• Jessica Kylie was born in Houston, Texas in 1985 and is known for her extensive resume of magazine covers and appearances in music videos.
• She has a mixed heritage of Latin American and Irish roots and faced bullying due to her curves as a teenager.
• She graduated high school and attended college before starting a career as a model and actress.
• She has her own business KandiKinis, as well as a modeling school and is an active supporter of Uncle Bud’s Hemp Products and New South.
• She has an estimated net worth of $1 million and is 5ft 4ins tall with vital statistics of 36-26-40.


Who is Jessica Kylie?

Born on 30 April 1985, in Houston, Texas USA, under the serene and balanced sign of Taurus, Jessica Kylie Zepeda is a 34-year-old model, influencer, actress, social media personality, entrepreneur and cover girl. She rose to fame due to her extensive resume of appearances on magazine covers, including Urban Ink, Quest Magazine, Regime and more. In recent years, she received even more publicity due to a large number of appearances in music videos, with the likes of Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Big Sean and several others. Nowadays, she is focused on running her model school, and becoming a legitimate actress in movies.

Early Life: Mixed Heritage and Problems

Jessica was born into a mixed family in the largest city in Texas. Her dad is Latin American, but it’s unclear whether he is a first-generation immigrant or not. From her mother’s side of the family tree, she has Irish roots. A combination of two vastly different cultures resulted in young Jessica looking exotic and unusual from an early age. This was mostly because of her large and sculpted posterior, which she had from the age of five, according to Jessica herself. It might be hard to imagine nowadays, but the 1990s and early 2000s were a time when being curvy wasn’t cool. Models like Kate Moss dominated the modeling industry, which resulted in Jessica’s curves being made fun of by boys and girls alike. Despite her posterior propelling her to international fame, she was ashamed of it as a teenager, and frequently wore large hoodies to cover-up her accentuated figure. If this wasn’t enough pressure, her parents divorced when she was still attending middle school, but thankfully she was close to her step-mom, Peggy Zepeda, whom she honored with an Instagram post in 2018.

High School Education: A Problematic, But Bright Child

Jessica went to an unspecified high school, but was somewhat of a troublemaker, hanging-out with problematic kids and getting into fights on a regular basis. ‘Everybody thought I was some kind of gangster girl or something, but I just had trouble finding myself and I really had problems with my temper’, Jessica stated on one occasion. Even though she was in trouble a lot, she was still smart enough to graduate with good grades, and by the time she matriculated, she was much more mature and ready to pursue her dreams, until something unexpected happened.

Jessica Kylie

Early Adulthood: College, Marital Problems and Searching for Her True Calling

Immediately after graduation, Jessica enrolled into a local college. At that time, she had a boyfriend with whom she was madly in love with. The two were together for a few years, before finally marrying and having a child. Everything was going well and Jessica was regularly attending college, until her husband was arrested sentenced to prison for a long period. This took her completely by surprise, but the outspoken and resourceful blonde wasted no time finding a job, working as waitress to make ends meet. Even though the job wasn’t as pleasant as she wanted it to be, she was a productive and dedicated single mother. On multiple occasions she heard ‘Wow, you’re so gorgeous! Why don’t you pursue modeling?’ from customers, which eventually prompted her to take an interest in such a career.

Career Beginnings: Having a Hard Time Breaking Onto the Scene

At first, Kylie was skeptical because of her height. Usually, models are women who tower above most men, and she was discouraged by this fact. She worked hard to find a job, but for the first few months she juggled acting in low-budget R&B and hip-hop videos with her job as a waitress. Occasionally, she would appear at car shows, but neither the money nor the work were satisfactory for this future star. During one Houston car show in 2008, a man who worked at a talent agency gave her his business card and invited her to participate in a calendar photo-shoot. It turned out that the shoot was for Summerbunnies, a renowned swimsuit and lingerie magazine founded in 2002. As she was posing, Jessica got news that the calendar was canceled, but just when she was about to leave, Dwyane Darden, the photographer, insisted on snapping a few more photos, and these photographs eventually reached the editor of Smooth Magazine.


Becoming Recognized: Smooth Magazine

Just a few days later Jessica received a call from the executives at Smooth Magazine. It turned out that she was one of only 20 girls selected to be flown to Jamaica for an exclusive calendar shoot. She embraced the opportunity and had a lot of fun during the photoshoot. Immediately upon return, she was notified that the editors had opted to make her the cover girl, and in an amazing turn of events, they also invited her to New York City, to pose for her second cover. The man responsible for all of this, Dwyane Darden, became her manager and helped her to eventually reach superstardom.

