• India Love Westbrooks is a social media and reality TV personality born in 1996 in California, USA
• Her net worth is estimated at over $1.3 million due to her online fame, sponsorships and modelling work, plus her work in “The Westbrooks”, and romances with celebrities
• She initially rose to fame through the website Instagram, leading to her work in the television series entitled “The Westbrooks”
• India Love has been in several high profile relationships and has been the subject of various controversies, such as nude photos of her being leaked online
• She has 500 million daily users on Instagram, 40 billion photos uploaded, and is often compared to the Kardashians for her reality TV fame.

Who is India Love?

India Love Westbrooks was born on 3 February 1996, in California, USA, and is a social media and reality television personality,  initially rising to fame through the website Instagram, leading to her work in the television series entitled “The Westbrooks for which she’s.best known.

The Riches of India Love

India Love has a net worth estimated at close to $1.5 million, as of mid-2024. Her online fame has led her to numerous opportunities, including sponsorships and modelling work, plus her appearance in “The Westbrooks”, and possibly her romances with several celebrities.

Early Life and Social Media Beginnings

India was raised by her parents in California alongside four sisters, who would all later successfully pursue careers in social media with varying degrees of success; she also has two brothers.

She became fascinated with social media at a young age, and created her first account on the website Tumblr in 2011. Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging website which now has over 400 million blogs with a similar number of daily users. She posted on the site regularly but eventually moved to other platforms, after experiencing consistent trouble with hackers.

India Love

Instagram Fame

India Love looked for other ways of expanding her online reach, and rode the wave of ever increasing popularity on Instagram, a photo and video-sharing service which was launched in 2010. It’s owned by Facebook, and allows users to upload photo or video content to their own account which can then be shared with the public or to followers who are pre-approved. Over 500 million actively use the website on a daily basis, with over 40 billion photos uploaded.

India grew in fame on the site thanks to her attractive figure and her willingness to cater to her followers through sensual posts, fitness photos, and fashion shoots. She’d gained over a million followers before she turned to reality television.

The Westbrooks and Recent Endeavors

In 2013, India Love and her siblings were approached by television producers, leading to the creation of the reality show  “The Westbrooks”, which took advantage of the popularity of the siblings, especially India.

The show features them tackling their online careers, and the hate mail they receive from online denizens. She portrays an aloof personality in the show, which gives viewers an insight into the life of a family of social media personalities. The show features a lot of drama between the siblings, and the relationships they have. This effort has proved lucrative for her, as advertisers, and companies have contacted her to promote clothing, shoes, accessories, and the like.

The girls have turned their fame into a business, and the Westbrooks have even been compared to another reality television elevated family, the Kardashians. The show is responsible for elevating India’s growth even further, as her social media accounts received a huge boost after the show started airing on television. India often takes hundreds of photos a day to find the right one to post online, and her efforts have led to more modelling opportunities for her, working with brands such as Coal N Terry Vintage.

Personal Life

India has been in several high profile relationships – one of her first was with professional American Football player Ron Robinson, as the two dated for two years before breaking up 2013. She then started dating rapper Soulja Boy which also lasted about two years, and was reportedly one of the reasons for Soulja Boy’s feud with Lil Yachty.

In 2014, she had a relationship with professional American Football player Brandon Wimberly which lasted for a few months before she connected to rapper, The Game, which was another short lived romance. Other people that India has been romantically involved with include Rick Ross, Justin Combs, and Cliff Dixon. There were also rumors that she was dating rapper and singer Drake, though it hasn’t been confirmed. She has had her share of controversies, especially with all the relationships and her actions on “The Westbrooks”. One of her biggest controversies came when nude photos of her were leaked online, quickly removed.

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