• Jordan Bridges is an American actor from a multi-national family with acting roots going back to his grandfather and grandmother
• His father, Beau Bridges, is an accomplished actor, producer, and Grammy Award winner
• His uncle, Jeff Bridges, is an Academy Award winning actor, singer, and producer
• Jordan attended college and worked as a waiter before returning to acting
• He has starred in numerous films, TV series, and TV films, and has an estimated net worth of $14 million

Jordan Bridges is an American actor, famous for appearing in numerous movies and series since early ‘90s. He is also a member of the legendary Bridges family, being the son of Beau Bridges and the nephew of Jeff Bridges, who are also popular and successful actors. Let’s find out more about Jordan’s net worth, family, wife, etc.

Early life and family

Jordan P. Bridges was born on 13 November 1973, in Los Angeles County, California USA, so under the sign of Scorpio, and holding American nationality. He comes from a family with multi-national ancestors: his father, actor Beau Bridges, is of English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Swiss-German descent, while his mother, Julie Landfield is of Jewish-Russian and Australian descent. Jordan has a brother, Casey Bridges (born in 1964).

He also has three half-siblings, as his father divorced his mother in 1984 to marry Wendy Treece just the same year, and to give birth to three more children in this marriage: Dylan (born in 1984), Emily (1986) and Ezekiel Jeffrey, as known as “Zeke”, (1993). Jordan is a third generation actor. His grandfather’s name was Lloyd Bridges (1913 – 1998); he was a two-time Emmy Award Nominee American actor, who appeared in more than 150 films, series and TV shows, among them “Little Big Horn” (1951), “Hot Shots!” (1991) and “Jane Austen’s Mafia!” (1998).

Jordan’s grandmother, Dorothy Louise Bridges (née Simpson) (1915 – 2009), was a famous American poet, drama teacher and actress, who appeared in her sons’ films, such as “See You in the Morning” (1989), co-starring with Jeff Bridges, and “The Thanksgiving Promise” (1986), directed by Beau Bridges.

Father, actor Beau Bridges

Speaking about Jordan Bridges’ family, we can’t skip mentioning at least a couple of works of his talented father, actor Beau Bridges. Born on 9 December 1941 as Lloyd Vernet Bridges III, he has won a Grammy Award, two Golden Globes and three Emmy Awards, and getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003. His most famous works are “Homeland” (2011 – present), in which he played Vice President Ralph Warner, “Stargate SG-1” (1997 – 2007), in which he landed the role of Major General Hank Landry, and “The Incident” (1967), a thriller, in which Beau played Pfc. Felix Teflinger. Beau is a very active social media networks user; he has an Instagram account in which he often posts the photos of his grandchildren and his daily routine with his wife, Wendy.

Uncle, Jeff Bridges

Jordan shared he was indeed inspired by the acting experience of his father, as well as his uncle, Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges

Born on 4 December 1949, Jeffrey Leon Bridges is not only a successful actor, but also a singer and producer. Being nominated dozens of times for his spectacular performances, he won Academy Awards as Best Actor for his role of Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart” (2009) in 2010, and a Golden Gobe for that role, and was honored by the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2019. Among this list of awards there are two Saturns, two Independent Spirit Awards, and more than ten others from various critics’ societies and associations. His most successful films are “K-PAX” (2001), “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” (1987) and “Hell or High Water” (2016). He is also an active Instagram user, as wel as a writer, painter, sculptor and photographer.

Educational background

Jordan attended Oakwood school, being strongly focused on the arts.

Right after his matriculation in 1991, he enrolled at Bard College in New York, majoring in theatre with his minor in literature, graduating in 1995 with a BA in Drama & Theatre Studies. Even before his graduation, he attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts for a year, huddling in a small basement room in the suburb of Chelsea, where he gained his passion for chicken noodles, and for West End theater plays, which he usually attended on free passes.


First steps

Having a whole family of multi-awarded actors, Jordan tried himself in his first TV film “The Kid from Nowhere” (1982), when he was only nine years old. The movie was directed by his father, Beau Bridges, which made it easier for Jordan to feel relaxed on the set.

He also appeared in “The Thanksgiving Promise” (1986), in which the entire Bridges family starred. Nevertheless, Jordan soon felt how much effort it took to be a child actor, and decided to quit acting until he got a proper education and enjoyed the life of a regular kid.  ‘I didn’t really know I wanted to act when I was a child. I have a lot of interests, and I really wanted to finish my education – go to college – and didn’t really want to have a career as an adolescent’, he shared in one of his interviews.

