• Clara BabyLegs is a former YouTuber and current webcam model
• She spent her childhood in California, doing a lot of dancing, sports, and gymnastics
• She has over 45,000 followers on Twitch, and is focused on adult-oriented content
• Clara had a controversial affair with YouTuber Brandon Ashur, who was charged with pedophilia
• Her net worth is estimated to be $300,000

Clara BabyLegs is a former YouTuber, who is now working as a webcam model. She is also famous for her controversial affair with another YouTuber, Brandon Ashur.

Early life and family

Clara Swan was born on 31 August 1996, in California USA. Her zodiac sign is Virgo and she holds American nationality. Clara spent her childhood in California, living with her family in their small house. She did a lot of dancing while she was a teenager, and took hip-hop, contemporary and ballet classes. She was also into sports a lot, being in her high school swim team, and did a lot of gymnastics, though she didn’t participate in any competitions, leaving it as her hobby.

Educational background

Clara matriculated from her local high school in 2014, enrolling at the cosmetology school after her matriculation.


However, she eventually quit the school as she wanted to focus on her streaming career, but she admitted she enjoyed every minute of her studying there. Even though her schooldays were quite peaceful, she has recently shared on her Twitter that she wasn’t going to send her kids to schools, but use online schooling not to put her kids under risk of bullying, shooting or any other harm normal schools can pose.


YouTube and Twitch streaming career

Clara started her YouTube channel in 2014, when she began uploading highlights from her streams on Twitch. She shared a lot of gaming videos of herself playing The Sims, Minecraft and many other games. She also shared her haul overviews and several makeup tutorials, such as “Fairy Freckles Makeup Tutorial” (more than 32,000 views) and “Blue and Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial” (almost 30,000 views).

She also posted several vlogs, telling the story of how she dyed her hair blue and how people around her reacted on her new hair color. In 2017 she got a Community Guideline strike on her YouTube channel, banning her from streaming on YouTube for three months, which she announced in her vlog entitled “WHAT WHAT IN THE… VLOG! Idk”, which attracted more than 450,000 views). Clara removed all her videos from her Twitch profile, though it still has more than 45,000 followers, hoping to see her streaming again. As of 2019, Clara stopped updating her YouTube channel – the latest video she posted was two years ago.

Webcam modelling

Following her dream of becoming a nude model, Clara expanded her activity on such platforms as Patreon, Chaturbate and My Free Cams Share.

Clara Babylegs

According to the information in her profile, she started webcam modelling in 2017, and is planning on cam modeling and creating porn for the foreseeable future. She is now focused on adult oriented content, and streams daily on MFC Share (My Free Cams). She also encourages her fans to send her gifts from her Amazon wish list in exchange to her nude photos and videos. The list includes various jewelry, dresses, heart-shaped pots, etc. Clara constantly suffers from multiple leaks of her photos and videos, and even though she warns her viewers she may sue for compensation as a copyright owner, with a fee from $50 to $125,000 or even one-year jail sentence, her followers still spread her private content on the internet.

Personal life, ex-boyfriend YouTuber Brandon “Bashur” Ashur

Clara once dated another YouTuber named Brandon Ashur who was mostly known as Bashur ot Bashurverse.

He streamed on Twitch, and also uploaded videos on his YouTube channel, which were “Let’s Play” videos on Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, etc. After Clara found out about the former accusation of pedophilia Brandon was charged with, and Brandon admitted they were true, she broke up with him. There were rumors that after their breaking up they tried to stay friends and even lived together again for a short period of time, but Clara eventually wrote on her Twitter that they were not together: ‘I’m tired of this getting brought up. No bashur and I are not together and that’s the last I wanna talk about it’.

Who is Brandon “Bashur” Ashur?

Brandon Dylan Ashur was born on 9 September 1985, in Kentucky, USA. Brandon had a very successful YouTube channel, and his streams on Twitch were viewed by thousands of people.

He’s collaborated with other successful YouTubers, such as Sky Does Minecraft, JeromeASF and CaptainSparklez, and attracted almost two million subscribers to his channel by 2011. However, accusations of pedophilia surfaced and increased, and his fans discovered that Brandon really had an episode in his life when he was officially accused of sex-tipped chatting with persons who were younger than 16 years of age. Brandon deleted all his YouTube videos in 2015, never returning to the platform, only posting the video named “WOOPS – WHERE ARE YOUR VIDEOS?!”, saying that he’d accidently deleted all his videos on the channel, while he was intending to delete only one of them.

He promised to contact YouTube to help him to restore his videos, and promised to re-upload all of them if they wouldn’t help – however, the channel still remains empty, as of ate 2019.

Controversy and pedophile accusations

While Clara was dating Brandon Ashur, they shared many mutual videos of themselves  doing challenges, such as “CHAPSTICK KISSING CHALLENGE! Boyfriend vs Girlfriend with Bashur & ClaraBabyLegs” and “TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE BF VS GF Challenge”, and published some vlogs about their routines, and moving.

In April 2015 Brandon posted a video in which he shared personal details about his hard childhood, stating that he didn’t know his father, and his biological mother was in prison, so he spent his early years with his relatives, and at that moment was living with his adoptive mother.

He also told the story of the accusations of pedophilia which arose when he was 19, as he had a close relationship with a girl who was only 15 years old. Brandon insisted that they didn’t have sex, but the private detectives hired by the girl’s parents who followed him and the girl, found out they were having a sex-tipped conversation in the messenger.

Brandon was charged with a Class B felony, and was forced to attend psychotherapy classes for pedophiles.

Later he was shut in his room with only his computer which he could use to play games. He spent a lot of time playing Minecraft and World of Warcraft, and eventually decided to start streaming. However, when the story of his past was revealed, Clara broke-up with Brandon, but admitted in her interview with the YouTube channel Drama Alert that she was pregnant to him, but experienced a miscarriage. Brandon never showed up after the story came out.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Clara keeps fit, and spends a lot of time in the gym in the San Fernando Valley, Southern California where she lives, privately trained by fitness coach Pierre in the elite training studio CaliFit.
  • Clara likes decorative candles, and even collects them, including succulent shaped candles, unicorn shaped candles and many others.
  • Her favorite food is exotic Japanese candies.
  • She also likes classic Oreo cookies.
  • Her favorite anime character is Sailor Moon, and she likes wearing her Sailor Moon wig, often showing it off in her cosplay costume.
  • Clara has two cats named Merlin and Twinkles.
  • She sometimes suffers from migraines.
  • Clara has a tongue piercing.
Clara Babylegs

Appearance, clothing style

Clara now has middle-length neon pink hair, which she earlier dyed blue, blonde and red. She is 5ft 4ins (1.67m) tall and weighs around 136lbs (62kgs); her vital statistics are 36-26-36. Clara enjoys wearing cat-eared headbands, and kigurumi, and her favorite is from HelloKitty. Clara likes extravagant shoes, and has recently demonstrated a pair of her new blue shoes from Irregular Choice brand, a pair of high heeled Star Wars-themed shoes with the robots R2D2 as the heels; the shoes also had the pictures of the main characters of the Star Wars saga on their sole.


Clara was rumored to have undergone plastic surgery on her breasts, but she hasn’t confirmed the procedure, though her fans noticed the changes by comparing her recent and previous photos, indicating that she now has implants.

Net worth and salary

As of 2019, Clara’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000. She is now mainly focused on her webcam modelling career, so her streams with adult content are her main source of income. She doesn’t do any YouTube or Twitch streaming now.

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