• Christina Greeven Cuomo is an American media person and entrepreneur of Brazilian and German descent.
• She has used her passion for writing to become an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, and a successful businesswoman.
• She is the Editor and Founder of the magazine “The Purist” and “Hamptons Purist”.
• She has been married to renowned CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo since 2001, and they have three children.
• Her net worth is estimated at over $5 million.

Christina Greeven Cuomo is best known as the wife of successful CNN News anchor Chris Cuomo, nevertheless, she is quite prominent in the media herself with her journalistic and entrepreneurial projects. She has used her passion for writing to become an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, and a successful businesswoman.

Early life, family, educational background

The American media person and entrepreneur Christina Greeven was born on 12 January 1970, in New York City, USA. She spent her childhood living with her parents – attorney Rainer Greeven and his wife Regina Greeven, and her sister Andrea, on Long Island and Southampton, as she mentioned on the website of her magazine “Purist”. Her parents have been married since 1964.

Cristina is an American national from Brazilian and German descent – Cristina`s grandfather was Minister of State in Germany, and reputedly the founder of the famous train line the “Orient Express”. She has a close relationship with her family and on several occasions has shared photos of her parents. One of the captions on those photos was ‘Someone once wrote there is no love like a parent’s for their child, but there is also no love like a child’s for a parent, our teachers of unconditional love’.

Her educational background could be observed on her social media profiles – she attended Chapin School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan which admits solely female students, and later continued her educational path to Cornell University.

After graduating in 1992, Cristina immediately began her career in what was her immense passion ever since she was a child – creative writing, and started working as a writer.


Cristina Greeven took the first footsteps in her career as writer and magazine editor in New York. She later continued to land more successful projects and roles, including the position of Vice Chairman of Niche Media LLC, particularly being involved as Editorial Director with the magazines “Hampton” and “Gotham”. She has made a significant contribution to Niche Media Model and its appearance on the market in 2001, partnering with Jason Binn and contributing to the launch of “Gotham”. Greeven became known for her knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. Her inspiring work was rewarded with ambassadorship of the popular skincare brand Natura Bisse.

She was also involved with the company Modern Luxury as editor-in-chief for two of their magazines: “Beach” and “Manhattan”, but they were forced to make her redundant due to downsizing in 2016, and later were accused by Cristina of plagiarizing her ideas. Cristina invested seven years working for the “Manhattan File” magazine as founder and Editor-in-Chief. She was hired and worked on multiple projects which have enriched her career and professional experience, before she made a bold decision to start her own lifestyle magazine called “The Purist”, which made its debut in 2017.

“The Purist”

Motherhood has inspired Cristina`s healthy lifestyle which is the main theme of her magazine “The Purist”, being editor and founder, and managing the magazine from the comfort of her home.

The magazine is available online and in printed version, teaching and encouraging readers of a healthy way of life, not only physical but also psychological and emotional. In the section for a description of the magazine, Greeven shared: ‘Wellness is no longer an indulgence, it’s a necessity. The time is right for a good cleanse”. The magazine represents a reflection of Greeven`s knowledge and efforts to endorse healthy habits in everyday life.

She was not only recognized as an influencer for healthy living, but she was also given a starring role in female empowerment, the advertisement for “Delta”, and participated in the campaign of “Blade” app-based helicopter service. One year later Cristina launched “Hamptons Purist” as a luxury magazine situated in the East End of Long Island. The magazine featured famous and inspiring faces on its cover, including Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, and Julianne Moore.

Christina Cuomo

Personal life, husband Chris Cuomo

Cristina Greeven has been married to famous news anchor Christopher Cuomo since 2001. According to sources the couple met at a party in 1998, and so dated a couple of years before they married. The couple said ‘I do’ before their friends and family in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church in Southampton, Long Island, reported by the New York Times. Cristina became Mrs Cuomo wearing a wedding gown designed by Oscar de la Renta.

The couple has been blessed with three children: Bella, Mario, and Caroline. She has mentioned in several statements that she and her husband prefer the kids to be surrounded by nature while growing up, and that is quite difficult living in New York. Being a mom has influenced Christina`s care for nutrition and wellbeing, but she has also been a role model for her children with her healthy living.

The couple seems to have a nice family life, although according to sources, there have been certain rumors about possible divorce, due to the questionable sexual orientation of her husband, which the couple denied.

Who is Chris Cuomo?

He is known as the famous dark-haired, dark-eyed CNN news anchor, standing at 6ft 2ins tall, who in 1997 was named among the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Chris Cuomo is an attorney as well. Chris Charles Cuomo was born in New York on 9 August 1970 into the family of Matilda and Mario Cuomo, the youngest among his siblings Margaret, Andrew, Madeline, and Maria. The family resided in Queens until their father was elected governor of New York and they moved to the governor`s mansion in Albany, when Chris was 12.

Following studies in The Albany Academy, Chris Cuomo enrolled at Yale University, and after graduating, continued on to get his J.D Degree at Fordham University in The Bronx, New York. The beginnings of his career as a journalist were marked by multiple appearances on CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC, discussing prominent political and social questions. He later became a policy analyst for the Fox News channel, and joined ANC as co-anchor of “20/20”. During his career, he’s covered the Haiti earthquake, as well as the war on terrorism in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan, as news anchor of “Good Morning America”. Cuomo prominently coved social issues such as custody of children, teenagers without homes and bullying.

As a reflection of his part-Italian background, he has been a target of some racial comments and bullying himself, according to sources. Cuomo continues to report important events worldwide. His career with CNN started in February 2013 as a co-host of the morning show, as well as field anchor.

Several controversies were attached to his name. According to sources, Cuomo was arrested for drunk driving. He has made certain remarks about prominent political figures which made him a possible target of legal actions, including concerning the candidate for US president in 2016, Hillary Clinton.

Chris Cuomo is recognized as the highest-paid news anchor of CNN. His contribution to journalism has been recognized with an Emmy Award.

Social Media, Hobbies, Interests

Being followed by 53.2k people on and more than 5.7k followers on Christina Greeven Cuomo is a very prominent and influential person on social media, including Instagram and Twitter, but hasn’t been seen on Facebook. She nurtures a great interest in diet and nutrition and her recipes include various dishes and snacks.

Appearance, clothing style

She has light brown eyes and dark brown hair with an impeccable sense of fashion. Her healthy way of living could be seen in her physical appearance. According to sources one of her favorite shopping haunts is “Haute Hippie” in Southampton. She seems sophisticated and well-versed in her interviews.

Net worth and salary

She has certainly earned quite a sum of money with her involvement in various projects and entrepreneurial business models. Her net is estimated at over $5 million as of early 2020. Her husband has a net worth of $9 million, and a reputed annual salary of $2.5 million.

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