A True Celebrity: Sponsorships, Music Videos and More

With Darden’s help, Jessica subsequently scored a lot of shoots for magazines. She was particularly interested in urban modeling, because she loved hip-hop and the entire culture surrounding it. However, she realized that the internet was becoming more and more significant for models, and decided to cut down on her magazine appearances. This turned out to be the right move, as she created an Instagram account to take full control over her visual content. In the following years, Jessica appeared in expensive music videos by trap and hip-hop musicians such as Atlanta’s Gucci Mane and Louisiana’s own Lil Wayne. These cameo appearances accentualized her voluptuous curves and thick build, prompting brands, talent agencies and modeling aficionados to take notice of her talents. Jessica’s forays into the world of music, as well as her charisma and outspokenness, showed indications that she might be ready for more than modeling.

Venture Into Acting: H-Town, MTV and More

With the goal of exploring how talented she really was, Jessica tried her hand at acting. She starred in an independent, low-budget movie entitled “H-Town”, which hasn’t been circulated much, so there is no indication about the quality of her performance. However, Jessica got her first notable appearance when she was featured several times on Mun 2, a popular Latin American TV channel, after which she was invited to appear on Nick Cannon’s notorious “Wild ‘N Out” on MTV. Hosted by the famous actor, the show pits celebrity contestants against each other in comedy rap battles. Jessica was surprisingly good, most likely because she grew up listening to hip-hop. Currently, she is preparing to star in something bigger, but in the meantime she’s busy with businesses of her own.

Entrepreneurship. KandiKinis and Modeling Education

Jessica has always had a pronounced entrepreneurial spirit, which was evident considering her resourcefulness and ability to adapt to any work settings. This expanded into the business world as well, with her first creation – KandiKinis. Advertised as ‘homemade sexy swimwear’, the company sells modern swimsuits and trunks, with additional accessories included. The brand is quite popular, with 170,000 followers on Instagram. Jessica’s other venture is her own school for models where, along with industry experts, she personally teaches young men and women the essential values and tricks of modeling.

Sponsorships: Uncle Bud’s Hemp Products, New South and More

As a proponent of marijuana legalization, Jessica actively supports Uncle Bud’s Hemp Products, a beauty brand that specializes in products infused with CBD, which is a substance naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. She also happily wears New South clothing items, mostly dedicated to hip-hop and other forms of popular culture. Currently, she is represented by VCStudios.

Personal Life: Does Jessica Kylie Have a Boyfriend?

There is no credible information on whether Jessica Kylie is currently dating someone or not; she has always been a private person due to her career-related obligations. At the moment, it’s likely that she is focused on her career and raising her son. We don’t have any details on the name of her child, nor his age and other information. Jessica is a devout Christian, frequently quoting scripture in her Instagram posts and mentioning God. Her nickname is “Miss Rabbit”, which a reference to the cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit, who became a sort-of fantasy sex symbol. So many models and artists use that name, that she started using her middle name to distinguish herself.

What is Jessica Kylie’s Net Worth?

According to multiple credible sources, Jessica Kylie has a net worth of approximately $1 million, as of mid-2019, accumulated from investing in her own ventures for a steady influx of revenue. Her photoshoots, acting gigs, product sponsorships and school for models have a lot to do with her reaching this number. If Jessica continues to develop her career in the same manner, we might see her net worth rise significantly in the near future.

Jessica Kylie

Body Measurements: How Tall is Jessica Kylie?

Jessica Kylie is 5ft 4ins (165cm) tall, which is very short for a model, making her success even more remarkable. She weighs approximately 123 lbs (56kgs) and her vital statistics are 36-26-40. Her bra size is 36D, her hair is blonde, with green/light-brown eyes as a fitting contrast.

Social Media Presence

Like every model/entrepreneur, Jessica knows that social media can be a useful tool for building brand awareness and engaging with her audience. Thus she effectively uses Instagram for modeling purposes, sharing her work and promoting new collections; over two million fans follow her. In late 2016, she created another account, this one more personal with a slight accent on alternative photoshoots.  Twitter is Jessica’s other favorite social media website, on which she has 50,000 fans.


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