• Jess Lockwood is a 22 year-old professional wrestler and bull rider from Montana, USA
• He rose to fame in 2016 when he won the Built Ford Tough Series event
• He is dating professional barrel racer Hailey Kinsel
• His younger brother Jake Lockwood is also a professional bull rider
• Jess’ net worth is estimated to be over $1 million and he is active on social media.

Who is Jess Lockwood?

Born under the sign of Libra on the 28th of September 1997, in Volborg, Montana USA, of Christian beliefs, Jess Lockwood is a 22 year-old Caucasian wrestler and professional bull rider. He’s probably best known to the world for his significant exposure on television, and across other media sources, owing to his apparently enviable achievements in wrestling and bull riding. He’s had a great number of successes over the course of his bull riding career since 2016.

Early life and education: Part of the family

Jess was raised alongside his younger brother Jake Lockwood in his place of birth, by his Helldorado saddle bronc champion father Ed Lockwood, and his mother Angie Lockwood, who was a barrel racer.

Lisa Lockhart is Jess’ aunt – she qualified eight times for the NFR barrel race. Regarding his childhood interests, he grew up on the family ranch, and so was in the immediate presence of various disciplines, thanks most of all to his parents’ influence. Lockwood frequently watched bull riding competitions as a teenager – his favorite in the sport was Justin McBride, who would later mentor him. As the star himself said, ‘I always grew up around the rodeo atmosphere when I was young. My dad was in saddle bronc, and my mom was a barrel racer. But I guess I’m the different one of the family.

I went with the bulls.’ As for his education, he attended Powder River High School in his birth state, from where he matriculated in 2015. There is no information to clarify whether he opted for a college education, though for now this is not believed to be the case.

Career: Straight for the throne

Prior to entering the world of professional bull riding, Jess focused heavily on wrestling. In 2013 he took this passion far enough to win the class B-C 98-pound Montana state wrestling championship, but it seems that he lost interest after this, and began focusing solely on bull riding. There’s  not enough information to verify exactly when he entered professional competitions in the sport, but it’s known that he became noticed in April 2016, at which point he won the Built Ford Tough Series (BTFS) event.

Jess Lockwood

This victory took place in his home state, at the Stanley Performance in Action Invitational, earning him $40,000. Jess increased his efforts afterwards, training harder than ever to become a bull riding superstar. He finished 2016 with the Rookie of the Year title, and in 2017 became the world’s #1 bull rider, by winning the 2017 PBR World Championship, grossing $1 million for the spot, and exiting the contest with another $500,000. He had 100 bull attempts at the end of the year, with five events and 20 rounds won. Jess remains strong in the sport, with 89 bull attempts in 2019, coming in at #2 in September with 5,080 points.

How does the rest of the year look for Jess?

The latter half of 2019 started with Brazilian Jose Vitor Leme above Jess in the world standings; Lockwood required another 821 points to claim the first spot, but his earnings were already greater at #2, with $17,000 more than Jose, as Jess has won 13 events, and Jose three less. However, Jess had eight less round winnings, and it remained to be seen how the scores would shift by the end of 2019; the result was another victory for Jess!

Love life: Is Jess single or dating?

Being one of the youngest champions in any sport, Jess is the subject of interest for many admirers. When it comes to his romantic involvements, he doesn’t keep them a secret, and the information regarding his love life is pretty clear.


As reported by Cowgirl Magazine, Lockwood has been dating professional barrel racer Hailey Kinsel since 2018, and showed in some of his social media posts that he was single before the two got together, hence, it’s safe to assume that Kinsel is his first girlfriend. There hasn’t been any controversy surrounding the relationship of the two, and they haven’t thus far revealed any plans for taking vows or expanding their family. They reside apparently happily together at an undisclosed location in Montana.

His brother follows along

Though not as successful, Jess’ younger brother Jake Lockwood is also a professional bull rider. He entered the sport a few years after the world champion, and is still making his name known among the sport’s aficionados.

He recently got his first coveted breakthrough, and is seems sure to continue with the same momentum. As reported by the official Professional Bull Riding (PBR) website, Jake won his first PBR event in May 2019 at the age of 19, at the Nipawin Centennial Arena, in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was awarded more than $4,000 for the achievement, and skipped to #53 in the world standings. On the Canadian rankings, he now sits at #12, as opposed to his previous #34 spot.

Does Jess have a tattoo?

There’s been talk of Jess making a permanent mark on his body, and the fans have been dying to know whether it’s true, and what it is. Lockwood got his chest inked under the right pec, and the inspiration is, again, his parents’ influence.

The bull riding champion is also a devout Christian, and thus he decided to get a tattoo which is a religious reference – the text says ‘Joshua 1:5-9’, which reads ‘Be strong and courageous for in that you may be successful wherever you go.’ in the “Bible”.

His website and injuries

Lockwood has his own website jesslockwood.com, offering a short biography, and clothing merchandise for sale to visitors. One of the shirts that can be found there lists all of the mishaps Jess suffered during his time in the sport thus far. It reads ‘Broken ribs, punctured lung, lacerated liver, concussion, broken hand, torn hand ligaments, torn groin, torn mcl, broken foot, stitches, world champ.’

What is MotiveCBD?

Jess has recently been involved in producing and distributing the brand of sports supplements named MotiveCBD. The link to the website motivecbd.com can be found on Jess’ Instagram profile – the sportsmen he teamed up with to create it are Nick Mangold, Charly Arnolt, Bode Miller and Gabby Douglas. The products on offer currently consist of oil tinctures, various support capsules, and even fruit chews. Fans can also buy MotiveCBD mints and toothpicks to aid the brand.

What is Jess Lockwood’s net worth?

Have you ever given a thought to just how rich Jess could be, near mid-2024? With a look at some of the most authoritative sources, it becomes apparent that Jess’ net worth is well over $5 million, thanks to his various achievements as a professional bull rider, in largest part his #1 spot on the world rankings in 2017.

Seeing as Jess is just 22 years old and extremely dedicated to the discipline, the said amount will surely increase, injuries permitting.

Body measurements

So, how tall do you think is the bull riding superstar? Jess is 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall, and weighs approximately 130lbs (59kgs). His vital statistics are not publicly known, but his body shape is often referred to as fit. He has bright blue eyes and light brown hair, coupled with a mostly pale complexion and a natural blush.

Social media presence

Do you believe Jess keeps an active online profile? Being one of the most famous professional bull riders on the planet, Lockwood is expected to try and increase that popularity further, mostly by frequently interacting with the audiences and keeping them updated on his personal and professional developments. It looks as though the champion is well aware of the potential earnings this habit can produce, and he’s thus ubiquitous on all three of the most popular social media networks. His Facebook has more than 40,000 fans, and his Twitter ands Instagram accounts are equally well followed.

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