• Born in Pennsylvania on 24 July 1994, Brigitte Goudz is known for her fitness modeling and Instagram presence.
  • She overcame adolescence insecurity by embracing gym culture post-high school, choosing fitness modeling over college.
  • Brigitte started her career after being scouted via Instagram, leading to significant modeling opportunities.
  • She partners with fitness brands and appears in magazines and ads while exploring acting opportunities.
  • Brigitte maintains a strict fitness regimen and diet, highlighted by her involvement with several fitness brands.

Who is Brigitte Goudz? Wiki Biography

Brigitte was born in Pennsylvania USA, on 24 July 1994 and holds American nationality – she is popular for her career as a fitness model, while she is also an Instagram star.

Early years

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Brigitte shared her childhood with her parents, though she seldom discusses them to shield them from media scrutiny. While she hasn’t referenced any siblings, many assume she is an only child based on her public disclosures.

Brigitte’s adolescence was marked by insecurity, often adopting a reserved role within her social circle. However, her trajectory shifted upon graduating from high school and immersing herself in gym culture.

Achieving a sense of contentment with her appearance, Brigitte’s confidence flourished. This newfound self-assurance propelled her towards a career as a prominent fitness model, opting to dedicate herself fully to this path instead of pursuing higher education.


Once Brigitte felt confident in her appearance, she took the plunge and created her Instagram account. As her fan base steadily expanded, a modeling scout took notice and offered her the opportunity for her inaugural photo shoot.

Following the shoot, Brigitte was swiftly signed by one of Pennsylvania’s leading modeling agencies, marking the official launch of her career as a fitness model.

Full NameBrigitte Goudz
Known ForFitness model, Instagram star
ProfessionFitness Model
OccupationFitness Model, Instagram Star, Fitness Instructor
EducationHigh school graduate; BA in Biology mentioned on her Instagram
Net WorthOver $600,000 as of mid-2022
Date of Birth24 July 1994
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthPennsylvania, USA
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Height5ft 6ins (167 cm)
WeightAround 130lbs (59kgs)
Associated BrandsGranite Supplements, Nutrichef, Violate The Dress Code, Palm Organix
HobbiesEnjoying nature, hiking, volunteering at animal shelters, passion for fast motorbikes, traveling
Social ProfilesTwitter, Instagram,


Brigitte has garnered sponsorship from several prominent fitness companies, such as Granite Supplements, Nutrichef, and Violate The Dress Code, among others.

Her profile extends beyond sponsorship deals, having graced the covers of numerous well-known magazines and featured in advertisements and commercials for leading clothing brands in the US.

Additionally, Brigitte is actively pursuing opportunities in the film industry, auditioning for various roles. Despite her efforts, she has yet to secure a role in this realm.

Most popular fitness models in the world

In today’s fitness arena, Instagram serves as a central hub where enthusiasts seek motivation from fitness models, eager to adopt their workout routines and dietary habits. “Influence Marketing Hub” unveiled its list of the ten most influential fitness models on Instagram, a roster that sadly excludes Brigitte. Here’s a closer look at four notable figures:

Brigitte Goudz
  • Taking the fourth spot is Ana Cheri, with an impressive following of nearly 12.5 million on Instagram. Bursting onto the scene at 31, Ana garnered attention with her well-defined physique, quickly amassing a dedicated following.
  • In the third position is Jen Selter, a young sensation boasting over 13.9 million followers. Jen’s fitness journey began as a teen while working at a gym, and a single bikini-clad photo shared online propelled her to overnight fame.
  • Michelle Lewin claims the second spot, transitioning from the runway to bikini modeling. Her transformation from 95lb to 120lb of lean muscle has earned her a loyal following of 16 million, showcasing her unwavering dedication to fitness.
  • At the pinnacle reigns Sommer Ray, captivating an impressive 24.7 million followers on Instagram. Despite joining the platform relatively recently in September 2016, Sommer’s swift ascent to the forefront of fitness modeling is truly remarkable.

While these four dominate the fitness landscape, the ever-evolving industry suggests that emerging talents, including Brigitte herself, may soon emerge to challenge their reign.

Workout plan and diet

Brigitte maintains an active gym schedule, typically dedicating five to six sessions per week. Her workouts kick off with brief cardio sessions, lasting no more than five minutes each, with two to three standard cardio sessions weekly.

Pull-ups and squats rank among Brigitte’s preferred exercises, as they effectively target her favorite areas of focus: her glutes and legs. For those interested, her complete workout routine is available on the greatestphysiques.com website.

In addition to her gym routine, Brigitte adheres to a strict diet plan, carefully monitoring her caloric intake. She prioritizes protein sources like eggs, chicken, beef, and cottage cheese while ensuring a well-rounded consumption of vegetables, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

To complement her diet, Brigitte incorporates a range of supplements into her routine. These include magnesium aspartate, branched-chain amino acids, whey protein, and L-carnitine, enhancing her nutritional profile and supporting her fitness goals.


Brigitte remains discreet about her romantic life, keeping past and present relationships largely private from the public eye.

Rumors circulated in 2017 suggesting Brigitte was romantically involved with a popular YouTuber. Their connection initially sparked through Instagram messages, drawn together by the YouTuber’s comedic content, which resonated with Brigitte.

Their relationship progressed quickly, culminating in a month of texting before their first date, where they found an immediate connection. Despite their bond, the relationship concluded after roughly six months, the reasons behind their split remaining undisclosed.

Speculation persists regarding Brigitte’s current romantic involvement with a fellow gym-goer. Observant fans claim to have spotted them strolling hand in hand, yet Brigitte has offered no commentary on the matter.

Given her discreet nature and absence of indications on her social media, Brigitte’s current relationship status remains elusive. She appears to be single, unmarried, and without children, a testament to her preference for privacy in matters of the heart.


While Brigitte is widely recognized for her dedication to training and her career in fitness modeling, she maintains a diverse set of interests beyond the gym.

Occasionally, Brigitte indulges in nights out and revels in the vibrant atmosphere of clubs, relishing the attention she receives. An animal lover at heart, she has volunteered at numerous animal shelters across her country, demonstrating her compassion for furry companions.

Despite her affection for animals, Brigitte refrains from owning a pet due to her hectic schedule, acknowledging the responsibility it entails. She has a passion for fast motorbikes, confessing that a sleek bike holds a special place in her affection.

Nature serves as a sanctuary for Brigitte, often finding solace in a nearby park during her downtime. On occasion, she embraces the great outdoors through camping trips and mountain hikes with friends.

Appearance and net worth

At 29 years old, Brigitte boasts long black hair, and brown eyes, stands at 5ft 6ins (167 cms), and maintains a weight of approximately 140lbs (63kgs).

Reliable sources indicate that Brigitte’s current net worth surpasses $600,000, a figure on a steady incline due to her flourishing career as a fitness model.

Social media presence

Maintaining a strong presence on various social media platforms is integral to Brigitte’s online career. While she established her Twitter account in June 2012, her activity has been limited, with only three tweets and around 263 followers. Her last tweet dates back to 30 July 2013. In contrast, Brigitte enjoys greater popularity on Instagram, boasting nearly 403,000 followers and over 700 uploaded pictures.

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