• Bryiana Noelle Flores is a famous model and Playmate of the Year featured in Playboy.
• She is of mixed Caucasian, Filipino, Spanish, Chinese and Cherokee descent and grew up in Los Banos, California.
• She won several beauty pageants and was offered a contract with Playboy.
• She is married to skateboarder and successful entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek.
• She has an estimated net worth of $3 million and her husband's net worth is estimated at $50 million.


Bryiana Noelle Flores is a famous model and a Playmate of the Year, featured on the pages of the legendary magazine, Playboy. She is also well-known for being the wife of Rob Dyrdek, a popular skateboarder and successful entrepreneur.

Early life, family, educational background

Bryiana Noelle Flores was born on 21 July 1991, in Salinas, California USA, into a family of very mixed Caucasian, Filipino, Spanish, Chinese and Cherokee descent. Her parents had to take special care of Bryiana from her early years, as was diagnosed with a disease which could develop into a life-threatening form. The treatment supposed a bone marrow transplant, but in a short period of time, almost before the surgery, the latter was cancelled.

Bryiana started recovering only on medical treatment, soon improving considerably. Her parents wrote to the Make-A-Wish Foundation asking to give Bryiana a chance to swim with the dolphins. The trip to Hawaii made the girl feel even better. Bryiana’s family moved to Los Banos, California, where she spent her childhood. She matriculated from the local high school in 2009. More remarkably, when she was fully recovered from her disease, Bryiana started participating in beauty pageants.


Modelling career

During her high school years, feeling well after her successful treatment, Bryiana took part in her first beauty pageant, and won the title of Miss Teen of the Nation in 2008.

In 2010 she achieved a new goal, becoming Miss California Teen. Bryiana’s parents understood she was pretty serious about her modeling career, so they helped her to move to Los Angeles, where she could easily participate in more pageants of her choice. After winning several more competitions, Bryiana was noticed by the agents of Playboy magazine, and was offered a contract. She was featured in several magazines of 2012 and 2013, becoming the Playboy Playmate of the Year in 2013. Since then she has been partnering with Playboy, appearing in various events, being featured in calendars, posters and other merchandise range.

Bryiana Noelle Flores

Iconic Beauty project

At the beginning of 2019 Bryiana announced her new project called “Iconic Beauty”, which was meant to become a club for women who struggle with confidence in their looks, and life in general. Bryiana organized several meet-ups with the women who were interested to participate in her new motivational program, and the project should have started by the end of August, 2019, though there haven’t been any updates since July 2019. The Instagram account of the project featured dozens of motivational quotes and photos from the previous meet-ups, but the official site of “Iconic Beauty” is still working in the maintenance mode, so Bryiana’s fans are waiting for updates from her side.

Iconic Wine Beauties project

Another endeavor of Bryiana is her Iconic Wine Beauties project, which is a club of females who meet once a month to spend some time together drinking wine. The club is based on an interest in wine, and accepts those who are seeking to communicate on the modern life of females in todays society, want to find new friends or need some support from like-minded people. Bryiana holds the position of the president of the project, which was founded along with her friends Meraiah and Nora Gisela, and invites new people to the club on her own choice, going through the sign-up requests on her Instagram account of the project.

Bryiana describes her Iconic Wine Beauties to be a sisterhood, in which anyone can find shelter from sexual, physical or mental abuse, and change life to a better course.

Personal life, husband Rob Dyrdek

When working actively with Playboy, Bryiana met Rob Dyrdek in 2013, who she started dating soon after their first meeting. They shared multiple pictures of themselves on their Instagram accounts, showing their trips to Disneyland which appeared to be Bryiana’s favorite place to spend her spare time. So Disneyland in fact became the place where Rob proposed to Bryiana, and the couple eventually married on 19 September 2015. They soon welcomed their kids Kodah Dash (born on 9 September 2016) and Nala Ryan (born on 21 July 2017).

The Dyrdek family now resides in their luxurious mansion in Los Angeles.

Who is Rob Dyrdek?

Robert “Rob” Stanley Dydrek was born on 28 June 1974, in Kettering, Ohio USA, into the family of Patty and Eugene “Gene” R. Dydrek. When he was attending his middle school, he started skateboarding in the evenings after school, and soon became very passionate about it. He got his first trophy skateboard from the famous professional skateboarder Neil Blender for his participation in the contest for young skaters at the age of 11. Though he was doing great at school, he couldn’t think of anything but skateboarding, and was even thinking over his new tricks and jumps while sitting in lessons.

When Rob was 12 years old, he got a commercial contract from the sponsor of Nail Blender’s professional team, with whom Rob stayed in touch. At the age of 16, Rob turned to a professional skateboarder and created Alien Workshop along with his idol and now-partner Neil Blender. Rob is said to have quit school without matriculating, to focus on his sports career.

Rob Dyrdek’s career, accomplishments, world records

After moving to Southern California, Rob signed several commercial contracts with such companies as DC Shoes and Droors Clothing, sponsored by both companies from July 1995 to January 2016. Later among Rob’s sponsors there were Monster Energy, Silver Trucks and EA Skate.

In 2010, along with Brian Atlas and CJ Olivares, Ron founded Street League Skateboarding, an international professional skateboarding competitive series – the championships of the league are broadcast by ESPN all over the world. Starting from February 2009, the TV show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” was launched on MTV, and featured several invited celebrities, such as Ludacris, John Mayer and Johnny Knoxville. The show was quite popular and had seven seasons, being aired until 2015. During his sports career, Rob set 21 world records, getting into the Guinness World Records book in the category of skateboarding.

In 2007 he set such records as “Longest 50-50 rail grind”, “Highest skateboard ramp jump into water” and “Longest board slide”. In 2014 he came back with another record – “Farthest reverse ramp jump by a car”. With his Street League Skateboarding, Rob has been building skate parks all over the US, providing various support to young skaters. In 2009 he opened the “SafeSpot SkateSpot” park in Los Angeles, and Mayor Antonio Ramón Villaraigosa even rode with Rob on his skateboard during the grand-opening ceremony. As of 2019, Rib is busy with his new endeavor, Dyrdek Machine, a venture studio, which helps other entrepreneurs to build their businesses properly.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Bryiana shares her husband’s interest for horse breed. Rob has thirteen horses which have participated in various races, including the Breeder’s Cup. The family has a Pomeranian dog named Gretchen Weiner and two bulldogs, Beefy and Meaty. Briyana’s biggest passion is Disneyland, and her husband takes her there several times a year. She even calls herself an “undiscovered Disney princess”. Her favorite cartoon character is Minnie Mouse, and her favorite Disney Princess is Jasmine from “Aladdin”.

Appearance, clothing style

Briyana has long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is 5ft 3ins (1.62m) tall, weighs 100lbs (45kgs), and her vital statistics are 32-25-33.

As to her clothing style, Briyana prefers simple looks, often wearing denim shorts and tank tops, as she lives in a warm climate; she also likes dressing up in Disney characters costumes.

Net worth and salary

Briyana’s net worth is reported to be around $3 million, while her husband’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. The couple benefits from their numerous business projects, while Bryiana also earns money from her Instagram account, as her post there may cost up to $3,330. The Dyrdeks also own an apparently luxurious mansion in Los Angeles which, naturally, has a separate skateboard park in the backyard.

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