• Laura Coates is an American legal analyst for CNN and host of The Laura Coates Show on SiriusXM Urban View.
• She graduated from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and obtained her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Minnesota Law School.
• She is also a writer and published a book entitled “You have the Right: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police”.
• Laura is married with two kids.
• She has an active presence on social media with more than 60,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 20,000 on Instagram.


Who is Laura Coates (CNN)? Wiki Bio

Laura Coates was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA, so holding American nationality, but she hasn’t shared her year of birth with the public, although the day is 11 July – she came into the spotlight after becoming a legal analyst at CNN.

School and childhood

Laura has been into political and legal matters since she was a young girl while she doesn’t really have anyone to inherit this from. Both of her parents are middle-class people who work ordinary jobs, and Laura hasn’t talked about them as she doesn’t want them involved in the media – she doesn’t have any siblings, which is why her parents allowed her to do whatever she wanted as she was growing up.

Laura fell in love with politics at a very early age, and her dream of becoming a prosecutor kept her going through school. She was the only one in her class during high school who wanted to become a prosecutor, which somewhat made her different from other kids who aspired to  become famous footballers, models, or writers. After she matriculated from high school, she enrolled at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in New Jersey and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. She went on to attend University of Minnesota Law School, and obtained her Juris Doctor degree from there.

Laura’s job for CNN and other jobs

Laura launched her career while she was still attending Princeton University, but her name didn’t become recognized until she started working as a prosecutor – she served as a trial attorney in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division based in Washington D.C while George W. Bush was still the president, and continued doing the same job during the Obama Administration, but chose to change her position after Donald Trump was elected.

Ever since Donald Trump became the President of the US in the first half of 2017, Laura has been an analyzer and a legal expert of complications occurring due to president’s decisions. She became a legal analyst for CNN in May 2016, and can often be seen on TV talking about politics while she mostly discusses matters related to the current US President.

Since the second half of 2017, Laura has been the host of her own radio talk show entitled “The Laura Coates Show”, which airs on SiriusXM Urban View. She is also working as a law professor at the George Washington University’s School of Law, while she often travels across the US to discuss topics related to social justice, economy of the US, and civil rights.

It was mentioned in July 2018 that Laura might become the host of the “Jeopardy” American TV game show after Alex Trebek decides to retire.

Career of a writer

Laura has also become a writer. Thanks to her knowledge in numerous fields, she has written a book entitled “You have the Right: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police”, which is accepted as a legal guide.

The book was published in January 2016, and explains the laws which the police should abide by – it was an instant bestseller, and people from all around the US were buying it to educate themselves about police operations.

Besides her book, Laura has also written numerous research papers which have been published by some of the most popular US magazines, including but not limited to “The Washington Post” and “Boston Herald”.

Personal life and husband

Laura is one of the most secretive people in journalism and politics, as she hasn’t shared any details regarding her past and present affairs with the public.

Laura Coates

One thing which is known is that Laura is a married woman and has two children, a son born in 2013 and a daughter a year later. She hasn’t talked about her husband, and nothing is known about him while the rumor has it that the two met back in high school and began dating there. It is said that he doesn’t have a career as successful as his wife’s, which is one of the reasons why he doesn’t want to be involved in the media – however, Laura hasn’t mentioned anything about him and therefore nothing can be claimed with certainty, although the name Dale Gordon has been bandied about.

There were some rumors circulating the internet that Laura was having an affair with another reporter working for CNN, but as she is a married woman, these rumors were quickly extinguished.

Judging by her posts on several of her social media accounts, Laura is a married woman with two kids.

Likes and other interests

Laura has two kids, but otherwise is completely focused on her career of a legal analyst – even though she is a very busy woman, she still finds time for some of the other things she enjoys doing.

Saturday night sip and paint party! Trying to woosahhhhh before election night! #picassointraining #arteest #VanNo #looksbetterwithwinegoggles

Posted by Laura Coates on Saturday, November 5, 2016

She loves confronting her fears, and has gifted herself the present of her life for her birthday – she has uploaded the video of it onto her Instagram account. Travelling is her number one passion, and it is the only thing she manages to do, often combined with her work – she has also been to Europe, including visiting Paris, France. She is very fond of food and is a big lover of cakes – she once stated that she’d be able to eat an entire cake if nobody stopped her. She enjoys playing numerous sports, and golf is just one of them – even though she plays it recreationally, she is still very good at it. Hockey is the sport she wanted to play, but was never given the chance, and she now often takes her family to watch live hockey games with her.

While she has numerous interests and hobbies, Laura is still focused on spending most of her free time with her family.

Appearance and net worth

Laura’s current age is not known as she hasn’t shared her exact year of birth with the public but she is rumored to be in her 40s. She has medium long brown hair and brown eyes but her height and weight are not known.

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million, and will keep on rising as long as she keeps working and remains involved in politics.

Presence on the internet

It is very important for Laura to be active on the internet, as she has to keep up with all the news in politics, and inform her fans of everything that is going on.

She launched her Twitter account in February 2015, and has gathered more than 60,000 followers, and tweeted nearly 5,000 times. She has an Instagram account, with nearly 20,000 people following her, while she has uploaded more than 200 pictures onto it – Laura is running a Facebook page, too, and it counts more than 11,000 fans.

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