Getting back to acting career

Before he started getting offers for TV series and movies, Jordan worked as a waiter in the cafes of Los Angeles and New York for more than three years. At last, he landed the role of Eddie Lampell in “Drive Me Crazy” in 1999, and has been totally involved in acting ever since.

He got more minor roles in the following years, including as Graham “Gib” Gibson in “Frequency” (2000), Adam in “Happy Campers” (2001) and Kevin Taylor in “New Suit” (2002). Jordan also started appearing in various TV series, such as “Charmed” (1998 – 2006), in which he played in a couple of episodes in 2001, “Dawson’s Creek” (1998 – 2003), in which he played the role of Oliver Chirchick in several episodes of Season 5 from 2001 to 2002. From 2004 to 2007 he also landed minor roles in such series as “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, (1999 – present), “CSI:NY” (2004 – 2013), “Conviction” (2006 – present), and “Bionic Woman” (2007 – present).

Latest works

Jordan found his multiple appearances in various TV series quite perspective, and continued accepting offers for many other projects. He appeared in such series as “Without a Trace” (2002 – 2009) in the role of Zack Porter in 2009, and “Dollhouse” (2009 – 2010), in which he landed the role of Nicolas Bashford in the same year.

After appearing in two TV films “Love Takes Wing”, and “Love Finds a Home” in which he played the role of Lee Owens, Jordan landed his main role in the series called “Rizzoli & Isles”. From 2010 to 2016 he appeared in more than 110 episodes of seven seasons of the series, playing Frankie Rizzoli Jr. Among his other works there are such films as “Samantha: An American Girl Holiday” (2004), “A Good Funeral” (2009), “J. Edgar” (2011), in which he shared the screen with Leonardo DiCaprio, and “Crew 2 Crew” (2012). He also appeared in more series, among them “Gone” (2017 – present).

Personal life, wife Carrie Eastman

Jordan met his wife, Caroline “Carrie” Eastman, an artist and sculptor, in 2000. The couple started dating soon after their first meeting happened at the arts festival called “The Burning Man”, which Carrie had attended since 1998.

Jordan and Carrie had their wedding ceremony happening three times: twice in 2002, right at “The Burning Man”, and once on 2 January 2003 in Kaua’i, Hawaii, where the couple arranged a semi-traditional wedding ceremony at the beach, inviting only close friends and family members. She’s given birth to two children during her marriage with Jordan: in 2003 their daughter Caroline was born, who is also nicknamed “Lola”, and on 20 October 2005 their second child was born, a son named Orson.

The family often spends their spare time travelling around the globe; their favorite destinations are Hawaii islands, Europe, especially Rome, Italy, and Paris, France. Carrie likes sharing her early photos on her Instagram account, on which she is mainly drunk or holding a bottle or a glass of some alcohol drink. She likes joking she has had a crazy youth, and feels happy it didn’t affect her further life in a negative way.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Jordan studied kung fu for more than 10 years. He also can play the piano and the guitar, writing music from time to time. While his father, Beau Bridges, is a vegan since 2004, Jordan also tried to avoid meat food. However, he couldn’t eliminate it totally from his ratio, but prefers fish, noodles, ramen soups and other Asian food. He likes swimming, sunbathing and traveling.

Social media presence

Jordan is quite active on various social media platforms, so are other members of his big family. He has an Instagram account which is followed by more than 6,200 subscribers, and a Twitter account, read by around 14,700 people.  His wife, daughter and son are also active on Instagram, sharing a lot of personal photos of their family.

Appearance, clothing style

Jordan has black hair and hazel eyes; he haas  beard and moustache. He is 6ft 1ins (1.85m) and weighs around 198lbs (90kgs), while his vital statistics are not available at the moment. As to his clothing style, he prefers casual looks, and likes wearing light shirts with flower patterns and short sleeves. He doesn’t have any tattoos.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Jordan’s current net worth is estimated to be around $14 million. As to his celebrity relatives, his father, Beau Bridges, has accumulated a net worth of $16 million, while his uncle, Jeff Bridges has $70 million. As Jordan is still assigned to several series and other future film projects, his net worth is only going to grow.

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