• Judah Lewis is an American child actor born on 22nd May 2001.
• His parents are Hara and Mark Lewis, who is an actor and author.
• He had his breakout role in the film “Demolition” and starred in the Netflix horror film “The Babysitter”.
• Judah has an affinity for drums and earned $500,000 for his role in “Point Break”.
• He stands at 5ft 9ins and weighs 143lbs.

Who is Judah Lewis?

Born in the United States of America on 22nd May 2001, Judah Lewis is an American child actor. Judah’s break out role was in the film “Demolition”, and he later starred in the Netflix horror film “The Babysitter”.

Judah Lewis Bio: Education and family

Born to American parents called Hara and Mark Lewis, Judah developed an interest in acting at an early age. Mark Lewis, Judah’s father is an actor as well, but also an author.

Mark is a native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey and his best-known work is his roles in “As the World Turns”, “Another World” and maybe his most notable role in the film “Demolition” side by side with his son. It is evident that Judah inherited his love for acting and his talent from his father. His first acting job was when he was four years old, in his parents’ theater company. Besides just having an interest in acting, Judah also has an affinity for drums. When it comes to his history of education, he never disclosed any information about it.

Judah Lewis Career:


For being just an 18 year-old, Judah has already had a quite successful career, appearing in a number of motion pictures and TV series. His acting debut was on the big screen in 2014, in an American Civil War western movie called “Deliverance Creek”, in which he played Caleb Barlow, and it was that role that helped prepare him for his following acting. In 2015, Judah made many heads turn and put his name on many people’s lists by acting in the American drama film called “Demolition”, in which he portrayed Chris Moreno, considered to be his breakthrough role.

What also helped this film gain fame was the presence of big names such as a very recognized actor Jake Gyllenhaal who played Davis Mitchell, an investment banker who is grieving the loss of his wife who was killed in a car accident. Eventually his character meets Karen, who turns out to be Judah’s mother in the film, and through the relationships he builds with the two them, he gets his life back on track. The role that followed was a support role in the TV movie “Point Break” in which he played the character Johnny Utah, and his last appearance as for the year 2015, he played Denny Metz in a guest role on one episode of a TV show “CSI: Cyber”.


The big thing for Judah in 2016 was the TV show called “Game of Silence”, in which he landed the recurring role as the character Gil Harris for six episodes. Furthermore, maybe his biggest achievement so far was in the feature “The Babysitter”. This mixed genre of horror and drama came out on Netflix in October of 2017, with Judah in one of the lead roles. The short synopsis of the film is that Judah’s character, Cole Johnson somehow finds out that his babysitter is a part of some sort of satanic cult.

Judah Lewis

The film received mixed reviews from the critics, however, the audience loved it, and part two is in development and should be released in 2020.


In 2018 Judah had two big features released, the Canadian horror film “Summer Catch of 84″, and ” The Christmas Chronicles”. In the latter he plays one of the lead roles alongside the very accomplished actor Kurt Russell, who plays Santa Clause. Given his current involvement in further productions, his future looks very bright.

Judah Lewis Spider-Man role

There is probably not a person who has not heard about the newest reboot of the Spider-Man films franchise, entitled “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Considering the rave reviews the actor Tom Holland and the film itself got, it is hard not to hear about such an accomplishment. Judah was one of the six actors who were in competition to win the role, however, the role went Tom Holland who certainly did a good job playing it.

Judah Lewis Personal Life

As for Judah’ personal life, few details suggest that he is from the same city as his father Mark – Cherry Hill in New Jersey, and has some Jewish roots, being that his parents are said to be of Jewish descent. When he has free time, Judah enjoys playing baseball and is believed to be quite a slugger. No information is available on his dating life.

Judah Lewis Net Worth

Considering he is still young, Judah’s net worth is still under review.

However, there is speculation that he earned $500,000 for his role in “Point Break”, which not a small amount, especially for an 18-year-old. His social network Instagram account holds almost 40,000 followers, and gains more fans daily.

Judah Lewis Body Measurements

Judah stands at 5ft 9ins or 1.79m, and weighs around 143lbs or 65kgs – given his age he likely has more to grow. His hair is dark brown while his eyes are hazel.

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