020.

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