• Paulo Caputo is a rapper from Italy, known for his focus on drugs, money, women, and loafers.
• He has a net worth estimated to be around $1 million, earned through his music and online presence.
• As a young adult, he suffered from mental instability and took psychotropic drugs, which led him to near overdoses.
• He rose to fame independently, through his music videos, and was invited to join the Dark Polo Gang.
• He recently had another near-death experience, overdosing on drugs, and is now single, and a father to his child.

Who is Young Signorino?

Paulo Caputo was born on 1 November 1999, in Cesena, Italy, and is a rapper, best known for rising to fame through YouTube, on which he posted his music before gaining attention from several high-profile music producers. He’s also gained a lot of attention for his focus on drugs, money, women, and loafers. His look and lifestyle have led to many labeling him one of the most controversial rappers from Italy.


The Net Worth of Young Signorino

Young Signorino has a net worth estimated to be around $1 million, earned through success in the music industry. Aside from his music releases, his fame through his online accounts has helped in increasing his wealth. He’s gained a lot from advertising revenue on his YouTube channel, and his fame on Instagram has also attracted sponsors.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

At a young age, Young Signorino suffered from mental instability, which led him to hospital numerous times. To try to cope with his mental problems, he started taking various psychotropic drugs, which didn’t help, and even led to situations where he nearly overdosed.

Growing-up, he became inspired by Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi, who would become one of the main reasons he pursued a career in music. In 2017, he also saw the potential for a career through YouTube. The video-sharing website is one of the most popular in the world, allowing users to upload content to be viewed by the public. Many YouTubers have used it as a stepping stone towards the entertainment industry, including singers/rappers, leading them to sign deals with major record labels.

Young Signorino

YouTube Content and Music Progression

In 2017, Young Signorino uploaded his first video “Soldi e Mocassini” – translated as Money and Loafers – on his channel. From the start, he wanted to promote his life philosophy surrounding money, loafers, drugs and women; he eventually took this video down and created another, declaring himself as the son of the devil. Over the next two years, his controversial actions and music would gain him attention online, but he also displayed skill in rap. He mentioned that he didn’t think a lot about his lyrics, suggesting that he just went with what felt right to him.

Signorino often adhered to the vaporwave culture in his music videos and recordings, and he was soon noted as one of the rising stars of Italy’s rap and trap scene. A few of his music releases attracted the attention of music producers Low Kidd and Big Fish, and he released tracks such as “Fiji”, “Mars Attack”, and “Borotalco”. His first collaborative release was entitled “Dolce Droga”, which was made with Low Kidd. The video helped propel him further, with the song gaining millions of views on YouTube.

Other Music Releases and Recent Endeavors

A few months later, Young Signorino released the song “Mmh Ha Ha Ha”, which continued his high view counts. Many of his followers praised the surreal treatment of the song, however, as his fame grew his audience became divided. Some felt that despite his looks and apparent lifestyle, he showed talent in music, while others believed that he was creating a poor image of Italy and was killing Italian music, especially since he was actively promoting the use of drugs.

He was eventually invited to join a group called the Dark Polo Gang, which is focused on trap music. The group originated in Rome, and rose to fame independently without the use of a major label. However, since joining the group, he has not yet made any music with them. He released another single entitled “La Danza dell’Ambulanza” which was a collaborative project with Big Fish, which gained national attention with his unusual fashion sense and potential in trap music.

Following Instagram shutting his main account down, he re-established himself on the website once more, this time focused on more wholesome content. He mainly does photoshoot posts and promotes his music through the platform.

He recently had another near-death experience, overdosing on drugs, after which he mentioned reconsidering his life direction, now that he also has a child.

Personal Life

Young Signorino is single, and has admitted being happy about his current civil state. He does have a child from one of his relationships, and shares responsibility with raising the child.

He continues to focus on his music, touring around the country to promote his work. Despite all of his facial tattoos, he recently started promoting a more fashion-forward image, taking into account recent trends in Italian fashion.

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