• Julia Chow is a Cantonese-American YouTube personality and social media star
• She is best known for her work with the YouTube channel, JustKiddingFilms
• She has more than 1.6 million subscribers on the channel and 70,000 followers on her own channel
• She is currently in a relationship with social media star Nelson ‘Neruchuu’ Chu
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $200,000

Who is Julia Chow?

Julia Chow is a Cantonese-American YouTube personality and social media star, who is best known to the world as the part of the YouTube channel, JustKiddingFilms. She served as a producer and host of the show “JK News”, but has since left the show but continued to work as a producer.

Julia Chow Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Julia Nellie Chow was born on the 26th March 1990 in Los Angeles, California USA; growing up with her older sister and brother, she became interested in drawing.

As a result, she enrolled into a drawing class and nurtured her skills. While in high school, she started attending an advanced art class, which further helped her creativity.

Career Beginnings

Julia was working at a Brazilian restaurant as a waitress, but at some point was introduced to JustKiddingFilms, after meeting Tommy Trinh. After a brief introduction, Julia was made the new company intern, and started showcasing her knowledge and skills. Gradually, her role improved and she became the official producer, responsible for the majority of the content created on the channel.

Eventually Julia’s new role was as the host of the channel’s talk show “JKF News”.

Rise to Prominence

As the channel was becoming more popular, Julia’s popularity also increased. However, in addition to positive comments for her work and more than 1.6 million subscribers on the channel, Julia was receiving negative comments; this made her feel not good enough for the show and the channel on the whole, so she retired as the host, and reduced to minimum her appearance on the channel.

Julia took the role of content producer, which she still holds, and day by day is making the channel more popular.

JustKiddingFilms now has more than 375 million views, and some of the most popular videos include “Real Couples: Sex feat. Olivia Thai”, then “Shit Asian Moms Say”, and “Car Wash”, among other videos that made Julia and other members of JustKiddingFilms popular.

Julia has featured in many videos on the channel, including “Hangin’ with JK: Heartbreak”, then “Get to Know Me: Julia Chow”, and “My Childhood Toy: Julia Chow”, among others.

Continual Success

In addition to her role in JustKiddingFilms, Julia has started her own career on YouTube. In 2016 she launched her own channel, XBlueApplez, on which she has almost 70,000 followers,  which she’s made more personal as she uploads videos showcasing her daily endeavors with her friends, family, and boyfriend as well.

Julia Chow

Her videos have seen a big increase in popularity and as of early 2020 Julia has more than a million views on her own channel. Some of the most popular videos are “Julia Goes to Japan PT 1”, then “Birthday Time!!” and “Vegas With JKFam”, all of which have over 100,000 views, and have contributed considerably to her wealth.

Julia Chow Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Statistics, and Appearance

Julia Chow is a popular YouTuber and her career on this video sharing platform has increased her wealth by a large margin.

According to authoritative sources, Julia Chow’s net worth is as high as $200,000 as of early 2020.

Julia Chow is known for her fragile looks, as she stands at 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, while she weighs around 123lbs ~ 56kgs. Julia’s vital statistics are currently unavailable, but it’s obvious that she has a slim figure. Her eyes are brown, and though she has black hair, she sometimes dyes it to different colors, especially dark blue.

Julia Chow Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend

Julia is known for her shy character, and although she can be seen on screen all the time, she hasn’t shared much from her personal life. However, a few details have emerged – once she met Tommy Trinh, the two started a romantic relationship that lasted until 2016. They haven’t shared the reason why they broke up, but have remained good friends.

Julia has continued with her love life, and is currently dating social media star Nelson ‘Neruchuu’ Chu. The couple started their romance in 2018, and he can often be seen alongside Julia in her YouTube videos.

In addition to YouTube, Julia has become popular on Instagram, where you can see pictures of Julia in various situations, from career to personal life events. She has also used her popularity to promote online brands, such as JINS Eyewear.

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