• Born April 21st, 1991 in Hallstead, Pennsylvania, USA
• Raised in Pennsylvania, ran track in high school and cycled during college
• Entered NPC Golds Classic Championship in 2015, won NPC South Jersey Championship in 2016
• Engaged to an unknown man, resides with him and their dog in Langhorne, Pennsylvania
• Net worth of approximately $700,000, 5ft 2ins tall, light brown hair and light green eyes

Born under the sign of Taurus on the 21st of April 1991, in Hallstead, Pennsylvania USA, Lauren Findley is a bodybuilder, athlete, YouTuber and Instagram model. She is probably best known to the world for her considerable presence on the TV screen, and across other media outlets and fashion magazines, thanks to her coveted physical attributes. She has had a number of successes over the course of her sometimes lucrative bodybuilding career in particular since 2015.

Early life and education: A Pennsylvanian upbringing

Lauren was raised apparently an only child in her birthplace, by her father and mother of still unknown names and professions.

Growing up, she didn’t garner much of an interest in physical activities, but was instead enchanted by everything that encompasses basic fun, such as television and music. Her focus mildly shifted towards what she does today when she started attending an unspecified high school in her birth state, where she ran track for a few years prior to matriculating in 2009. She enrolled into an unspecified college afterwards, maintaining a treadmill habit in the gym to replace high school track.

Lauren graduated in 2013 from the unknown institution with an unknown degree .

Career: Inspired to inspire

At one point during college Lauren felt that drinking regularly at parties was no longer something she endorsed, and so she gradually began adopting healthy habits, and most importantly, a strong body. Findley started following various fitness models on Instagram, the most significant of whom were Swarin De La Rosa and Nicole Wilkins, as those are the names she cites as her inspiration. In the year when she graduated, Lauren made the decision to build muscle, and after two years of intense work, in 2016 she entered the NPC Golds Classic Championship in the Figure Novice category.

Though she didn’t place first, her participation only fueled her drive further, giving her the determination to work for a win. Next year she did precisely that, by claiming first place in the NPC South Jersey Championship. Having garnered substantial interest from the public, Lauren later found it easy to occasionally model for a brand or fitness magazine, while she now generates most of her income by promoting fitness-related products on social media.

Love life: Does she have a husband?

When it comes to Lauren’s romantic involvements, it looks like she chose to keep this information completely out of the media, though the public does know a few specifics. Lauren is said to be engaged to a man of completely mysterious details; his presence is nowhere to be seen in the Instagram model’s posts. The wedding date has been set for an unspecified time, and the two are yet to announce any plans for expanding their family. Lauren and her future husband apparently reside happily together in Langhorne, Pennsylvania alongside their dog named Riggins.

Lauren Findley

Her workout plans

According to Lauren’s statements in the interview for simplyshredded.com, she works out six times per week, and eats six times per day. Her main focus changes from day to day, and the schedule generally looks like this:

  • Monday – Chest and triceps
  • Tuesday – Shoulders, abs and cardio
  • Wednesday – Glutes and hamstrings
  • Thursday – Back, biceps and cardio
  • Friday – Shoulders and abs
  • Saturday – Rest and very light cardio
  • Sunday – Quadriceps focus

Since one of Lauren’s most important virtues are her highly developed leg muscles, she was naturally asked what her secret is, to which she replied ‘Being a runner I feel it has given me a little edge in the leg/glute department, but I do train my legs twice a week to ensure that I am maintaining my proportions between my quads and hamstrings/glutes.’

Her valued expertise

Thanks to her successes in bodybuilding, Lauren has over the years realized several important contracts and thus greatly contributed to her wealth. One of them was becoming an Evogen representative, which is a highly successful fitness supplement company. Lauren’s concise bodybuilding advice can be read on the site, including various intricacies of her diet and fitness plans.

She has a YouTube channel

Lauren has an eponymous YouTube channel, created on the 15th of July 2016, which she fills with monthly vlogs, highlights and vital fitness tips. Her most popular video is entitled “LEG DAY W/ HANY RAMBOD @ THE MECCA — FT. MELISSA ALCANTARA | LAUREN FINDLEY”, uploaded on the 3rd of April 2018, with just over 50,000 views at the moment.

World class

In an interview by thenewsify.com entitled “Lauren Findley: A World Class Fitness Athlete”, Lauren was asked quite a few questions about the nature of her inspiration and exercise habits.

One of her most important replies was the quote which she claims proved of great value to her throughout life – ‘Just because you experience failure, doesn’t mean that you are a failure.’

Facts about Lauren you probably didn’t know

Besides actually doing light cardio for her workouts, Findley likes to simply run for a while – not for the improvement it brings later on, but for the rush and clarity within the act. She is also an avid reader, and keeps a modest yet impressive personal collection of literary works. Lastly, she lists spending time with her family as one of her most enjoyable activities.

What is Lauren Findley’s net worth?

Have you taken a second to consider just how rich Lauren might be, especially around the middle of 2024? Some of the most authoritative sources have estimated her net worth is close to $1 million earned by lending her appearance and representing various products over the course of her career. Seeing as Lauren is far from retiring at this point, the said amount is bound to increase.

Lauren’s measurements: What is her height?

The fitness model in question is 5ft 2ins (158cm) tall and weighs about 120lbs (55kgs). Her vital statistics,aren’t currently public knowledge, though her body shape is generally described as muscular.

She has light brown hair and light green eyes, her complexion being generally bright with a moderate tan.

Social media presence

Since Lauren is a fitness model and someone who endorses supplements to generate income, it would make perfect sense for her to maintain involvement with the public on a daily basis so as to maximize her profits. It looks like she is well aware of how this business model functions, considering her ubiquity across two of the three most popular social media networks, including Instagram but she doesn’t use Twitter – her Facebook has close to 1,000 followers,

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