• Colby Brock is a 22 year-old YouTuber and Instagram star from Stanley, Kansas USA.
• He and his best friend Sam Golbach rose to fame via the Vine platform, then transitioned to other social media platforms, mainly Instagram and YouTube.
• They have their own clothing line called XPLR, have recorded several songs, and have held concerts across the US.
• Colby has millions of fans and numerous projects to his name, and an estimated net worth of $550,000.
• He is 5ft 11ins (1.80m) tall, weighs around 159lbs (72kgs), and has brown hair, blue eyes.

Who is Colby Brock?

Cole Robert ‘Colby’ Brock was born on the 2nd January 1997, in Stanley, Kansas USA. He is a YouTuber and Instagram star, whose career has been active since 2013, and who initially rose to fame via the Vine platform. During his high school years, he and his best friend Sam Golbach, started uploading short videos onto Vine, and eventually reached over a million subscribers and tens of millions of views. After the Vine platform was shut down, the duo successfully transitioned to other social media platforms, mainly Instagram and YouTube. In addition to the shared projects, both Colby and Sam have their individual channels, and pursue other projects as well.

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Colby Brock Wiki Bio

Growing up with his parents and his older brother Gage, Colby Brock attended Blue Valley High School in Overland Park, Kansas, where he met his future best friend Sam Golbach. Speaking of his early childhood, Colby stated that he and Golbach bonded quickly because they shared the same interests, but also because they were both kind of social outcasts. Prior to their rise to Internet stardom, Brock was also a member of the school marching band, which often meant going to nearby cities to participate in marching band competitions.

Since they were still in high school when they became famous, Colby has also said that besides the publicity and support they received, they also faced bullying, both on the Internet and within their school.

Rise to Fame on Vine

As mentioned, Colby alongside his best friend Sam, first entered the spotlight via  Vine, the former hugely popular video hosting service, on which users would post six-second-long videos, usually of humorous content. The two started uploading videos in late 2013, consisting of pranks, impersonations and humorous sketches. They quickly became one of the most popular content creators on the platform, and by early 2014 had over 10,000 subscribers, and had become local celebrities.

Colby Brock

From January to April 2014, the number of their subscribers skyrocketed to 100,000, and shortly before the app’s shutdown, their profile reached its one millionth subscriber. However, despite their huge online popularity, Colby and Sam received criticism for some of their content. “Following Fat People”, their most popular Vine and the one which became their first viral hit, was seen as bullying and fat-shaming by some of their fans, though the boys later admitted it was completely staged and regretted doing it. In addition, they were banned from a Chicago mall on account of a public disturbance due to the several pranks they filmed there.

Transition to YouTube and Instagram

After the shutdown of the Vine app in early 2017, the duo focused completely on their YouTube channel. Unlike their Vine videos, on YouTube they mostly uploaded long videos of themselves visiting empty and abandoned places, often with an emphasis on exploring paranormal phenomena in locations that were considered to be haunted. This type of content proved to be a major success, and brought Colby and Sam further online recognition and fame.

They decided to move to Los Angeles to fully commit to their careers as social media personalities, and in recent years have collaborated with other famous YouTubers such as Jake Webber, Corey Scherer and the group channel TFIL. In addition, both Colby and Sam have gained a large following on Instagram.

Other Projects

His social media fame enabled Brock to start several other projects, both with his friend Sam and solo. The two have their own clothing line, called “XPLR”.

Colby has recorded several songs, and has held concerts across the US. In 2016, they launched the website initially called “The Life Project” which offered podcasts, videos and blog posts aimed at young people, and consisting of various topics which they considered crucial for making it in today’s world, but were not taught in schools. Since then, the site has been revised and is now called “MetaLife”.

Net Worth

At only 22, the Kansas native has millions of fans and numerous projects to his name. His clothing line and music career, combined with sponsorship and ad revenues, which as of mid-2024, have enabled him to acquire a net worth of  $3 million, according to estimations by authoritative sources, accumulated with income reputedly exceeding $10,000 per month.

Personal Life

Speaking of his private life, Colby has been keen not to reveal any information regarding his relationship status. A photo he uploaded on Instagram in August 2018, which features him hugging a girl whose face can’t be seen, along with the caption ‘me and you’, sparked questions among his fans regarding the identity of the mysterious girl. However, Colby refused to comment on it. He currently resides in Los Angeles, and shares an apartment with Golbach and several other friends.

In early 2023, Colby was diagnosed with testicular cancer, but latest reports indicate that treatment has been successful in eradicating the disease.

Social Media

Sam and Colby’s YouTube channel, active since 2014, has amassed more than 3.5 million subscribers and more than 360 million views; his solo channel has more than 1.85 million subscribers. His Instagram account currently has around 1.5 million followers, while his Twitter account has nearly 900,000. Besides this, Sam and Colby have a joint Facebook profile, while Colby also has an account on Snapchat.

Appearance and Physical Characteristics

When it comes to his appearance, Brock has a muscular figure. He’s 5ft 11ins (1.80m) tall, weighs around 160lbs (72kgs), and his vital statistics are 40 (chest) – 32 (waist) – 15 (arms). He has brown hair and blue eyes.

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