• Khia Lopez is a young model and Instagram star born in Los Angeles, California on August 29, 200•
• She began her modeling career at age 3 and has since been featured in fashion shows, music videos, and more.
• Khia has worked with brands such as FashionNova, Oh Polly and Forever2•
• Khia is currently studying at John Glenn Middle School and has a net worth of $200,000.
• She enjoys spending time with her family and taking dancing classes.

Khia Lopez is a young and multi-talented model who is developing her Instagram career, appearing in music videos and sharing details of her affair with her school sweetheart, Christian Sanchez.

Early life and family

Khia Lopez was born under the zodiac sign of Virgo;on 29 August 2004, in Los Angeles, California USA, so she holds American nationality. Apparently she still lives with her family, and gets a lot of support from her parents, who attentively follow all her endeavors. Her father is James Lopez, and her mother is Tiffany Palladine who works as a makeup artist, and also lands minor roles in TV shows. Khia has two younger brothers named Jett and Kash,

She draws inspiration from her mother, who is her best friend and role model.

Educational background

Khia studied at John Glenn Middle School, matriculating in 2022. She hasn’t shared any plans on her further education yet.


Modeling career

It is known that Khia started working as a model when she was only three years old. Her mother has always been very enthusiastic about the appearance and talents of her daughter, and took her to various rehearsals and castings to find a child modeling agency which would notice the growing-up star.

She started appearing on TV as a child model in news blocks, demonstrating clothes for kids at the age of nine. Khia was 11 years old when she participated in Isabella Couture’s Spring/Summer collection fashion show in 2015, walking gracefully on the catwalk, presenting the “Blush Pink” line at the LA Fashion Week in front of around 750 guests. The same year she appeared as a child model in the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” TV talk show. Such clothing brands as Jak & Peppar, Rebel Yell among others invited Khia to work with them, and she was featured in their Instagram profiles and websites.

Khia Lopez

She now has commercial contracts with such brands as FashionNova, Oh Polly and Forever21. As of mid-2024, she’s collaborated with such brands as Lidzkandi and Little Trendsetter; The Weekend Wardrobe has signed a long-term contract with Khia.

We’re So Fancy fashion blog

In September 2014 Khia’s friend Vandy Jaidenn Holder created a blog along with her mother, Terrah Jade, who is a photographer and social media manager. The blog entitled “We’re So Fancy” was intended to be a fashion blog and a news source for those who are keen on shopping, photography and fashion trends. Khia and Vandy were supposed to be the main subjects of the blogs, sharing the teenagers’ point of view on fashion.

The blog was occasionally active until 2016, when it stopped being updated. During this period of time both girls gained sponsorships with Kenmark Eyewear, and modeled for several online stores, such as Joyfolie, ModerneChild and Panda Kitty Studios.  However, the YouTube channel of the blog has only one video entitled “We’re So Fancy Intro Video”, and a couple of several-seconds-long vlogs about the girls filming an episode for the channel. However, nothing else has been posted, and the channel and the blog’s website is now unavailable.

Instagram and TikTok sensation

Khia started using Instagram in August 2014, creating an account managed by her mother, as Khia was only 10 years old then, and could use the social media platform only with the help of her parents. Her mother monitored and managed her profile, but as of 2019, Khia is now making her own decisions on the content of the account. Her profile has attracted almost 300,000 subscribers. Khia shares her daily looks, outfits, manicure details, etc. Her profile on the TikTok (former Musical.ly) application gathered more than 1.1 million subscribers, on which she often shares her dancing videos.

Her YouTube channel has several videos, as Khia wanted to understand if she could develop her vlog, and what exactly she wanted to upload. She tried filming hair tutorials, make-up routine videos, highlights from photo shoots, and her appearances on TV, but later abandoned her profile on the social media platform.

Music video appearance

In February 2018 Khia appeared in the music video “You” by Dynamite Dylan and Post Malone, in which Khia played the girl the main character is in love with.

They spend their time on the improvised dance floor in the center of a car park, and according to the plot of the video, Khia falls in love with the character of Dynamite Dylan, impressed by his singing, dancing and riding skills he demonstrates on his BMX bike; the video has attracted over 42 million views. Dynamite Dylan (born Dylan Friedlinghaus) is a very popular singer and YouTube vlogger, who started his YouTube channel in 2013. Post Malone, also known as Austin Richard Post, is a popular songwriter, rapper and singer, who is noted for his collaborations with other pop stars, such as Justin Bieber, his collaboration with whom won Post Malone the Billboard Live Music Award in the category “Top Package”.

Personal life, boyfriend Cristian Sanchez

At the beginning of 2018, Khia started dating Cristian Sanchez, a student of the California Baptist University.

The couple shares numerous mutual photos on their Instagram accounts, displaying the presents they give each other on various occasions, and so on. They often travel together, visiting such places as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Grand Canyon, etc. Khia and Cristian also appear at such events as Coachella. Cristian likes baseball and soccer.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Khia enjoys spending time with her family – her parents often go camping and take all their kids with them. Khia likes dancing, and takes dancing classes whenever she has some spare time from her work. In 2015 she participated in the USA Spirit Cheer and Dance contest, with a team of professional cheerleaders.

Appearance, clothing style

Khia has very long naturally dark brown hair which is bleached blonde in the balayage technique; she also wears hair extensions. She has grey eyes. Khia is 5ft 3ins (1.60m) tall and weighs around 110lbs (50kgs); her vital statistics are 30-23-30. As to her clothing style, she likes short dresses and casual jeans, while she also likes wearing outfits matching with her boyfriend’s clothes – they have recently shared a photo of them wearing the same pants and the same white T-shirts with the Guess logo.

Net worth and salary

Khia benefits from her Instagram account, as she receives up to $1,350 per post. As of mid-2024, her overall net worth is estimated at close to $300,000.

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